Friday, July 29, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #30

'Sup y'all!  It's Friday.  Not sure if that means anything anymore.  😆

Wednesday I was all set to caulk and be done in the bathroom but another ceiling inspection whilst on the throne said I'd better get to spackling and sanding again.  

(I believe I found our construction guy's training video.

When the Mr agreed about the ceiling, I knew it was bad.  I'm just so happy that in addition to the gouges and scrapes we can't live with that painters tape is so strong that it rips everything off in one fell swoop right down to the paper.  

(dripping with sarcasm 😑)  

While waiting for that to dry, I decided no time like the present to start spackling our crown molding holes in the bedroom.  Then I got to see all of the fun stuff they left for me in there.  

"Oh, you weren't planning on using these walls again, right?  Good because I have given you free stab marks from my trowel like I'm auditioning for an unsub for the Criminal Minds reboot."  (How the hell can they have that show without Reid??)

"I bet you'd really like a channel of skim coat where the wall and ceiling meet so that it will be impossible to sand without screwing up one or both surfaces!  It's a bonus that without it being filled in that spiders and other insects can make a comfy nest for their offspring in it.  You're welcome!"

"Why yes, that is a ridge about 8" long and 1/2" higher than the rest of the ceiling that you'll have to sand it off and coat the room where you sleep with malignant dust and hope your vacuum job is good enough.  Glad you noticed!"

Now let's notice...

8 Signs You're Overdoing It With Fiber Supplements  (I always wondered about the medication part.  Good to note!)

Four Ways to Stop Imagining the Worst Will Happen  (I need to put these into practice.  Oh and also the worst (adjacent) stuff needs to stop happening so that I can have faith it won't and change my mindset.)

Sweaty Groin? Here Are 6 Tips to Keep You Dry Down There  (It's like the Amazon down there these dog days and I don't mean the store that has everything.)

The Best Way To Re-Use Tea Bags  (I haven't thought of some of these but I see a bowl of butterscotch blondie in my future!  I always use tea bags twice too.)

The Best Way To Touch Up Paint So You Don't Have To Repaint The Entire Wall  (Very good tips and I wish I knew them years ago.)

What Your Dreams About Deceased Loved Ones Could Mean, From Dream Experts  (Always great to see those who can't be physically by our sides.)

People Are Sharing The "Unusual" Cooking Hacks That Actually Make A Big Difference For Everything From Scrambled Eggs To Tomato Sauce  (Some excellent tips!  Definitely using a few especially #2 since all cakes from bakeries have been tanking lately.)

This Stray Dog "Invaded" A Wedding And Ended Up With a Whole New Life  (OMG, this is the sweetest.  Love the pics)

30 Hilariously Relatable Memes Shared On The 'Sarcasm Only' Instagram Account  (Some real gems in here and #6 is on order and I'm wearing it 24/7.)

I really have zero idea what we're doing this weekend.  I jinxed myself last week about the vacation weight because out of nowhere I had a three pound gain.  So the cortisol, lack of consistent exercise, almost zero pure water everyday and the Sunday with chicken fingers I wasn't going to stress about laughed in my face.  But the Mr lost like 7 lbs this month so go him!!  👏 🥳 📣

Anything planned for you this last July weekend?  Is it time to decorate for Fall yet?  *runs*

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  1. You joke about fall but those back to school commercials should be running any day now if not already. That was the worst when you were a kid enjoying summer then out of the blue you start seeing back to school ads and it put that pit in your stomach. It's funny that as an adult I have admittedly laughed at those yet the joke has been on me because I don't get a summer at all. Oh well. Enjoy what is left of summer everybody!

  2. I just saw a school bus go down my street yesterday and I shuddered for the kids looking out the window and saw the same thing. Seeing all the school supplies in the stores was such a bummer as a kid, but probably very helpful for teachers to get a jump on their supply needs. This weekend the weather is supposed to be pretty nice as it's been all week, but starting Monday we go back into the 90s with high humidity again and that's looking to stick around for at least a week or longer. Blech. I'll be walking the dog early in the mornings to avoid as much heat as possible, and staying indoors after that.
    I hope, hope, hope that the bathroom is almost finished and what remains will be nothing like the nightmare you guys have been dealing with. xoxo


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