Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oreo Pumpkins

I had a whole big idea for these and the downsizing of everything in this country without lowering the price has seemed to stretch to cookie filling as well.  I wanted to do these in lollipop form but my Oreos said nay nay.  I wanted to use Candy Corn Oreos but of course Target is having issues getting them in (so say their employees at two different stores.  I wouldn't expect to see them much if at all the rest of the season) so I opted for the golden Oreos...doesn't make these any less delicious.

The key to keeping these under 100 calories a piece is to make sure you slide off the excess melts.  I only had to use half a bag.  They're easy but messy so it might be fun to get the kids involved.  Here's what you'll need:

Pumpkin Oreos
(Makes 24)

1 pkg Golden Oreos (or sandwich cookie of your choice.  Nutritional info will change if the cookie does)
1/2 bag orange colored candy melts (or white with orange dye)
12 Rold Gold Pretzel sticks
1/2 tsp canola oil to thin out melts (optional)

Please excuse the lollipop sticks all ex'd out reminding me of my failure.

Put your melts in a microwave safe container like a mug or shallow dish.

Heat for 45 seconds then 15 second intervals until you can stir them smooth.

Since my lollipop idea fell flat due to lack of "glue"/filling (I would say Double Stuf might work but who knows), I transferred my melts to a ramekin for easy dipping.

Break each pretzel stick into thirds.  Make sure you whittle the broken end like the end of a spear so it will fit better into the cookie.  Do it ahead of time so you're not scrambling when you're assembling and throw one down in a rage on your wax paper.  I've heard that can happen.  Oh yeah, what you do with the middle third isn't my business...*looking away.*

Dip the first side of the cookie into the melts and lightly scrape on the side as you flip it over.

Do the other side.  I got a knife and scraped off the excess and lightly filled in any gaps on the sides.

Grab your whittled pretzel third...

Daintily (or forcefully, whichever works) insert it into the widest side of the cookie making sure to fill in any melt gaps beside the stem since that's where people will be focusing.  Place on wax paper.

Super cute, easy and just come in under the calorie criteria!

Nutritional Information:  Calories 99  Fat 5g  Sat Fat 3g  Poly Fat 1g  Mono Fat 1g  Sodium 55mg  Potassium 7mg  Total Carbs 14g  Sugars 9g  Iron 1%

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  1. I thought the low calorie haystacks couldn't be beat, but I think these just surpassed them!!
    What a great idea! Love it! Thanks for sharing all your creative ideas! Wish my hubby had an office to go to or that my kids could take treats to school!

  2. These are totally cute! We have a pot luck at work coming up so this is super helpful. Thanks!

  3. Super cute!!! I've been looking for the candy corn oreos for forever! I'm actually super glad that I haven't found them b/c I'm sure they would've been gone in one sitting :/

  4. I hate when you have a really good idea for a recipe and the recipe just doesn't want to cooperate. Well, even if you couldn't make them into lollipops, these are still really cute!


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