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Monday, April 9, 2012

Auto pilot

I have had some time to digest the freak gain.

New approach.  We're a little lax on certain things and we can't do that anymore.  Last week was chock full of a lot of strength oriented workouts and I'm talking the kind that made it hard to walk for a few days.  We're really lazy about making sure we get in good protein after workouts like that and I need to make sure I schedule something like salmon that is riddled with protein for dinner since we eat within 30 minutes of working out.  We also need to make sure we drink some green tea immediately following the workout too to help kick free radicals to the curb and all that jazz.  (Even if it doesn't necessarily do that like studies say but it could sure help relax someone after getting the bejesus kicking out of them in a workout)

Water was a little shaky last week too and I have been working on it over the weekend which is where I usually suck.  I need to make sure I'm getting a ton of it in this week.  It's a pretty "normal" week workout wise instead of something as brutal as last week so I'm looking forward to our usual torture.  I need to look at our workouts this week and plan dinners to boost us where we need it most in addition to the things I usually track.

I need to get off auto pilot and get back in the drivers seat and this is the first place I'm starting.

Are you on auto pilot or do you micromanage every aspect of your plan?

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  1. Autopilot lately - and she's a terrible driver.

  2. Not on auto pilot, but not a micromanager either. Just a poor manager. I have had a 2lb gain in as many weeks after coming of a 5lb loss 3 weeks ago. Water is my major demon though, just can't get it in. But, its a new week and if this is another gain, I am firing the manager! LOL


  3. I got a little lazy on the water and wasn't watching the sodium; bad combination!! OK, the ham is gone and I've already had some water this morning so this week is off to a waaaaay better start!

  4. Somewhere in between. I THINK about it a lot. The action is lacking, sometimes because I'm lazy, sometimes because other obligations get in the way. Working on both of those.

  5. I am totally on auto pilot! My phone broke that I used to track my food on and it has been hard to keep myself accountable without it. Plus I have been wanting more treats lately.

  6. I'm definitely on auto-pilot here, and seeing a slow upward trend on the scale. Was looking at my Spark page the other day and earlier this year I was complaining that I couldn't seem to lose the 5 lbs. I gained over T-giving & Christmas, and now that 5 is up to 10. I have gained 10 pounds in the last 5 months and that's 2 pounds per month. That adds up fast. Gotta start being stricter with myself--this weekend was not great with BIG Easter dinner and now I have all the left-overs to deal with.
    It's time to start thinking about what I'm doing and getting RIGHT with the world (and the evil evil scale) again! You know how sometimes you just have sudden insight? Well I had a moment of clarity yesterday and realized once again--I HAVE THE POWER to make the right choices!

  7. I knew that you would take time and rethink your week and would bounce back with a positive plan. I try to micromanage everything but sometimes that little guy called "auto pilot" takes over:(

  8. I was in control & doing awesome for 2 weeks and then Easter happened. Or, rather, Easter candy happened. ;( So the rest of the week, I'm going to have to work twice as hard!

    I hope this week is a better one for you. I think sometimes your body gets comfortable at a certain weight and it just does NOT want to let it go...

  9. Looks like a good plan to me! It will most likely help, but it certainly won't hurt! You win either way--brilliant!

    I move between auto pilot and focused, which works well when I'm in town but not as well when I'm on the road. My new plan is to log my food while I'm traveling.

  10. Good old Otto Pilot wasn't tracking my food intake for me so he's fired. I cannot neglect that aspect. I always regret it when I do and even though I maintained, I know I could have done so much more than I did.

  11. I am somewhere in between. I micromanage my nutrition but then can move to autopilot somewhat successfully. My guy, Otto, is very much like a dog, in that the moment I truly turn off, he sneaks away and I shake my head, wondering how he snuck off on me!

    So mostly managing with a tendency to micromanage, and then an autopilot shift for a few days, till I realize that I am not as crisp and not as sure of what I need / what's missing and go back to the tracker.

    Now exercise??? I gotta move it! I know I need a calendar schedule but just haven't made that commitment. A scary bone necrosis in the ends of the leg bones above and below the knee was diagnoses when I went in to check for knee bursitis (uh huh, nice...) has freaked me out waaaay too long. I go into an exercise pattern but the fizzle, usually when a little knee discomfort occurs. Blah! Must. Change.Now!!

    Loved "Otto", Mr. Not sure I'll fire him just yet but he's on a performance plan - that's for sure!

    Mrs - You ROCK! 100% agree with Evelyn. I just knew you'd come back with the I've-thought-it-over adjustments. That's why you will succeed, my dear.

  12. I switch between micro managing and auto pilot, and what I've learned is that auto pilot gets me nowhere!


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