Friday, July 8, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #27

As on cue- the "short" week feels twice as long.  It's Friday and that can mean only one thing!! 


I'm seriously considering following that woman's lead because between wondering if we should have the ceilings scraped on the second floor to match the first floor and below being Tuesday's reality, I need some liquid escape.

I want to say that mattress three is all I dreamed it would be but it's not.  More squishy than the first?  Yes but not by much as interpreted by my hips.  I moved the duvet insert I got the week before under the mattress protector to see if that would help a little.  I can't go back to having four friggin' toppers on the mattress or I will have to pole vault onto the damn bed every night.


It can't be a hybrid again because with Mt. Midoriyama as the bedframe now, there is too much sway when we move from anything with even a few springs which brings tear trickle to my cheek.  (But obviously with four toppers on it, it wasn't comfortable either!)  I'll figure something out.   

Now let's figure out:

How To Wash Strawberries: The 3 Simple Methods You Should Try  (If I do #3 I will end up never eating strawberries again so I'll stick with my fruit wash and rinse method.)

The Windshield Wiper Exercise Takes Your Ab Workouts to the Next Level  (I LOVE this exercise though I have to modify it to 90 degree knees when I do it.  I can't wait to try it straight legged the whole way through!)

Is Allulose a Healthy Sweetener?  (We've got a bag of this stuff to make muffins and for tea if I know I'm going to be having a meal where there might be a blood sugar spike.)

6 Healthy Foods That Boost Metabolism  (Annnd what if you already eat these and you still have a sloth for metabolism Mr Scientific Smarty Pants?)

18 IKEA Desk Hacks That Are Seriously Good  (Mr- these are the ones I was looking at in case we were able to trim down that friggin field sized desk in the office.)

How to spot hidden surveillance cameras in your Airbnb, VRBO, or vacation rentals  (I know I've posted about this before but it bears repeating- ALWAYS check!!  I also immediately unplug ALL Echo's/Alexa etc and anything with a microphone that they want you to think is a 'convenience.'  Also make sure you log out of your streaming service accounts if you log in while you're there.)

50 Obsolete Things To Show Just How Much The World Has Changed  (If you think I'm getting rid of my CD's when they reissue crappy remasters and streaming basically sucks, I'll be over here with my 400 count CD holder that I just got organized!)

I have no clue what we're doing this weekend other than me cooking. 

EDIT:  Welp, we actually DO have a clue what we're doing this weekend...moving all of the stuff I just moved under the bed back into the closet because guess what dipshit was all "how do we cover textured ceilings?  How much is it to smooth them like the first floor when we did the kitchen remodel?"  24 hours later (and after having the first drywall place we called tell us "we would be chasing them.  They have plenty of work"), Rico from the second highest rated place was giving us an in person quote since he was in the area and asking when he could start.  We got him down $350 because he came in higher than the first floor by quite a bit.  We're still paying $400 more than we paid for the first floor which I'm not too jazzed about and this was NOT an expense I was planning on.  But if we're replacing the floors upstairs, this is literally our only shot to get it done.  If we ever wanted to sell, eagle eye people might try to lowball given the two different textures.  (Though not likely in a market like we have now but you know that isn't lasting forever.)  So yeah...the big schmuck over here swirled a "what if" and curiosity has turned into Chateau Pucker Butt.  

Any tomfoolery planned for your weekend?

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  1. Chateau Pucker Butt indeed. I am glad we are getting the chance to do it though. It was now or never truly. Will be glad when it's done and we can move on to the next project on the list. Have a great weekend everybody!

  2. I'm so sorry the bed is a bit of a bust. It is so hard to find one that is truly comfortable throughout the night and not just for a few minutes of laying on it. Your weekend sounds busy and most certainly productive. That's great the guy was able to come that fast to give a quote because it seems like it's pulling teeth now to track companies down because everyone is booked solid.
    I'm grocery shopping today, we're taking one of the dogs to swim class tomorrow, and then the hubs works the rest of the weekend. I have odds and ends to pack up in my car to bring over for donations to get them out of the house. It's become a cluttered pile so it's time to move them out.

  3. Yikes on the mattress fiasco!
    I love that you are getting someone in so quickly to do the ceilings! They look soooo much better smooth.
    I have some visitors this weekend and getting my little one Sunday.
    I am off now but its so sickly humid out that I'm grumpy lol. Current state lazing in my lazy girl chair.
    Have a great weekend!


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