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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Food Review: Orange Mango Vitamin Water

Man, do I love it when the grocery store gives ya a freebie, especially when it's something I wouldn't buy myself.  I'm not a big sports drink kind of person and don't really feel the need to start the habit, but since it was free, we grabbed the orange mango and kept it in the fridge.

I don't know if "werk it" is the name of the flavor or a command.  I chose the latter and did a booty poppin' dance before trying it.  The Mr wasn't feeling so hot and was pretty dehydrated, so I thought that situation would be the perfect avenue to try it out. 

Here's the nutritional info:

The sugar seemed pretty high to both of us so be aware if you're watching it on that front.

Here are the ingredients:

 I'll be honest, when I picked it up, I had no clue it was made of coconut water, so that was a fun little twist.

But how did it taste?

(Old school glasses, yo)

I took a swig, and it was decent.  I immediately tasted the salt which was kind of weird, but I know the point is to retain fluid, so it's necessary.  I just don't particularly care for it in my drinks.  I wish the mango flavor were a little more prevalent.  The Mr said it was okay but nothing he'd care to drink again.  However, it did help him feel a lot better and pretty quickly, so there's something to be said for that.  I'm glad we had it on hand for that purpose if nothing else.    You may really like it if you like to drink the "ades" of the sports drink world.  If so, I'd say give it a shot and see if it's your cup of tea...err...water.

Do you drink sports drinks?  If so, what kind?

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  1. It definitely helped me out when I was needing a boost but not sure I'd have to have it again. The coconut water was a nice surprise but ultimately the sugar content is still more than I would want to have unless I purposely want a sugary drink, in which case I'd go for a cola or root beer.

  2. The hubs drinks Powerade and Gatorade a lot and every once in a while, if I've mowed the lawn on a really hot day, I'll drink a cup of it, especially if I feel my blood sugar dropping. I had a bit of heat stroke one time last year and it helped very quickly, so I like that we have it on hand. I like the lemonade kind and Gatorade has a Citrus Cooler in the summer that is quite tasty. I keep all these drinks on had for the garbage/recycle guys and it cracks me up how they each have their favorites. lol I'd be willing to give this kind a try, especially with the coconut water which is a neat twist.

  3. I typically don't consume sports drinks, but my boyfriend does, especially during the summer. He suffered from sever heat stroke in the past and likes to have it on hand now. He seems to have a preference for Gatorade in a variety of flavours. I've consumed some of it in the past, usually in the summer after a long day out on the boat or when I'm hung over after consuming too many adult beverages the night before. I prefer Orange Gatorade, but I'll take what I can get when hung over. I will also cut it with 50% water, as I find it way too sweet to drink at full strength.

  4. I can't drink any of the ades or bai. Something in them makes me physically ill. I guess I will stick with water and do my best to keep dehydration to a minimum. And I have tried straight coconut water and found it disgusting.

  5. Can't stand the amount of sugar or the artificial flavors in sports drinks. They are handy when you are recovering from illness and years ago I switched to pedialyte, then more recently found a homemade recipe that gets the job done. It's a little orange juice, a little lemon juice, and a little non-sodium salt, all topped off with water. I can adjust the flavors based on how I feel and what I want to taste. Works great when I've spent too much time doing yard work. But sports drinks are so over-hyped and unless you are doing serious activity over a long period of time (more than an hour), you don't really need them.


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