Friday, July 1, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #26

The Big know what that means.  Halfway through the year!

It has been a pretty emotionally exhausting week for me.  Every inch of the bedroom has been touched.  (Notice I don't say cleaned just yet)  I do not remember the last time the entire closet was basically empty.  Oh yes I do...26+ years ago.  Basically the entire closet is now under my bed!  

I know feng shui says that's a big no no but feng your shui in this instance because it's all about the storage when you live in under 1000 sq ft.  It was hard to go through every single piece of your past and that includes the VHS transfers the Mr has so graciously taken on before things degrade completely.  My stuff from broadcasting school has reached it's transferrable limit so a lot of projects are blipping in and out.  I took a lot of pictures of stuff then tossed them which goes against every nostalgia loving bone in my body.  They'll go in a "childhood bin" folder on the computer and I can look there when I feel a need for what was important to me back then.  I am a massive card/letter hoarder so a few weeks ago, we shredded old tax returns that we kept for some stupid reason from the 90's and early 2000's and now those little mobile file boxes are almost full of cards.  One day I want to take them out and go through to organize by person.  It was so nice to come across cards from my great grandparents and others who passed as well as early dating notes and notes we wrote to each other while the Mr was on business trips.  Scanning them wouldn't be the same as having them in hand so I'm willing to give up the space.  I can also stack them if I need some more space.  The Mr reinforced the builder grade wire shelf in that closet with a couple more brackets so I'm ready to roll.  I got a few cardboard magazine holders lined up there so that I could have all of our travel journals in one spot instead of who knows where and just to act as general wranglers for things that need them.  I may not need them all set up but they are for now as I continue to get things situated.

I had 4 big photo boxes full of pics/negatives.  I remember reading somewhere about how you need to go through them and pull out ones that are blurry, ones where people are cut out/off, that you don't have any attachment to the thing you took a picture of or ones that don't make you happy.  Well, I grew up in the days of "here- free doubles!!"  While most of those were put in albums or given to other people, I did have quite a few dupes and between chucking those, ones of blurry scenes, people I don't care to remember or even bad pics of people I do care to remember, I got 4 boxes down to two.  One day we'll scan them but that day is not soon.  I was appalled at how scattered they all were!  Pics of trips and events scattered over two boxes, nothing in much order.  I also have ones that I'm pretty sure are doubles that are in a photo album and I'd like to double check that one day soon(ish) but I've got bigger fish to fry right now.  

Wednesday the new bed arrived.  

It is still very weird for me having a mattress that is basically Food Saved chucked on the front step.  Not gonna lie, I was seriously worried when the unfurled mattress was 7 1/2" of the 10" it's supposed to be because the one in the office puffed up to size almost immediately.  This one has a gel topper so I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not.  Definitely wasn't getting rid of the old bed until we knew the new one was going to work.  The first night I slept on it, it was like a friggin' ROCK.  "Plush" my Aunt Fanny.  By my 4:20am pee wake up call, I was on Amazon ordering a plush topper I already had in cart because that is how confident I was in the term 'plush' foam mattress on a website.  Plus I slept with nothing but a sheet over the mattress to give it a fair shake on its own and I was hot when I woke up so definitely nothing I could sleep directly on.

But enough of the great fall of dominoes that is our current life situation, let's shake into...

11 Excellent Glute Activation Exercises  (These are good whether you're active or not.  Trust me, you don't want dead butt syndrome from sitting all day.)

The Health Benefits of Flax Seeds You Need to Know About  (I add ground flaxseeds to my oatmeal and while I'm not super crazy about the taste, I've seen the benefits.)

5 Hip Stretches You Can Do Without Leaving Your Chair  (I need every one of these and there's no excuse not to do them.  You need these if you sit for your job too.)

Chris Evans Plays With Puppies  (I don't even care about what Chris Evans is promoting but there is too much joy in this interview not to watch.)

20 Funny And Absurd Comics  (These made me laugh way too hard)

I think our big plan is to come up with a big plan for what has turned unintentionally into a second floor reno.  We'll have our final floor sample today and we should be able to make a final decision...or start all over.  Who knows.  All I do know is some schtuff has got to get done this weekend and now I kind of have no idea where to start.  I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Anything kickin' for the weekend?  Any triumphs or tragedies of the week you want to share?

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  1. It will be helpful to come up with a plan of attack for all of our projects as they appear to require some sense of order for best results. It really is a domino effect. Happy July everybody!

  2. Looks like you're getting it done, bravo!
    My son is getting here tonight for the weekend. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  3. You have gotten A LOT done, girl!!! It's equal parts overwhelming to go through it all, but feels so good when you really know what you have and what you've gotten rid of. Way to go!!
    It's been a long week here with grateful hearts for successful surgery for one pooch, and help for the other pooch who needed it. Have a couple of appts and minor grocery shopping to do but that's about it. The hubs won't know until Sunday if he has to work the 4th of July, but they are "supposed" to have it off. So no definite plans other than hopefully getting in a nap or two after a week of virtually no sleep.
    Have a wonderful loooooong weekend and getting stuff done!! xoxo


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