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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Humming right along and first time out

Good morning all!

Yesterday morning we got up for our walk, and it was 50 degrees.  Glorious!  We threw on light jackets and enjoyed our stroll before the installers came.  I opened the windows since it was so cool outside, so we weren't using any more of our current A/C.  They called about 8:40am saying they were on the way.  They did a great job of getting from before to after.

Holy crap did it get cold in the house with everything open!  We were actually wearing our jackets in the house about halfway through the day!  The guys were very nice and funny.  Early on, the dude doing the furnace came up and was a little wide-eyed and was like "GUYS!"  We both looked up, and he said "I saw your weight loss pictures down there!  That's awesome!" and went on a little.  It was nice to have someone see that we're not just the fat people in the house...we used the be the fatter people in the house!  HA!  The guy doing the A/C was so nice, and it was cute because he'd give updates like "we're halfway there!" or "we're getting ready to fire it up soon!"  Enthusiasm...bottle it for me, sir. 

They were done around 2:30pm, so I didn't think that was too bad.  Seems to be running well and it certainly looks better.

Since it barely hit 70 and the wind was about 3-5mph, it would have been a sin not to get out there and paddle.

They upgraded a more secluded launch we like to go to so it was nice to enjoy a newly paved lot and no rocks everywhere.  The pebbles used to poke through our water shoes, and it was irritating, so we didn't go there as much.  There was another guy there with an inflatable raft for fishing, and I was able to help him jerry-rig a solution for his motor, so that was nice to be able to help someone out.  The water stayed pretty calm for the most part sans our paddle back, but we've paddled against far worse.  While we were tempted to paddle farther, we decided against it since it was the first one.  We didn't want to cripple ourselves today. 

There's some clean up to be done on the ol' yak because apparently when the last time you paddled, you almost die, you never want to touch it again.  This meant there was still moisture and because we didn't check it at all, I was surprised by a nice bout of mildew.  The Mr said he has something that will take care of that so hopefully, it won't look like something I never want to paddle in again for long because we gots no money to replace it.

How old is your HVAC system?

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  1. Yesterday was perfect. We so lucked out actually being cold while our A/C was out all day. I would have dreaded that otherwise. Then the paddle was just the most perfect start to paddling season. We'll get the kayak nice and sparkling clean again, don't worry!

    1. It was absolutely perfect. Given how gross hot it was last week, I was worried but GG made it happen! ;-) That was a nice way to start the paddling season for sure. Can't wait to get the yak all ungrody.

  2. Yay for a/c -- and nice guys to go with it! And your paddle trip sounds fabulous, too. The weather was perfect and it was a wonderful way to kick off the season. Now that is a good day!

    I think our system is about 8 years old now. Runs great and is very quiet outside.

    1. Couldn't have asked for a better day for either!

      We could've gone with a quieter one but we both agreed give us the louder one to drown out the neighbors (which is still quieter than our old one.) LOL

  3. I don't have an HVAC unit at my house. I'm too cheap to have one installed for the week that I would need it each year. I'm in Canada, near the ocean and surrounded by trees, so the house stays quite cool in the summer. A fan over the bed keeps me cool on the few days that it is too hot to sleep comfortably.

    On the other hand I do make quite a bit of use of my heating system, including yesterday. My oil fired furnace is original to the house, so 20 years. I've owned it for 3, and the maintenance guys say it is fine. I would like something with a bit more guts, there isn't a lot of fan power for reaching the second floor bedrooms. But I have more immediate needs right now, like saving for a new roof.

    1. That sounds like heaven (where you live). That's great the furnace in such great shape. Ugh, that new roof is an expense for sure but worth it since you know, weather and all. :-\


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