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Monday, June 11, 2018

That time already? Weekend recap

It's Monday!  You guys excited!?!?

Me either.  But still, I guess we should be glad we get to see another one, huh?

It was a good weekend.  Nothing Earth shattering but we got out early on Saturday which was nice.  We headed to a farmers market that I used to love but now can't stand.  It's so crowded and with people who seemingly think it's a place to stop with no warning, let your kids who don't know how to ride their bikes attempt to do so blocking both ways on an already crowded sidewalk, people angling their strollers blocking your way, etc.  It's full of the most self-important people in the city gathered in one spot and essentially our version of Hell, so we stopped at the two places we needed to and got the heck outta there.  We split a donut from a place there that we found out is all hype.  Hipster donuts are the worst.  THE. WORST.  It was already humid out which is no picnic on its own much less in a sea of humanity.  We had about 45 minutes to kill so we swung by Hobby Lobby.  Can you believe it's already time for this stuff??

We saw a few very faint traces of Christmas stuff too (mostly ribbon), but you know how the crafters have to be ahead of the game, so they're serving their audience well even if most people want nothing to do with Christmas in July.  We were able to get to the restaurant we wanted for lunch as soon as it opened and thankfully it was pretty quick, and no one sat near us until our dishes were being cleared.  Could you tell being around humanity was the last thing I cared to do?  HA!

We stopped by Grandma's, and I put a memorial flag on her grave. It has her picture on it as well as Mother and Grandma because that was left off of her headstone and many of us were not happy about that.  Hopefully, no one gets their undies in a twist over it, I feel like it rights a wrong and somehow makes it a little easier to talk to her with her face smiling back.

While I dreaded the trip to Trader Joe's at 1pm, I must say it was way less crowded than usual so we were pleasantly surprised!  Same with Target.  When we were loading up the car, we looked at each other in amazement and were like "neither of those things were as painful as they usually are!  How is that!?"  We weren't going to question it and decided to just be thankful and hope it continued.  The Mr wanted to test drive another car, and I wasn't feeling like wasting any of my day at a dealership again, so I told him to go get it and bring it back to the house for a spin.  We loaded the suitcases in and saw the cargo room was quite nice and would fit our needs.  I don't know that we're in love with the design where we sit even though it is literally the same space wise in both we're considering.  We may have to do the side by side comparison and light a circle of fire around them to keep the salesmen away while we go through talking points.  I'm not looking forward to that at all.  Then we grabbed dinner and hung out the rest of the night.

Sunday I woke up to some irritation by people which I gave up to God and the Mr woke up with a headache after I woke him up.  I gave him a massage and sent him back to bed to try to sleep it off which rarely works.  I'd kind of hoped to get up and get our workout done right away so I started on this post while he slept.  When he got up we did the workout which was pretty brutal but so worth having out of the way.  We still had the last of the groceries to get situated, mostly produce, and we had to drop off a birthday gift.   I use the term "drop off" as though it was was 3 1/2 hours. It's going to be more "muggy" this week so morning walks should be...ugh.  Totally keeping the option open to do the indoor walking stuff if it's too gross out there.

That brings us to now.  I know...real blog-worthy stuff, eh?

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I enjoyed our weekend but as always it just goes by fast. I guess that happens on grocery weekends especially but glad we're all restocked. Have a great week everyone!

  2. Happy Monday!
    We had a going away party on Friday evening for a coworker. Saturday we drove to Iowa for a patio opening party at my cousin's house. Back home 150 miles to pick up my boys who just got back from Ireland. Out to dinner then night night. So sad its Monday. One leaves today the other tomorrow. Have a great week!

  3. Weekend was good. Led a meeting on Saturday, then went to the bank to deal with fraud paperwork and the lady was quite nice. It rained that day so lawn mowing was out. Did laundry and some house stuff as well as grocery shopping. On Sunday we waited until 5:30 to cut the lawn because of more rain and I was delighted we did (normally I like everything done in the morning-- errands, mowing, etc) because the breeze really picked up and the temps dropped to 65 so it was perfect! We got the grass cut, edged, and swept all in 50 minutes. The hubs had to work all day Sunday so he was pooped that night. This morning has been a busy one already with therapy, Aldi, Home Depot, Hallmark, drive with the dogs, the vet for one dog to get a bath and a mani/pedi, then home to make lunch. Will go back to pick her up at 2pm, so I have some in-between time to spend with my little fella and to pay some bills. I'll need a nap this afternoon because I can feel I'll hit a wall. Have a fabulous day!

  4. So sorry about the headstone drama. Hard enough losing someone without such petty fights. When my dad died my stepmother mentioned their beloved dogs and his step-kids (her kids) but didn't included is brother or sister because of petty family drama. I had to pay for a separate announcement anyway because we wanted one to run in the city he'd lived in for my entire childhood so I just added them in. Good to have a strong partner to help you through these things.

    I'm hating the heat and so far behind on yard work. It doesn't help that I'm not a morning person and the bugs are butting like mad at dusk. I'm hoping to do better this weekend.


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