Friday, July 15, 2022

Why I'm Twitching...err...What I'm Reading This Week #28

Y'all, it has been a week and it's not over by a longshot.  The house is a mess, we're covered in paint and cortisol and I can tell you I am glad to have contractors out of the house.  I am not built to have the loudness, tromping up and down the stairs in lead boots, having the one lazy dude spend more time taking smoke breaks than actually working and screaming in languages I can't remember anymore.  The dude is on the same floor as you- why are you screaming!?!?  (I remember enough from high school to know gorda at which point I have a few curse words and insults I could pull out to let them know I understood them.)   The most communication there was was "hello in the basement!" when they needed us.  Several times it sounded like someone falling down the stairs which wouldn't have been out of the question because they were working on the ceiling above them in the hallway on the stairs.  If you saw Wednesday's post, you saw a very small snippet of the damage and mess they left behind which we now have to fix.  I have never spackled, sanded and cursed so much in my life and I swear it feels like there is no end in sight.  The bathroom where we had up the crown molding is an utter disaster and when we tried to dry fit a piece of it back up because the leveling was going so bad, it just showed us how out of square the ceiling is.  So the stippled/stomped/crow feet ceiling pattern was actually doing us a favor in that room.


The Mr said when we were not even an hour into our adventures in plaster land that while he knows we don't have a safety net and the responsibility falls solely on us for the projects to come, we'll be on our own schedule.  No waiting around for 45-60 minutes when they're late.  No listening to all of the crap we had to listen to and be frustrated when the lazy guy decides he wants to go stare into the abyss instead of doing the work he was paid to do.  It's just going to be us saying "okay, I think we can get two more rows done.  We've got this!" or "What idiot suggested this?  I'm opening the wine from Christmas."  I know there is something to be said for having stuff done for you by those who do it all the time but there is an equal argument for doing it yourself if you're able bodied and willing to learn.  We're thinking we probably only have about 10-15 years of  'able bodied' left and I suppose I'm always willing to learn.

I will tell you one thing, if I have to move another effing mattress, I'mma lose it!  Between having the three mattresses and dealing with moving them up and down stairs and then moving mattresses in between rooms several times- I'm OVER it!  More so because foam mattresses don't have handles on them like coil and hybrid mattresses do!  So if you have a foam mattress, get yourself a pair of these babies like I wish I would've remembered after the 5th mattress move.  (They're good for way more than mattress moving though!)

Now let's move into...

8 Ways to Make an Exercise Harder Without Buying Heavier Dumbbells (No need to have a whole gym in your home gym!  I've always wanted a pair of these though like they use in Fitness Blender.)

Yes, Caffeine Can Seriously Impact Your Gut Health—Here’s How  (And not how you might think so drink away if it doesn't give you other side effects!)

Why Do I Wake Up Tired? - Causes and Fixes for Poor Sleep  (I have found notes from middle and high school talking about how tired I am.  This is apparently a lifelong problem for me. 😕)

I’m Mean to Myself All Day — Here’s How Mental Health Pros Say I Can Fix That  (I'm right there with ya lady.  I have made myself cry with the things I say to myself.)

Deleting files isn’t enough. Here’s how to properly erase hard drives.  (Y'all need to know this if you don't already!)

How to force Google to automatically delete the information it saves about what you do online  (Just takes a second to keep big brother from knowing more about you than it already does.)

There Was A Method To The Madness In David Bowie's Labyrinth Costume  (Yeah, to make pre-pubescents go "what's that feeling going on down there?")

Nothing but more patching, sanding, painting, looking it over and likely finding something we've missed and have to rinse and repeat.  I can't believe this isn't even part of the original project that got us started.  Needless to say all of that has been our exercise for the week and we both still feel like we've been Dinky'd from Vacation on the bumper.  At this point given the obstacles and crap we're dealing with, I'm about ready to say screw it on my original plan and be done.  If I am getting this frustrated now over paint and having to respackle the same effing spot 20x, it's not going to bode well for what I wanted to do in there anyway.  I can just use the panels I already got in a different way and call it a day.

What's shakin' on your end for this weekend?

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  1. You summed it all up really nicely. I gotta believe we are making progress but it is hard to tell yet. Enjoy your weekend everyone.... We won't!

  2. Oh my, that is ALOT! I feel your pain. I'm glad they are outta your house! I had to deal with a very poorly drywalled ceiling in my basement. Tape seams showing and bulging seams. I did weekends of mudding and sanding and redoing with a light as bright as the sun. I seriously thought I was losing my mind. When I got done I cried because it didn't look great. I found out from the Nards guy I needed to use flat paint. I learned that thin coats and sanding in between worked best. It was worth it but I never want to do it again! The floor i know you totally can do. Sending good mojo your way!


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