Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trying to appreciate it - Weigh In

Down 1.

It's very hard for me to not say "but up 3 from my lowest" or "but up 2 from before our vacation" but given I have felt really bloated and just "off" this week, I suppose I'll take it.  I'm blaming some of it on the dinner out Thursday night because I haven't been able to move my rings since and that salty ass fish and asparagus was just not something I'm used to.

Now, let me think back to what I didn't do that I can do this week.

1)  Strength train twice this week.  The Mr was still recovering from his injury last week so strength was really only one day.  We're making up for that this week.  I'm thinking Atletica will be thrown in but since I usually can't walk for 3-4 days after, it'll need to be on Wednesday and not Sunday so I'm not torturing myself all week.

2)  I feel like I did okay on water but I might need to up it a little but since I felt bloated all week.

3)  High cal day was on Sunday last week due to the Mr's party, giving my body one less day to 'detox' from it and it's back to normal this week.

4)  Despite high cal day being Sunday, I did all of my baking, assembling on Saturday.  Any good cook better be tasting before they serve to their guests.  We did.  We didn't go batchit but you know, we did have one of everything and 4-5 "tastes" of each item adds up pretty darn quick!

So having listed all of that stuff I suppose I'm okay with the one pound loss and we'll just go from there and do everything we can to get ourselves down as quick as possible and get some forward progress going.  I think I've watched too much college football this year.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I know when I was losing weight left right and center that when I only lost 1 lb in a week I felt so defeated and terrible! Now I realize that 1-2 lbs in a week is completely normal. Great job on the loss, even though you had lots in your way!! :D

  2. I think, considering the week you had and the salty-ass fish, one pound is really good!

    It baffles me when people use a ton of seasoning. All I can think is that they're trying to cover up the taste of bad food. My boyfriend always puts A1 on his steak because he orders it well-done. I tell him he should order it medium like I do; the juice gives it flavor, so you don't need sauce. :-P

  3. 1 pound down is pretty good considering the pound of salt you had with some tilapia on the side. It'll come off. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

  4. I'd take a pound any day = ) When I announced my 3 pound loss, I should have added, "2 of those were from the gain last week." Eh, what are you gonna do, but keep doing it =)

  5. *high five*!!! You're making amazing post-vacation progress! Keep going, girlfriend!

  6. One pound down is definitely a good thing, especially given all the extenuating circumstances. Is that the word? Extenuating? Well, you know what I mean. ;)


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