Monday, May 23, 2022

Our Spring Vacation Recap

Last year, we chose our vacations very carefully for this year as we knew this virus wasn't going anywhere.  We've been a lot of places and to me it didn't make sense to explore a new place that we couldn't 100% enjoy and explore freely so we decided to go back to places we've enjoyed.  Five years ago we went to The Hamptons/Martha's Vineyard for the first time and said of the two, we wouldn't need to go back to the Hamptons.  Well, guess where we went anyway. 😆

Martha's Vineyard doesn't open up until after we were leaving and we felt like it would be more frustrating than anything to go there.  We saw some of the Hamptons last time but stayed in Westhampton so going anywhere like Sag Harbor or Montauk was going to end up being a road trip.  I found a place in East Hampton that looked like a good jump off spot so we booked it and I honestly didn't plan a friggin' thing until about a week before we left which would horrify the traveler in me 25 years ago.

So if you're one of the few weirdos like me who actually likes looking at other people's vacation pictures, settle in.  If not, see ya Wednesday!

Our place was right up the street from Green River Cemetery where several famous artists, writers and actors are buried.  Jackson Pollock's grave is particularly interesting.

Lots of paintbrushes, shells and stones left and his wife is buried in front of him.   We also paid our respects to Peter Boyle from Everybody Loves Raymond/Santa Clause, etc

One day we drove over to a shop I've been following in Southold NY for about 3 years.  

While there were a few cute things, homegirl knows how to work the angles on IG to make her store look WAY bigger than it is.  It's the kind of store that if there are four people in it at once, it feels crowded.  I bought a few things but not nearly what I thought I would.  Crossed off the list.

We spent much of the vacation geocaching which is something we got into when the 2000's came along.  Like pretty much everything we do, it peters out but given NY was just starting to get into skeevy territory on the Covid front, being able to do something fun and away from people was high on the list.  You don't realize how many you pass every single day.

I'm hoping we get back into it regularly since we're going to need stuff to do.

For our anniversary we found an afternoon tea place on LI that was willing to do takeout so we were able to enjoy it in the comfort of our rental.

They even had our favorite, Harney and Sons tea, so we were happy campers.  We got catering lasagna from an Italian place we dreamed about when we had it last time.  It was only $30 more to just get a pan of it instead of paying 2/3 of the price for 2 servings.  This way we had 6-8 servings for the extra money but I'll tell you after day three of the lasagna I thought I could eat everyday...we were over it.  (Still a good call though because every place bends you over on the price)

We always like to find movie/tv locations on vacation if we can and this was no exception.  Fans of The Affair will recognize the Lobster Roll aka Lunch.

We were also able to find Gabriel's cemetery and the tree on the right is where Allison parks her bike when they show it the first time.  It was a nice cemetery to walk to burn off some afternoon tea on our anniversary.

East Hampton loves its windmills and so do we.

Someone loves walking the beach when he can.

I, on the other hand, can't even stand on a beach properly because I ended up ass and back first in 35 degree water when the sand melted under my feet.  The Mr was mortified (for me, of course) but I just chalked it up to that is my life and of course that would happen when I try to look nice.)

Luckily, a nice dog named Toby came over to say hi before we left.

Every night on vacation, we always journal and have done that since 1999.  (The only exception being 2002 when we took my friend to Hawaii for three weeks and would've had some not so nice things to write about her attitude for a basically free trip.)

If we find some fun shells, they always go in my pocket.

We love watching rough and mean seas.  Of course you have to have a permit to do so but we snuck it in where we could.  Places with their private beaches can shove it.

Thank God we didn't discover Buongiorno Bakery in Montauk until the last three days of our trip.  I know no one else here likes Nutella but we do and are going to be working the multiples we got off for the next week or three.

I love that when we travel in spring that pretty much all of the trees are in bloom and geocaching took us to another beautiful spot.

We spent as much time as we could soaking in the beaches.

It was kind of sad to see Gosman's Dock area as it looks like the pandemic has hit it pretty hard but I always love being dockside.

So do these dudes.

We enjoyed sitting on a cold day with the wind whipping on a blankie at Kirk Park Beach in Montauk, which became our favorite spot just like last time but we were thankfully closer to go a lot more.

The Montauk Lighthouse will always make my jaw drop.

It was sad to leave and I could've done with another two days or so but for the most part, it was the bit of sanity we needed since we've been surrounded by construction on all sides for a year and every person with a loud muffler has moved in over the past two years.  We do wish there was more than one main drag to get to the end because traffic is a nightmare sometimes and we had to turn around once because we just did not have the patience.  A few days in there were boring but boring anywhere but home is something I'll take.  As I wrote last week, our vacation vibes were killed pretty quickly but it's always nice to look back and try to imagine the sounds of the raging seas, rain hitting the metal roof, fire crackling and the sound of cracking open your wallet to pay $40 for a friggin' lobster roll.

Any trips planned for the summer?

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  1. It's crazy how fast this one came and went even if there were times on the trip that moved slow enough for me to enjoy them. I had a great time though and we need to figure out how to get them to ship those nutella donuts - or maybe not.

    1. It really did. It's weird how when you're over the halfway point of it, it starts to feel like it's going quick but then you think of stuff you did the first few days and it feels like forever ago. OMG...if we had Nutella bomboloni here, we'd be in deep chit!

  2. Um yes, Nutella donuts! I love your vacation pictures, hate that beaches can be private, glad you got to go. We're taking a few days in an Airbnb up on Lake Ontario in a few weeks, just my husband and I, and our kids who are still single (eight of them, as seven of them are married and one engaged). We're doing some camping weekends this year too, in a tent, which I don't love,'s nice to be away from home, and spend time outside. Also, we can take the two Labs, can't take them to most Airbnbs...anyway, thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Hey Mr, we found our other Nutella lover! LOL We only vacationed in Hawaii for 16 years and all beaches are public so the private beach thing was quite a shock. We looked into permits and they're like $300-500!!! *insert fainting*

      Sounds like you have some awesome trips planned! Do you have an air mattress? We found that made all the difference in our camping days. Actually I think we were 'glamping' long before it was a thing. Cabin tent with 3 rooms, hanging light in the middle, air mattress, "kitchen" set up, etc. I've seen some rentals that are dog friendly so you can load up the pups if camping turns out to be a pain in the back. ;-)

  3. I'm so glad you guys had such an awesome time and got to hit all the sites you wanted to see. The pics look great, and it sounds like you were able to enjoy the quiet time and truly relax. It really looked like the perfect vacation, and the food places lived up to their promise, which is always awesome to find some new favorites! The pic with the pink trees is really pretty --looks like something from a movie!

    1. Girl, we found this place with the BEST apple cider donuts/fritters we ever had. Thankfully it was over an hour away so we didn't drive back. You'd love them! That place with the trees was a cemetery with some really cool plaques of the last walk of Jesus. It was a beautiful spot.


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