Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jelly legs and movie review

Woo Lordy are my legs sore!  The Mr gave me "homework" before he left for work yesterday to come up with a lower body Total Trainer/Free Weight hybrid workout as good as the upper body version I created the week before.  Well just to crush any future requests he might have brewing I came up with a torturous lower body version.  He couldn't walk afterward.  Let's see if he gives me workout homework again in the future.  Don't worry, I'm going to have a "workout week" and it'll get included so get your "pinning" trigger finger ready!

It was movie night last night.  We rented...

I've always loved Billy Crystal even back in the "Fernando" days on SNL.  "It is better to look good than to feel good and dahling, you look mahvelous!"  Yeah, I dated myself, wanna make something of it?  I also remember seeing City Slickers in Grauman's Chinese Theater in L.A.  I loved that movie and I still say "hellooooo" 22 years later.  Typing that made me want to figuratively shoot myself.

In Parental Guidance(affiliate link)  Billy plays a baseball announcer and when he returns home to find his wife (Bette) doing her strip class in the house, he moseys past her and reveals some upsetting news.  Their daughter, Marissa Tomei, needs babysitters for her three kids for a week.  Hilarity ensues.  Long Duk Dong makes an appearance and makes you weep for lost youth.  I pray that the representation of parenting in this day and age is seriously overdramatized.  For real yo.  Of course being the sap I am, I was sobbing several times towards the end.  Midler and Crystal are the perfect couple and I'd love to have 'em as grandparents.  This is a great movie and we give it four thumbs up.  If you're not affected by "lights out Alice", you have a heart of stone.  Rent it.

Rented any good movies lately?  Made up any cool workouts?

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  1. My legs are sore too. Last time I assign you any homework. Sheesh! I did like that movie. Good to have a decent movie to watch again, considering how bad the last one was!

    1. HA! That's what I thought! ;) Yeah and it was nice to have a good family movie that everyone can watch which I read is why Billy did it. I had to seriously think about what the last movie was we watched! I apparently tried to block "This is 40."

  2. The last round of rentals I had are about as opposite of "Parental Guidance" as possible. My last rental group included:

    2 discs from season 1 of "Game of Thrones" (lots of beheadings and incest and. . .yeah. . .)

    "Seven Psychopaths" (lots of violence, cussing, and Christopher Walkin wearing a neckerchief. Oh, and a cute dog.)

    "Cleanskin" (gunplay, espionage, explosions and Sean Bean aka Lord Stark from "Game of Thrones")

    "Killer Joe" (Matthew McConaughey and his drawl being mega creepy and changing the way you think about K Fried C legs. . .really, you'll never look at them the same way again. It's also NC17, a well deserved rating.)

    As for workouts, I was doing a Deck workout for a bit. All you need is a deck of playing cards (sans Jokers). Assign an exercise to each suite. Shuffle the deck, set a timer (for 30 minutes) and see how many cards you can get through. For numbered cards, you do the number. Face cards = 12. Aces = 15. I like to lay mine out in sets of four. My exercises are thrusters, weighted sumo squats with toe lifts, star crunches, and walk out pushups. I've nearly been reduced to tears when I turn over four high value cards of the same exercise (oh, those walk out pushups are so time consumming and HARD).

    1. Yes, I'd say your rentals far differ from ours! LOL You're a dude's dream with all of that action, cussin' and violence! :)

      That workout sounds AWESOME! Might have to give that a try once we get in an exer-rut again!

  3. The last batch of rentals were kids movies. Wreck it Ralph and Hop. Both cute, but I wouldn't rent either for myself.

    Last movie hubby and I rented... maybe Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. It's been a while. Mostly we've been watching stuff that we've recorded or old shows on Netflix.

    No workout creations here. Sorry. The workout with cards definitely sounds interesting, I may borrow it but put easier exercises to the cards - stuff like crunches and jumping jacks that I can actually manage.

  4. Awesome..u need to share that workout...I am obsessed with Zumba as of now..still figuring out the booty steps...hahaha

    Game og thrones season 2 was what i saw online..prefer the books over the its all weird watching it..

    I liked Parental Guidance:)

  5. Funny, I thought I wouldn't rent This is 40 after you panned it, but another friend loved it. Now I'm curious. Probably won't rent it anyway, because we never rent movies, but I'll put Parental Guidance on my list of movies to watch for five years from now when it might be on one of my satellite channels.

    Thanks for the warning about the workout. If you guys can't walk, it would probably cripple me for life, lol. The deck of cards exercise sounds kind of fun, though. Luck of the draw.

  6. I must be dating myself too, because when Billy Crystal was on SNL, I actually watched it!


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