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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Need a rest day from our rest days!

This weekend we were bound and determined to get our patio ready for prime time.  The last time I paid any attention to it, it looked like this...

Not that I mind snow but I think I could hear my cushions begging to be released from their canvas bag prison o' winter.  It was going to take a pretty fantastic breakfast to motivate us to do all of that...

We're going to pretend I didn't recreate and beat our favorite breakfast in San Francisco.  Croissant French toast with bananas and pecan sauce and millionaire's bacon.  Look away, you might gain a pound just looking at it.

We busted our butts and scrubbed the patio carpet, replaced an umbrella, bought a bluetooth speaker, spiffed up the grill and now it looks ready to party...

Matter of fact, I just HAD to show it off so we invited my mom over for an impromptu cookout and then realized we still had a lot to do and worked to the bone until the second she got here.  Don't worry, it included a little healthier fare...

Okay, maybe we had to put this stupid s'mores grill thingy that I got duped into buying to the test and it did not resemble the perfectly cooked s'more on the box.

I think we'll stick with a campfire or sterno can, thanks.

We are WHOOPED!!  The Mr keeps giving me a sideways looks of slight irritation...then he thinks of the food I made this weekend and forgives me.  :-)

What did you guys do this holiday weekend?

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  1. The food was out of this world. Even the s'mores were awesome despite the mishap with that contraption. Great weekend but yes I definitely need some rest!

    1. It was pretty dang good. I feel like I've been dragged behind a truck and there's been no formal exercise! Yeesh!

  2. That fruit salad looks divine!

    Also, you'll have to tell me what Millionaire's bacon is!

    1. Bacon dusted with cayenne, ground black pepper and brown sugar then baked in the oven until divine. :-) Luckily two pieces isn't enough to throw a wrench into things.

  3. The S'Mores contraption looks like it didn't quite work out as planned. I bet they were still yummy though. The breakfast we're pretending you didn't make looks fantastic!

    Hubby pulled muscles in his back and stomach last week, so we didn't do much this weekend since he's still healing. I did some housework and spent a lot of time sleeping catching up from the lack of sleep over the last few weeks of school.

    We are leaving Thursday to go cabin camping in the mountains though so next weekend will more than make up for this one.

    1. Yeah, it's one to chalk under the "better in theory than in practice" on that one. I think we're giving it one more shot but basically the chocolate just turns to goo and oozes out everywhere. *rolling eyes*

      Hope hubby gets to feeling better soon and sometimes sleep is just what you need. Have fun in the mountains!


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