Friday, March 25, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #12

Happy First Friday of Spring y'all.  (Doesn't really mean anything but good tidings nonetheless.)  The Mr decided to delve into a project we've been putting off for 2-3 years...the garage. that happened.  We have water damage from a flashing issue from 20 years ago that has started a mass exodus on drywall tape out there and if we ever decide to sell, it would be a problem. 

I did a lot of the basement wall taping/mudding in 2019 and the Mr said he would do the taping/mudding out there and I wished him well.  I caulked some gaps and filled in what I could with some foam which I loathe working with because it comes out the sides of the straw instead of the front and glops down the wall.  So we've got a LOT of work ahead of us but that wall needs addressed before we can start working on the crap show that is taking up the garage.  Thankfully, the Mr anchored the shelving unit into some studs so we don't have to worry about a garage full of our crap coming down on his car when Hyundai decides to get off their butts and get the recall stuff taken care of.  So there's an ongoing project.  Yay.

Now let's project onto...

10 Foods That Are High in Zinc  (I'm always low on zinc so I'll have to add some of these!)

Doing This Before Bed Could Lower Your Risk for Heart Disease and Diabetes  (The irony was not lost on me that I found this on my phone scrolling before bed.)

Is It Bad to Eat the Same Thing Every Day? (We tend to do this out of habit and are often in a food rut.  I track everything in Cronometer and supplement where needed.  Speaking of which, I apparently need to pop a 1/4 zinc tablet today.)

5 Lifestyle Changes Could Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer's Disease (I'm learning Italian and sometimes my brain friggin' HURTS after a lesson!  But I take that as a good sign)

Alcoholism drug restores macular degeneration vision loss in mice  (Definitely something to bring to your docs attention if you or someone you love is dealing with this condition!)

17 Signs You're Having a Midlife Crisis  (Yeah...that tracks.) 

Why Experts Recommend Washing Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them  (People REALLY need to be told this!??!  Never mind the toxins in the clothes, think of how many people have potentially tried on your clothes in store/touched them in the process of making and packaging them.  heebie jeebies  Lest you think I'm being dramatic, I worked in retail...I've seen some shit in fitting rooms.)

How Nostalgia Deceives Us  (Yep, there's definitely no going back, that's for sure and not in the way you may be thinking.)

Nothing going on this weekend that I know of.  Rainy and cold so no kiteboarding or anything like that.  I'm sure something with the garage will be done whether it be sanding, patching and/or painting but I don't want to think about that.

Whatchu thinking about for the weekend?

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  1. That is one garage in need of a makeover for sure. I am glad I stopped the procrastination that I was causing myself to do and just get started. Have a great weekend everybody!

  2. I had a garage that looked very much like that years ago. My strategy was to take care of TEN things day. It went surprisingly quickly that way. When we got to the point we could walk, my husband helped me haul most everything out and then we decided what we were keeping. That remains my “go to” cleaning method to this day - empty a space and then decide what is worthy of being kept. Very often, I rehome about 50%.

  3. Happy Friday!
    I'll be finishing my drywall repairs and putting in flooring in my basement.
    Thanks for the reminder on my need to do my spring garage purge. Although its currently 42 in chiburb.
    Have a great weekend

  4. Your garage looks like our garage...and our basement...and our spare room. ROFL Those will be my focus starting in April, and to infinity and beyond. lol Got the grocery shopping done today with the thrill of prices being higher than marked on the shelves. Now it's laundry and and breaking down boxes. Tomorrow is a meeting, pool trip for the dogs, then work. Super duper exciting, I know. =o)


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