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Monday, March 18, 2013

Trashed dinner, country club pizzas & open house don'ts

I surprised the Mr Friday night by going to a muscle car show that was rolling through town.  This is big because even though my grandpa restored old cars, that gene did not get passed down to me.  Not even the slightest interest.  So it was one of those things akin to a person not liking sports taking their dude to their favorite basketball/football/whatever ball game.  I smiled, took pics and was glad I chose Friday because that meant it wasn't digging into our Saturday.  Then he surprised me with movie night at home where he suffered through Working Girl while we cuddled on a blanket on the floor.  (Can you tell we've taken recent oaths to kick it up in the romance department?)

Saturday morning he surprised me with chocolate croissants for breakfast in bed and it was a great way to start the day.  By the time we finally rolled out of bed, we had a seriously hard time coming up with where we wanted to eat for lunch.  I knew I was going to make my stuffed burgers for dinner so that left us open for lunch.  I wasn't craving a damn thing because usually if I crave something, I make it.  I was kind of craving IHOP's Cinnastax pancakes with eggs but I looked up its nutritional info and I almost fainted.  I knew I could make it for a minimum of half the calories but I needed a break from cooking so I wasn't in the mood to bust out the skillets.  It's almost a blessing and a curse being a good cook because you know how much crap they put in restaurant food and you know you can make it so much healthier (and often times tastier) at home and it kind of ruins you for restaurants.  So we ended up going to a generic steakhouse that had a massive salad bar that sounded good.    We checked out a new high end grocery store downtown and got an ice cream pint to go with our cake slices and by the time we ran errands (including getting our Trader Joe's and Target runs done so we wouldn't have to get up early Sunday for once) it was late for dinner.  I asked twice if the Mr was really hungry or not because I was still full.  He was being wishy washy and leaned toward yes because he wanted something other than sugar in his belly.  So I made it stuffed burgers and baked fries.  Forty minutes of prep time and 9pm before we sat down and I took one bite of the burger with my already full stomach and I was about 2 seconds from throwing up.  I threw it all in the trash and skipped dinner.  I think it's been a LONG time since I've done that.  I still felt like yak when I went to bed so even though it was a big victory, it still didn't feel like it.  I just felt gross and what's worse is I woke up feeling gross so that's an awesome way to start off the next day...not.

Sunday we slept in and my back paid for it.  My lower back and shoulder blades were so sore.  I knew we had to go to our last grocery store but we had to pick up the Mr's car from the shop so we went there then met at the grocery store.  We came back home and I made lunch.  We grabbed some Pizza Formaggio's from Trader Joe's the night before to try for lunch and they were SO good!

They reminded me of a french bread pizza taste and the Mr said they reminded him of summers at the country club when he was a kid.  Well pardon me while I play the grand piano.

I paired that with some fruit salad made with the leftover cantaloupe, pineapple and half a blood orange.  I felt like Dexter cutting it up.

We went to a couple of open houses.  Thankfully nothing I fell in love with.  The one looked AMAZING online but in person it was obvious they elongated the pics or something because that huge living room didn't look so huge anymore and the kitchen that I said I wouldn't have to do anything to suddenly looked like a lot more work.  The basement was non-existent and what did exist was a rank ass kitty litter box that smelled like 2 years of chit from that mangy but friendly cat they had walking around left as a welcome present.  The Mr nearly darted out of the basement from it because his allergies kicked in pretty bad.  When will people learn they can't leave cats especially in their home when they are having open houses?  The lady behind us was leaving because she was allergic as well and couldn't stay in the house.  The next house was nice but the layout was poor from the kitchen and it was overpriced because the owner rehabbed it and decided to stay and brag about it to the people who came in after us.  That's another huge pet peeve.  If you're the owner, don't stay in the house while there's an open house.  I feel very uncomfortable when they do that and when you have people either use booties on your precious floor or take off your shoes, it makes me want to turn around and not even go through it.  It reminds me of the first time we encountered that and it turned out to be a stuck up wench I went to high school with because they left their pics up all over the peeve #3. Do you people NOT watch HGTV!?  Anyhoo.  Enough of my griping.

Dinner was yummy roasted red pepper, pineapple and bbq chicken naan pizza with chipotle cheddar bites.  I still love watching the Mr's eyes roll in the back of his head on that one.  It is so good.  Homemade naan is on the culinary to do list this year.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I am proud of you for making a stand against food you weren't even hungry for. I ate mine but I was hungrier than I thought because once I started eating I realized how much I needed food with substance.

    And those pizzas were excellent. Highly recommended to anyone considering trying them out. Yum!

    But not to be outdone by the naan pizza which is indeed my favorite dish. You should totally open a food truck and sell that stuff. You'd sell out of them every day!

    1. Thanks hon. I just knew if I ate that dinner I was going to end up choking on my own yak in my sleep and that's not a great way for a fat lady to die. Will definitely get those pizzas again! If the food truck business wasn't such a thankless one hours/life wise, I'd be all over that.

  2. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! I always enjoy the Monday recap of all the things you found to do.

    I had a last-minute guest for the weekend; 2 days of spontaneity! I tried to keep us out of restaurants for all the reasons you named; I can do a much healthier version for a lot less money!! AND I can show off my healthy creations which were all successfully received. (I did concede to the grocery store salad bar for dinner on Saturday night; that actually wasn't too bad, I'll do that again.)

    1. Thanks Kathi!

      Ooh, gotta love spontaneity! Glad your healthy creations were well received and you had a good time!

  3. thats awesome..i wud have stuffed myself even if I wasnt hungrt...

    Naan pizza sounds good...I went for a few classes to learn to make naan [lol i was 12 so I needed 3 classes and it was the traditional all purpose naan] and to think I loved I prefer it with the whole wheat flour..

    1. I know, I really wanted them mentally but I had to listen to my body that was saying "you wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

      That's what I want to make is whole wheat naan! Can't wait!

  4. We didn't do much this weekend. Saturday was my birthday and what I wanted to do was sit on my butt and read a book. So that's what I did. Sunday I did chores and laundry and went to pick up my bowling ball only to find out it wasn't ready. The stuff the filled the old holes with so they could drill the new ones didn't set properly so the guy had to start over. So the little guy and I bowled a game and came home.

    Today we are going to the zoo - so that kind of makes up for an unexciting weekend.

    1. Happy belated birthday! Glad you got to do what you wanted! ;-) Have fun at the zoo and hopefully your ball is ready soon!

  5. I'm such a cheapskate--I'd have put the burger in the fridge and reheated. Well, I would have if I knew how to make stuffed burgers. :)

    I know what you mean about the cooking vs. *some* restaurant food. Even though I'm nowhere near your level of skilletese, I still catch myself opting to have something from home because I like mine better. Latest example, the healthy(ish) pizza crust (I swear, it doesn't taste like yogurt!). I had an opportunity to try out the newest local pizza place, but I decided to wait and fix another pizza at home this week. I never thought THAT would happen!

  6. We went for a hike. It was someplace I haven't been in 20 years and it was exhilerating and exhausting and wonderful. Then I updated my blog about the whole thing. Gotta do that more:)

  7. Ahh, it is so uncomfortable having the owners around at an open house! But I can't imagine as an owner wanting to be there either. Can you say awkward?

    I need to get myself those wee bitty pizzas ASAP!


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