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Monday, December 18, 2017

Holiday Merriment weekend round up

Happy Monday all!

Friday started on a down note as I was vexed because UPS screwed up the gifts and cookies I baked for my bestie not once but TWICE and it was a case of human error twice.  So we get to spend today fighting with them once it's delivered getting all or some of our money back.  Thanks for making sure my friend gets 5 day old cookies, asshats.   So if you were going to wait for a few days to send out your packages so they arrive closer to Christmas,  DO IT NOW...TODAY or your stuff may not get there in time depending on which carrier you choose.  Consider that my consumer tip of the season.

The weekend was full of all kinds of merriment.   Friday I busted my hot crossed buns baking all day.  Eleven different kinds of cookies and dark chocolate pecan pie minis for my friend.  The biggest victory was not sampling as I went.  It was the day before a weigh in so that worked as an incentive.  I was rewarded with a 2 lb loss but only because Aunt Flo is in town...its the only gift she brings me.  The Mr had been wanting to try a cinnamon roll recipe he found that he thought would make it easier for me so we made it together.  Unfortunately, the recipe was totally off on flour ratio and many people commented on it so I knew to expect it.  We put it in the fridge overnight like it said and hoped for the best.

Saturday we got up to check the dough and it looked like we saved it.  We made the goo and rolled it all out and it was fun to make them together.  My goal is should I croak to have him proficient in his favorite things.  (But who am I kidding...if I croak, he's going to the grocery store to buy a pan of cream cheese cinnamon rolls, sit in his underwear and play video games.)  After the rolls were baked, and quality control tested, I divided them out.  A few for us, a few for our friends and a few for my grandpa's wife as her baked good from me this year.  Then we stopped by a bakery to grab some pizzelles for my friend's partner who just lost his Italian mama a few months ago then delivered the cookies and presents to my friend.  We had a nice long visit and gabbed then went out for a late lunch.

I made spice cupcakes so I could get rid of these Christmas liners and picks I bought at Sur La Table a few years ago.  I usually do a bundt cake for it but I had no patience in me to cross my fingers hoping it would flip out of the pan.  I made homemade mac and cheese because they make these sour cream potatoes that I don't like so I make good mac and cheese for me.  Note to self:  don't use a six cheese Italian blend...too stringy.  Havarti and fontina only. 

It was a pretty good gathering.  The Mr got a sound bar  (affiliate link) and a pair of New Balance shoes.  I got the towels and hand towels I wanted, a gift certificate toward a cooking class and my beautiful French Gray La Crueset 8x8 pan

So I was a happy girl.  We were there about 3 1/2 hours and then headed out with everyone else.  We came home and ate a little dinner and the Mr set up the sound bar while I did dishes since we left it in a heap when we left at the precise moment that would get us there on time.  Oy.  Then it was time to settle in with the tree lit, watch a bit of A Christmas Story Live where someone we knew was in it and then cringe and fast forward through the rest.  Then the real Christmas merriment of A Charlie Brown Christmas (affiliate link) with our hot cocoa.

What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. I had a great weekend, starting with our cinnamon roll experience and meeting a friend. Sunday was the day I'd been waiting for a long time and it did not disappoint - beginning with Star Wars and ending with the big Christmas gathering and our nice time together before we pooped out.

  2. I made it to the first commercial of Christmas Story Live then turned it off. I just wasn't feeling it, and I am glad to see I wasn't alone in that.

  3. Phew! You were a busy bee! I'm so glad you had a great weekend and enjoyed your gatherings. That is how weekends should be! Mine was busy doing a few errands and then working a lot in the kitchen and finishing up wrapping some remaining things. Sunday I took a friend out for her birthday breakfast and we had a nice visit. Managed to get some laundry done and grocery shopping for Christmas dinner, so I'm happy about that. Next weekend will be very busy so I'm thrilled I accomplished as much as I did.


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