Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Minimal Progress Weekend Recap


Howdy y'all!  I hope you had a great weekend.  I feel like I reached my limit on purging after a solid 5 weeks of it in some form or another.  I was able to at least get some stuff gone through a bit more and drag the old mattress against the wall so it wasn't blocking access to the closet and stuff on Thursday.  The topper I bought lasted 4 hours on the bed before I was ripping it off after the feeling came back in my hip and leg.  It was like taking a new mattress and throwing a 10 year old lumpy spring mattress on top.  Returned.  Do you know I had FOUR toppers on the old mattress!?!?  I thought I had one!  Whoops!  So whenever it would get uncomfortable, I'd apparently buy a topper and just chuck it on top.  No wonder it was so high on the new frame!  I'm not gonna lie, I hate the new bed.  I just hate the feeling of foam under me so I've got a return set up for it and a new mattress ordered.  Oddly enough, the 'medium' firmness mattress we got for the office is 3x softer than the 'plush' one I ordered for the main bedroom so I got that one in 10" and saw it has a 3" layer of the squishy foam as opposed to 2.5" on the twin so I'm hoping that is the key.  Otherwise I don't know what the heck we're going to do.  Fingers crossed that one works out because come tomorrow I'm going to have three effing mattresses in ONE bedroom until bulk pickups and return pickups are handled.  What a crap fest for something I wasn't even planning on buying in the first place.  😒

Then I hit a wall.  Apparently three hours of sleep on the nightly for a week isn't great for having energy on the weekend.  It was a high cal day and none of it was worth it.  I'm sick and tired of restaurants pumping out mediocre dung on a plate that doesn't even taste good and us getting to over pay for the privilege.  But then I need a break to not cook every single meal of every single day.  I'm glad the Mr enjoyed his Portillo's but mine was soggy for some reason with just jalapeno mustard on it which never happens so that means the buns are potentially crap and we got to pay $70 for the privilege to spread out over the rest of the summer/fall.   The Mr got some 300 minute sci-fi documentary that was decent but I'm not a sci-fi person so you know, nothing else on and with the energy meter at zero it was a less than titillating Saturday.  

I'd love to say Sunday and Monday were somehow better but nope.  The most productive thing I did Sunday was make up a July workout calendar because the suck that is that slab of concrete foam had done it's job crippling me.  Monday I initiated the return and thankfully that went quite smooth on Wayfair's end and now I just have to get it officially scheduled with the company who will pick it up to see when that's going to happen.  We got in an early-ish workout on Monday of Tae Bo original.  It was the one that helped us lose weight the first time back in 98/99 and it was so weird seeing it.  It's funny how you remember some musical cues and lines from workouts you did so often.  Oh, in case anyone is interested and wants to workout "with" us in July, here's our schedule.  I know some of you may not have access to some of the workouts, especially BeachBody on Demand ones but you can always throw in your own.  (Not like I expect anyone to do them!  LOL)

7/5- Leg Day https://youtu.be/W-5_UKasZSY
7/6- Fitness Blender HIIT  https://youtu.be/9V9I1KbJvs0
7/7- Turbo Fire Tone 30 (Beachbody)
7/8- WATP 3 miles (Walk Away the Pounds)

7/9-  MFBA Day 1: Lower Body Burn Advanced (Beachbody)
7/10- Power 90 (Beachbody)
7/11- Juice &Toya Full Body Strength  https://youtu.be/XC3LJwbGteE
7/12- Turbo Fire 45 (Beachbody)
7/13- Jessica Smith Strength segments from her DVD
7/14- WATP Cardio Segments from 5 mile DVD

7/16- MBFA Day 10: Upper Body Burn Advanced (Beachbody)
7/17- Powerstrike
7/18- MBFA Day 8: Lower Body Burn Advanced (Beachbody)
7/19- J&T Cardio HIIT https://youtu.be/tgm_QjUiwlk
7/21- Jessica Smith 3 miles DVD

7/23- L4 Week 7 Day 3: Shoulders/Arms – Circuit  (Beachbody)
7/24- Fitness Blender Cardio LB  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnM9chgA8wQ
7/26- Fitness Blender HIIT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy9WKyN1rig
7/27- Turbo Fire Sculpt (Beachbody)

7/30- Fitness Blender Barre https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC9VbwyEG8U

Anyhoo, I bought an area rug from World Market for when the bedroom is done but I could only get it on sale now so I'll have to figure out where to chuck it for 8 months.  Also, note to anyone.  When the WM app asks you for your curbside order if you want anything else and you're like "sure, add blah blah" just know that you will then have to GO INSIDE to pay for whatever else you add.  They make it sound like they'll just add it, grab it and you're all paid up but it's a tissue of lies.  When we got home we rolled coins from an old bank that was getting donated because we know how to party.

So, that was our excitement this weekend which wasn't much but all we could muster.  Oh yeah, the cost of stamps is rising AGAIN on the 10th so stock up on Forever stamps if you need to.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Pretty uneventful weekend for sure. I never thought we would end up finishing that documentary the same weekend but glad it's done I guess. I liked the time off work yesterday but I am not ready for work today at all. Here's to hoping the "short week" doesn't bite us in the ass!

  2. Thank you for the workout schedule, I really need to get the old body moving again. My sons were home,so of course Portillos lol. My adorable granddogger was here so alot of fetch and snuggles. My patio/screen porch repairs and repaint almost complete. Weekend ended with an awesome thunderstorm which stopped the fireworks crazies by 11pm.
    Have a great week!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your bed and how terrible it ended up being -- and worse with the pillow topper!! That's very frustrating, but I'm glad you can have some confidence with the new one your ordered since you've got that one in the office and it's far more comfortable that this box of concrete. You'll feel so much better when the mattresses are out of your room and your house when they get picked up because it's hard to move around big bulky things like that. Uneventful weekends are sometimes exactly what the brain needs.
    Ours was okay. Serious health issues with one of the dogs that we are facing, which is incredibly hard, but they had a pretty decent weekend. The hubs had to work his usual Sunday shift, but 12 hours because they had Monday off, then 12s the rest of his work week. We had a big storm come through so the humidity is through the roof along with a temp of 97 today. I have some errands to run but I think one of them I'm putting off until tomorrow because of this heat. The others I need to get done today.

  4. I am sorry to hear about your bed! I ended up getting a hybrid bed which is a combination of gel/coil/foam, and I love it. It's in our guest bedroom and everyone who stays says it's the best bed they have ever slept on. I actually like it better than my own bed, so I have slept on it before if I can't sleep in my own bed.


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