Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Hump Day Poll: Let's All Go to the Movies


What could movie theaters do to improve the experience of going there?

My answer will tell you why I don't go to them anymore:

1)  Cell phone jammer.

2) One of those clear igloos so you don't have to hear or be near other people and watch your movie in peace.

3)  Duct tape ushers for the mouths of those who insist on talking the whole time or if you're seeing an old movie in the theater from saying out loud every line of dialogue until I have to give you the death stare so hard that you physically get up and move.  (It's happened and that's the last time we went pre-Covid.)

Hence a few of the reasons we rent.   Cheaper than bail.  😁

What could movie theaters do to improve the experience of going there for you?

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  1. They need to enforce the no talking thing. I saw the last Star Wars movie in the theater and of course sat right next to someone who decided it was okay to talk even up to the opening credits. I was about to shut them up myself but the entire theater practically all made a collective shhhh sound and they got the hint real quick.

  2. I was at one theater in a different town that had reclining seats that were cushy like actual recliners. And the best part was that you could have your feet up, but the aisles were so wide that anyone could walk past you to get to their seat with no problem. That was the most comfortable I've ever been in a theater, and I wish the ones by me would do that kind of seating.

  3. The movie theatre I usually go to is about an hour away. They really don't need to fix anything. I can buy tickets online ahead of time, and they do reserved seating so I can pick the seats I want and not have to get there early and hope for the best. They have these great recliner seats that are super comfy. They also block off the seats immediately around you when you purchase tickets. I don't know if that will be permanent or if it's a covid thing, but it's nice. With people separated that way I don't really hear anyone talking or snacking if they are. I do have two theaters that are closer, but neither of them are as nice.


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