Monday, July 11, 2022

Exorcising the Demons Weekend Recap

Well, it's Monday...again.  


We had a buttload of crap to get done for the impromptu 2nd floor ceiling scraping we've got going on today.  One of those things was what we referred to as exorcising the demon of one of the projects our former so called cheating ass friend did in our house.  This is the second to last project he worked on that we are getting rid of and if we'd had a little more confidence in ourselves in years past, we would've done a better job as you can see below:


Just because someone does construction for a living doesn't mean they're any good at it.  We were those people who always paid friends for their time despite their protests.  We paid him a LOT more money than we should have especially for the quality (or lack thereof) we got in return.  So we were more than happy to get going on ripping that stuff down.  The Mr got the party started ripping down the crown molding with his trim puller:

I got the rest of the room except the wall the Mr originally started on.

Then it was time to go around the room and pull out the leftover brad nails.

I have to say, getting one more reminder of that throbbing jackhole out of the house feels quite good and our own little F U to him.  It's the only form of closure we can get out of that situation and it feels quite good.  We take our wins where we can. 

We both decided to pull down the crown molding in the bathroom (that we did) because we wanted a consistent ceiling texture if we decided to take the molding down permanently.

As you can see, lots of painting to scrape and sand before we can paint the walls again.  

I will not be sad to see this damn texture go bye bye today!

Funnily enough, I remember when said former friend saw the bathroom after we remodeled it.  He helped us with our bathroom literally a month or so after he met us wanting to "help" us.  So we had basically undone everything he did and we expected him to harshly criticize everything we did.  When he came down, he was like "I guess you guys don't need me anymore" in a very kick pebble kind of tone.  By that time, we were done with him anyway because his behavior was out of control so we didn't see each other much so it was actually kind of liberating for us to show him we could do it on our own didn't 'need him anymore.'  


Well, I did have everything out of the closet.

But it all had to go back in so we could move the bed to the office.  They are doing the main bedroom and the bathroom today and they'll do the hall and office either tomorrow or Wednesday so then we'll have to hightail it tonight and move everything out of there into the main bedroom.  If nothing else, it was a kick in the butt to not procrastinate on the stuff I was procrastinating on.  Unfortunately I can't go through everything as thoroughly as I wanted to with the stuff that's left (which isn't much) but it all just needs to be out of the way and in the closet.  

Oh and the scope creep of the project is growing by the day.  Let's just say almost no inch of the house upstairs, downstairs or on the stairs will be untouched at some point hopefully by the end of the year.  

Sunday morning we lazed around a bit because we knew we had a bit of a day ahead of us.  I made a big brunch and we got to it.  Well, first we put together our list of crap we need to get for painting the ceilings this week.  I've never researched roller frames, roller lengths and roller naps so much in my friggin' life.  I've already got a compromised neck/back right now and the pros say use an 18" roller but the frames made for those seem to be pure crap if you read past the reviews that fail to mention them continuously falling off the frame.  Then it was time to dismantle the bed and basically move everything into the closet and office since they'll be doing the main bedroom and bathroom today.  (Which we'll have to move back into the main bedroom tonight and then dismantle everything else in the office and move it into the main bedroom so they can do that and the hallway either tomorrow or Wednesday.)  I told the Mr to take the office bed and I would sleep in the basement with various critters I hope didn't crawl into my face as I slept on our old camping airbed.  The last time we used that mofo was during a derecho about a decade ago and I almost threw it out two weeks before that so I feel like it's saved our butts on more than one occasion.  

Before we knew it, it was almost 5pm which is the same freakin' thing that happened to us Saturday!!  We rounded out the week with an MBFA Leg workout (because going up and down the stairs 80x didn't count) and our Sunday night ritual of Chateau DIY and cocoa to ease into the calm before the storm.  I need to make sure I get in a good pee before they get here and go easy on the liquids because the bathroom won't be available for a minimum of 4-6 hours.  I don't want to be looking at the A/C exhaust drain with lust in my eyes.

So wish us luck that this dude is a good one and that opening my big pie hole doesn't end up in more headaches!

How was your weekend?  Anything fun, productive or relaxing your way?  Let me live vicariously through you!

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  1. There was a time where the crown molding did look nice but then those obvious bad spots detracted from the overall look and left nothing but resentment as the years went by, and his behavior took center stage. Felt so good to take them down and I actually like how much taller the rooms look too. Here's to hoping for being able to report back on Wednesday about a smooth experience and smooth ceilings!

    1. I remember when he put it up and he was like "I don't have the right caulk but here" and put that shiny crap on it and kept saying phrases like "good enough." I wanted to smack him then too. The rooms look way taller. I think crown molding is fine for a big house but no bueno for a shoebox like ours. Thanks for all of your hard work this weekend (and the hard work to come tonight.) Love you!

  2. Awesome, I hope your project goes well! I'm way too lazy so I just schlep things around and throw tarps over stuff when I do ceilings.
    My Goddaughter and sil came for a visit so barbecue and cards. I got my little and we popped popcorn and watched Sandlot. My broski is dropping by this week so I got my project list out so it will be finish trims this week and some gutter repairs. Its never ending!
    Have a great week, looking forward to the reveals!

    1. Me too! LOL They said they cover everything so we'll see about that! Sounds like you had a great weekend and have some good projects of your own to cross off the list. I just told my friend that the other day "don't buy a house- it NEVER ends!!!" So true!

  3. I hope all goes well and you like the look of the ceilings as soon as the texture is taken off. Ours are all textured as well and at some point everything will be redone but not for quite a while. Paint and carpet are the next in line but that's probably a year out or so.
    Weekend was fine. Just took care of the dogs and did the usual weekend chores and errands while the hubs worked.
    Hope you guys have a really productive week with good results by the end!

    1. Me too. They just got here and I can hear them scraping and tromping around up there. They're apparently doing the hallway today too but we'll see. I would say paint is one of those easy things you can knock out but I know you're not a fan. LOL


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