Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Aloha you sexy beasts!  I hope you were able to enjoy a nice three day weekend and getcher grill on!  Last Thursday we went to a mom and pop place for flowers and their prices were shockingly high.  I had the Mr check at the other local nursery (but has several locations around town) and they were $5 less per flat.  Sorry peeps...mama's gotta save some dough given the price of gas, groceries and well, living.  I got a few flats of schtuff to plant and decided to get on much of that Friday.  

I ordered some new galvanized steel hanging planters to replace the older ones we had that were rusting at the corner welds.  I got two sets of them even though I only needed three total but that was what I was working with so we'll see if I find a use for the fourth smaller one.  Of course they don't have drain holes but nothing a drill bit couldn't fix.  I planted some vincas and got them hung just as the heavens opened.  I did manage to get my impatiens planted in their planters around the base of the big umbrella and the window box planter geraniums in place.  I'll be honest, I hate geraniums but we had to get a new outdoor pic this year since the old one was faded so bad and this picture just seemed to scream that was the flower it needed.  Who am I to deny the picture what it wants?

Thankfully Friday the second arbor arrived that the company re-sent because FedEx lost or damaged the first one according to their case worker.  Jerks.  I had hoped to get basically everything planted before the Mr came home but only got most of the way there and putting together the arbor put the nail in the coffin that is my body.  It's not that it was particularly hard but awkward to do with one person though it could be done.  I just didn't have it in me to go there and whip pieces over the fence in frustration solo given all we went through to get it.  I was kind of irritated there was no real bottom to the planter boxes so I had this leftover plastic shelf liner that I cut for the bottom so we could put some rocks on there before putting in organic dirt for the trumpet vines.  Hopefully that will help anchor the arbor even more.  We haven't had any wind yet but I'm sure it's coming to give it a proper test.  Of course, I had special sized coconut liners I had to buy so those weren't coming until Sunday so the whole patio couldn't be "done done" until then.  But we did get stuff transplanted to their new homes and cleaned off pretty much everything.  I was going to wash the cushion covers since they smelled a little eau de mildew but he unzipped them and said while the foam was in good shape the Dacron covering has disintegrated.  I was going to just order new cushions from Lowe's since that's where we got the set but every review for the ones similar to ours 1) looked puny because ours are nice and tall and 2) had reviews from skinny people saying they were flat within a week.  Well, I'm not paying $400 total for new cushions for them to be shite.  So I ordered some Dacron wrap that will arrive sometime this week and we'll have a NEW project ahead of us.  Yay.  But until that comes, we have the basically finished patio to enjoy.

The wisteria bloomed this year which made me very happy!  Now we're hoping those get some umph and climb to the top as well as the clematis and trumpet vines so we can eventually have full coverage on it.

Saturday was glorious weather wise.  It barely kissed 70 and was overcast with a slight breeze.  We hadn't set up the stuff so we could eat outside but I'm not a fan of bugs trying to dive bomb my food and we hadn't treated with the flea/tick repellant yet which many reviews claim also keeps flies and skeeters at bay!  I surprised the Mr with a delivery of a Maxwell Street Polish kit from Portillo's in Chicago.  So we had that, crockpot corn on the cob, chips and beans for our first 'summer' grill out of the year.  Then we napped because that's how we do.  Mine was that in and out kind of nap where you swear you haven't slept but it's suddenly two hours later.  Whoops.  We washed down the pollen covered crap on the furniture/covers before I grilled up some smash burgers on the grill with leftover sides from lunch and settled in watching a few episodes of The Affair to relive our time in Montauk and watch their webcams from the lighthouse since it somehow feels like we've been back for two months instead of three weeks.  The Mr treated the lawn under the cloak of darkness with the flea/tick repellant since we're going to have a few non rainy days.  Hoping to see a decrease in flying skeevies as well as spiders because those effers were EVERYWHERE Saturday.  I feel like we sent four or five different species to the other side.  I didn't get any grilled outside food pics but I did manage to capture Sunday's Montauk special of lobster grilled cheese.

We finished off the chips and had some pesto corn on the cob on the side.  We worked off a little bit of it doing Juice and Toya's strength/endurance workout an hour beforehand.  The day seemed to fly by between finishing up planting, working out and stuffing our gullets.  

Monday was a very chill day.  Caught up on the DVR a little, got in an early workout of old Tae Bo Get Ripped then had turkey sloppy joe's for lunch and dinner.  Other than that, nothing doing because my body was tapped.  Well, I did put together a workout calendar for June which took some time but it'll be nice to not have to think about it everyday and just do it.

How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. What a great weekend! Sure we did some work but we also had some amazing food and a fair amount of relaxation time too. A good mix for a long weekend in other words.

    1. It was a good combo weekend. I've got some Portillo's to work off but thankfully a good amount left in the freezer to spread over the rest of the year!

  2. The arbor and patio look great! So glad it arrived and you could get it all done. It'll get great use for summer and fall. Weekend here was very good. We bought some plants and flowers and got those all set up out front, then worked on the lawn with the smart patch stuff where needed and watered every day. Did a bit of cleaning and a couple of minor projects, and just relaxed overall. Didn't do any grilling since the winds were sustained at 40mph the past two days, but Saturday was a perfect weather day and it was nice to be outside. I did laundry and washed all the bedding, doggie blankets, and towels so that felt great to get all of that done. Relaxing and enjoyable weekend for sure.

    1. Thanks! Sounds like a great weekend for everyone to get out there but stinks you couldn't grill with those winds! You've got all summer. (Since hubby likes to grill, have y'all ever seen those grill arbors? I thought of him when I saw those and thought of him grilling in December! LOL)

  3. I will suggest that if you are going to drill holes in your galvanized planters for drainage you should also pick up some galvanizing touch-up from home depot if you are worried about rust at the drill points.

    I too spent the weekend planting my flower boxes and getting ready for grilling season. A few years ago I had a local HVAC duct manufacturer build me some galvanized steel boxes to replace some rotten wooden ones. I applied a primer and then paint to match my exterior doors and you wouldn't know that they weren't wooden. They are much lighter to move around too, especially when we bring them inside for the winter. The metal planters don't have drain holes but they haven't needed them. I find the water evaporates from the soil faster than what I experienced in the past with my wooden boxes.

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion!! I just looked that stuff up and have it in my cart. The last ones lasted four or so more years so it'd be nice to get even more out of them!


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