Friday, May 27, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #21

Happy Memorial Day long weekend Friday to you!  I hope you're ready for what everyone calls the unofficial kick off to summer despite it still being almost a full month away.  😝  It's been a LONG week and I originally wrote that on Monday.  The Mr asked for the link to a place we're staying and it wasn't coming up.  After checking with the owner, it was "oh, we sold that property; the moose out front (VRBO) should've told ya."  Scuzi?  So we were just going to show up with our crap to new owners without a word from anyone and they got to keep the $2000+ we already paid??  Then it was a mad scramble to find a new place on short notice.  By the skin of our teeth we found a place but it was a solid 24 hours of crap we didn't need to deal with.  The arbor, of course, did NOT get delivered Monday as it said it would.  That's okay, our entire patio is just in a shambles while FedEx literally sat on it for more than a week.  The company said they were sending out another one so who the hell knows when we're going to get stuff set up.  I just know it's not going to be in the cooler temps like it would've been if it was delivered on time.  You all know how I love the heat.  😠

Now let's love...

7 Foot Mobility Exercises To Help You Move With Ease  (Trust me, just do these so they don't end up being part of your PT therapy anyway down the line.)

Tea is the 'optimal beverage' and slashes cancer, heart disease and dementia risk  (Good to know as I have an entire cupboard full of tea!  I keep Harney and Sons in business!)

The side you sleep on makes a difference to your health - so which is best?  (Whew!  Anyone else use a side sleeper pillow?  I keep eyeing some but never pull the trigger because I'm cheap and need something soft.)

40 Small Habits That Make A Large Impact  (In case you need to shake things up)

The Best Marriage Advice From Couples Who’ve Been Together 25+ Years (Very good tips!  If I had to add two as someone with 26 years of marriage under the belt, I'd say 1) work on your own crap early on so you can grow together and learn how and why your partner reacts the way they do.  Often the reason they react a certain way is because it reminds them of something from their childhood that triggers similar emotions even if they don't realize it.  2)  Keep a clean house.  We don't do this and we mentally pay for it.  When the house is clean, we are less tense, more relaxed and just feel better overall which spills over into our relationship.)

These All-Natural, Homemade Weed Killers Actually Work  (I'll be keeping a jug of the first one on tap then next season follow up with the newspaper trick.  The front space is a weed magnet.)

How to Put Life on Easy Mode  (#4 has really helped me in the kitchen for sure over the past 2 months.)

8 Money Saving Tips for Planning Your Next Vacation (Gotta save every penny especially these days!)

The “Most Eighties” ’80s Band (A pretty interesting read even though I'd pick Duran Duran.)

We're doing our mandatory inaugural grill sesh and try not to melt. If the arbor arrives, we'll hopefully be putting it together.  Otherwise, nothing planned.

Any plans for the holiday weekend?

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  1. The hubs has been off since yesterday and took Sunday off so he can have a full 5 days off of work. I told him it's a no-chore weekend for him because after the past two weeks, he needs a total break. He wants to go to Home Depot today, so I'm onboard since I have some things to get too. I'm not going to my meeting tomorrow, but we are going doing swimming with the dogs. I have some stuff I want to work on with donations, but other than that, I plan on finishing a book I'm reading. Enjoy the nice long holiday weekend!!

    1. You two have been through it and I'm glad he's getting a mini vacation to decompress. I hope you were able to kick back and finish your book! You deserve the down time! 😚

  2. I cannot wait for our grilling out. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I know we have some work to do before that but I am cool with earning it! Have a great weekend everybody!

    1. I think you're just excited because the surprise Portillos box arrived. 😜

  3. I'm with you on the heat. Longtime reader (very long time... I probably found you and the Mr. in 2012 or so) and first-time commenter. Though I'm not a commenter as I don't feel the need to add my perspective to e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g., I thought that after 10 years of enjoying your perspective on things, I would pop up and say a long overdue thank you for all the time, effort, useful product recs, relatable vents and snark to giggle at! I still look forward to every post and use your Amazon links wherever applicable. I appreciate y'all.

    1. Aww!!! Thank you so much for hanging in with me/us over the past 10 years! I must say sometimes I feel like I'm letting you all down by not having as much weight related stuff as I used to. So each and every comment means the world to me and especially one like yours! Please don't take another 10 years to comment; we love the company! 😃


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