Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Ugly of Vacation Time

Last week we visited Traverse City, Michigan for the first time (for me) for the Mr's birthday.  He went as a kid with his dad and all I've heard for 20 years is how he's going to roll down Sleeping Bear Dunes just like he did when he was a kid.  So when I told him we were going for his birthday, he was excited.  He told me he thought maybe he was dragging me there but the more I researched it, the more it looked like we were going to be there at peak color, my favorite time of year.  I also saw this was apparently a foodie city.  That spells trouble because I want to eat my way through foodie cities.

I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in pie at the Grand Traverse Pie Company.  Is it a bad sign when you check in to a place on Yelp for the 4th time in a week and the badge says "hey fat ass, it's time to ease up on the pie!"  I'm pretty sure there is an entire section of my bloated butt dedicated specifically to that place.  There were nights I wondered if I could sleep flat being so gorged.  Why the hell do I do that to myself?  I had every intention of exercising a few times (though it wasn't "scheduled" so we didn't miss any- we just considered any we got in to be extra), we even brought the resistance bands and a travel scale.  We'd hop on it every morning and say "yep, we're screwed."  But honestly, I wouldn't change too much about it.  We tried almost every restaurant and for all of the gorging we did there were small victories like throwing away things that weren't worth the calories, ordering water most of the time until we discovered Northwoods Cream Sodas and I had more pop than I've had in a long time.  (About 3 bottles all week)  Thankfully I can't get it anywhere near us or I might have a serious soda habit.  We even bought some honeycrisp apples from different roadside stands.  Of course we did more wrong than we did right including being afraid to drink water because of all of the driving we were doing and not knowing where bathrooms were.  See this?

This is called dehydration.  Nope, I wasn't water logged or anything and we both looked that way.  It was quite sexy.  By our last day my body was trying to hang on to every last drop of water and I couldn't even get my rings back on.

Of course you come back, weigh yourself, scream/faint and then drown yourself in water to make up for all of the H2O you lacked the week before.  I wee'd 4x before noon.  There is nothing more interesting than that first workout after coming back from a week long oink fest.  I burned 1140 calories in 45 minutes.  The Mr was unable to get such a burn.  Why, you ask?  Remember that dune roll he was looking forward to?  Well, upon watching the video, we noticed he basically dropped the People's Elbow (pro wrestling reference for ya) on the wet, hard sand.  Thinking he was fooling around, I told him to "roll down the dune you old bastard" and made him roll again, he rolled 3x and declared himself dizzy.  I goaded him until he did a few more rolls.  Now most people wouldn't roll with their arms tucked into their sides so as he rolled, he was basically speed bumping his ribs with each roll.  We're on day four of being sore and not being able to properly workout.  So it'll be treadmill for him while I bust my hump doing DVD's beside him.  Note to men trying to relive their youth...you're not 12 anymore...deal with it.  Oh yeah and stick your arms straight out like Superman if you're going to roll down a steep hill.

I'll be doing a better true recap tomorrow but had to give the ugly before I get to the good.

Have you injured yourself trying to recreate an activity from your youth?

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  1. No - but I may have a ski trip in my near future (next spring) so it's coming.

  2. I have fond memories of a trip to Traverse City--fun little town! Hope you had a great time! Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. LOL! I hope you guys had fun in Traverse City in spite of all the eating and dune injuries

  4. We too did the trip up to Traverse City last fall for our anniversary. We were fortunate to stay in Bellaire and they had a soup cook-off that weekend. $5 ea to sample (1 c. servings) of 10 different soups. We had a wonderful dessert at the the resort (Shanty Creek) and then visited wineries all weekend and roadside stands. We always take vacations as foodie trips. I guess we feel like we work so hard the other times of the year and that's what vacation is for. You will be back on track before long. Glad you got to experience Traverse City...it is also a very beautiful city.

  5. Nope...but my husband has a motorcycle story that is proof positive that he is no longer 18. Looking forward to part 2.

  6. Oh man thanks for the memories. Being Michigan born and raise love the Traverse City area. Northwoods love that stuff, like you said good thing we can't get that anyplace else. Rolling down Big Bear, been there done that. YUP so much fun (well as a child anyway LOL)

  7. For years at our annual Fourth of July party I have watched the kids play volleyball in my front yard. I LOVE volleyball. I am the world's biggest Husker Volleyball fan and go to all the games I can. I am amazed at the things they can do with that damned ball. (And now...I am even more amazed, cause it's way harder than it looks!) I never played in high school. Oh I tried out for the team, but I just wasn't very good at it. So this year at our party on July 4, I decided I was skinny enough to join in the game. OMG. Not only was I absolutely still horrible at the game, it physically HURT. I hit a ball and my wrist positively screamed at me. I didn't injure myself, I quit before anything serious could happen--it hurt that badly. I won't try that again. Maybe badminton????

  8. I injured my ego once while trying to roller skate 4 months pregnant with my 3rd child. Yeah, it all relates to my husband (still at the time) letting me know he had a crush on a co-worker 12 years his younger. Yes, he left me for her in the end. And my ego continues to dwell on the fact that I made a fool of myself at the skate rink (and elsewhere) trying to save my marriage. Gawd. What was I thinking?

  9. So far I haven't climbed any trees (my childhood favorite), although a big rock or two has felt my boots. But while on vacation myself a little over a week ago, jumped off a platform swinging on a rope and dropped some 12 feet into a cenote, which is an underground pool in a cave. It was a blast! And my arms were sore for two days from hanging all my weight on them long enough to get to the drop-off point--maybe three seconds, lol. But I DID do it twice. Can't say that was recreating an activity from my youth--I never did it before. Can anyone say 'second childhood'?

  10. So glad you guys had an awesome time celebrating another year of the awesomeness that is your Mr.! Sounds like you did it "vacation style"...stuffed beyond feeling good, injured and shriveled like a prune. Now THAT'S a Vacation! ;-)

    Good job getting back at it, but sorry to hear that the Mr. realized he's not a Gumby youth anymore. LOL

  11. I had an absolutely wonderful time and cannot thank the Mrs. enough for an amazing trip. She planned everything so well that we had plenty to do when we felt like it and still had the downtime we needed to recover from all the food and, of course, stupid dune injuries.

    I kind of want to say I'm glad I did the rolling down the dune anyway, but now that I am 4 days into the soreness or possible bruised ribs injury, I think I am changing my mind on that. At any rate, I know 2 things now that I did not know before.

    1) I never have to roll down anything ever again, and never will by choice.

    2) I definitely need to take dramamine before getting on any roller coaster when the time comes.

    Thanks again baby!

  12. Pie on vacation is never ugly. Eating a pie because the dishwasher broke is semi-ugly (a sliver would be justified). :)

    I still haven't recovered completely from trying to play pickleball last year.

  13. I'm originally from Illinois, so we went to Michigan every summer because 4 hours is about the maximum time you can get 3 kids to cooperate in a car. It is such a gorgeous state! I'm sorry you gorged yourself on pie and cream soda, but something tells me you'll manage to lose the weight in a week or two and it will have been worth it. Also, I love that you called it pop. I'm starting to learn to say soda now that I'm in the south, but it never sounds right to me!

  14. Not exactly, just sitting on my foot on the couch (like I've done for years since I was a kid) then getting tripped up on it when trying to get up and wind up breaking my leg. I wouldn't exactly call that trying to recreate an activity from my childhood. lol

    Great job on getting right back to your exercising after you get back. Hope the Mr heals quickly so he can get back to exercising like he's use to.


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