Friday, July 22, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #29

Happy Friday to you all and I hope you haven't melted.  Kinda seems like the world is on fire literally now in addition to figuratively.  Grab a marshmallow and roast up!  


It's been another crappy week on the reno front.  Despite having covered all of any patches on the wall with the holy grail Kilz 123 primer, I had bubbles in four spots.  I peeled them back which took them anywhere from pencil eraser sized to quarter sized to street taco tortilla size.  After reapplying with USG joint compound and letting it dry for 18 hours, I sanded then reapplied two layers of primer and that seemed to do it for the bubble problem.  However.  Oh you knew that was coming.  I was sitting on the throne with the fan light on and glanced over and out of the corner of my eye, it was like I was seeing the bathroom ceiling for the first time.  There were ripples in the ceiling by the attic hatch.  I mean this would be a set for mice to catch a wave on.  We had both lights on for most of the bathroom work so the brighter lights filled in the valleys left.  Those are the lights the Mr uses.  I use the fan light because I don't like to be drop kicked with light first thing in the morning so I would see it.  It's nowhere near "good enough" so I had to grab the pole sander before I could put the final triumphant coat of paint on the walls.  Then all I saw were more holes and divets I needed to spackle before I could sand and let dry for 12 hours and hope for the best.  (This is from a 4 1/2 star contractor with 150 reviews on Home Advisor.  If these are your best and brightest...I am f**king terrified and weep for their future clients.) After seeing that and that my Friday that was bookmarked for rest is going to be anything but- I am mentally tapped.  No...beyond.  There is negative energy in my soul.  The Mr and I are not at our best with each other right now.  I remember when I started this month and thought "oh good, I have 5 weigh in's this month!" but that was before an impromptu ceiling smoothing project flew out of my face hole as a hypothetical to a renovation reality.  (Why do they not make that show anymore!?  We loved it!)   Now here we are with two weigh in's left and that hope from pre-holiday weekend has gone to "I just don't want to leave the month heavier than I started it."  (Especially since I finally got the vacation weight off the second week which was my true goal.)  I thank you all for cheering us on during the pre-reno before the reno.  It helps.

Now time to help yourself to:

Study explores the effects of eating dark chocolate on the brain  (Just remember it's 72% or higher, not Hershey's Special Dark.)

8 Things Sleep Experts Do in the Morning After a Poor Night's Sleep  (That's odd, licking a light socket isn't on here.  Sadly in today's world I have to say- don't be an idiot and try to lick a light socket.  It's called Gen X humor.)

There’s a Right and a Wrong Way To Wash Your Armpits, and It Can Make All the Difference in How Much You Stink  (I can vouch for this.  When I use this salve at night, I stink way less the next day.  I use natural deodorants (tried them all- none without aluminum work on my pits) so that stuff just helps dial down the stank especially in this hell soup of weather.)

How To Deal With an Overtalker or Escape From One  (Usually grabbing my butt and saying "damn burritos!  I've got to go home, I can't poop in public" does the trick.) 

How to Decode Laundry Symbols So You Can Care For Your Clothes Like a Pro  (It still takes up the same amount on the tag so why not just write it out instead of hieroglyphics?)

Why Is My Paint Bubbling and How Do I Fix It? (One guess why I'm reading this this hellish week)

Home Renovations Can Be Seriously Stressful—Here Are 5 Tips for Managing Anxiety  (Really?  I hadn't noticed.  *twitch*  We're putting #3 into action.)

HEART FOR SALE: Woman Finds Gift She Made For Boyfriend A Decade Ago On Sale In Charity Shop (While this is really cool- I cringe at what I would've written to the Mr in those days.  Make sure you watch the video (with CC on if you don't want to listen to it) to see what her 16 year old self wrote!)

Sweet Stray Dog Convinces Strangers At The Mall To Play Fetch With Him  (Be right back- going to the mall.  This is seriously so cute!)

We are taking a break this weekend from all things house.  (Or at least tomorrow for sure.)  My brain, manners, well being and soul are fried since it's officially been 8 weeks for me having the lovely idea to "just clean off the cart in the office" that domino effected the whole summer.  Not that I would be out in this weather anyway but you get the drift.  If I don't take a true break soon, I'm gonna lose it more than I already have and that's saying something.  My motto for this weekend is "anywhere but here."

What do you have going on this weekend?

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  1. I am glad we are taking a break from house projects this weekend. It has been a whirlwind of stuff going on and we need it. Have a great weekend everybody!


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