Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Hump Day Poll: To Dunk or Not to Dunk?

Cookies- Dunk into milk?  Chase with milk?  No milk.

I don't have cookies much except around Christmas but for me, anything dry like an Oreo or these one cookies we like from Hawaii are dunkers.  Anything else is a chaser but only when I'm done, not like chew, drink, chew, drink.  (That just seems like a waste of cookie to me because you're immediately rinsing it off of your tongue.)  Sometimes no milk but I'd say 70% of the time with milk and only 1/2 cup because I can never finish a full glass for some weird reason.

How about you?  Cookies- Dunk into milk?  Chase with milk?  No milk.

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  1. Chase with milk generally unless it's one of those hard cookies or an oreo, then dunk away!

  2. I'm not a milk drinker with my cookies. I've never been able to dunk them because it reminds me too much of having to drink the milk in the cereal bowl when I was a kid, and that would make me gag. Anything that floats in my milk now and I go back to that in my mind. I do prefer crispy cookies to soft cookies, but that's a whole other poll. lol

  3. No milk. I don't drink just straight milk. Hurts my belly. But I will have a mug of black tea with milk, no sugar, with a cookie. And I do the drink, chew, drink, chew, drink thing.

  4. Depends on the cookie. Store bought I'm more likely to dunk, homemade I'm more likely to chase.


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