Monday, March 7, 2022

Lent, Back to Our Roots and Shady Olive Branch Weekend Recap

Good Monday to you all!  I guess it's Lent now.  Although brought up with religion, my Dad never went that hardcore with it.  Does anyone else participate?  If so, feel free to share what you're giving up.  

(I know my regular readers don't need this but I'm putting it out there in case anyone is having a knot in undies kind of day.  I respect anyone's right to their religious practices.  12 years of Catholic school for him and seeing some unsavory way divorced people were treated in the church means we may have opposite experiences from you and therefore have a sense of humor about certain things.  If you're touchy about your Catholicism, skip past the gifs cuz this part isn't for you.)

The Mr and I were both raised Catholic (though that stopped for me when Dad left at 9) and I remember our first Friday together during Lent.  Mom and I always ordered pizza on Friday and he was like "my parents called to make sure I was having fish."

"We're having pepperoni pizza, if you want fish, have at it."

"I'm eating MEEEEEAT!!!!  On the first Friday of Lent!!!!!!!!!"


It was Catholic gone wild, I tell you.  We're not Catholic anymore but whenever Lent season rolls around, I always think of that moment and laugh.  The following year when they reminded him to eat fish on the first Friday.  He smiled and was like "mmm hmm."  
His mom said "you still eat fish on Friday don't you?"

"Sure thing."




It was when she knew she lost her hold on him for good.  Not my fault, I just gave the man free will.  He chose pepperoni.


I cut the Mr's hair because he was looking shaggy to start Saturday morning.  We got takeout from this breakfast place we went to in Charleston, SC and it was so bad in comparison.  I don't understand why every time a place finally gets to our neck of the woods they're like "we effed it up real good so it's all yours now!"  Gee, thanks.  We went for a little drive and it was just bad.  It was over 70 degrees and there was a bad vibe out there.  The Mr had to get off the freeway because of it so we weren't out as long as we'd hoped.  I did get a surprise box of goodies from my bestie of my absolute favorite scent of soap which is super hard to find that she had been saving back for a special occasion.  My punani all clear was just such the occasion!  😂  We had a pretty chill night and put that Saturday in the books.

Sunday I shared with the Mr some of the videos that popped up for me after watching a French YouTuber, one of them being why French people don't really get fat.  Pretty basic stuff but it harkened back to our early days of weight loss when we actually mindfully ate our food and dropped 50 lbs without really trying by just doing that alone.  We just happened to catch Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin on TLC and that is what sparked our whole weight loss journey.  The fact that he wasn't hocking anything and we had nothing to lose but weight at that time, which we did.  It hit at such a pivotal time in our lives and who knows if we'd even still be here if we hadn't at 494 and 455 respectively.  You can't find that exact special anywhere but he does have the book/CD version still available and the great thing about it is regardless of what crap comes and goes, it will always be relevant.  It essentially reinforces all of the things I read about the way the French eat even with their cheese, desserts, breads, etc.  We never did the tapping thing to 'rewire the brain' but we did everything else.

We decided to go and enjoy the warmer temps even though it was super windy.  We walked my grandpa's cemetery and when we got home, we went straight downstairs and did a strength workout.  I had this Baked Teriyaki Cauliflower dish I modified a week or so ago down for dinner.  I SO wasn't in the mood to go to the trouble but it's too yummy to pass up so I made it.

We made an effort to eat slower and did but not as slow as lunch after being so beat.  Oh, here's a fun situation.  So back before our dog died, our neighbor got a dog.  She let it bark incessantly and after our dog died we could not take 20 straight hours every day.  So we gave it 8 months of being patient and finally asked if she could keep the dog a little quieter and if she needed to train it to get used to people we were more than happy to help socialize it.  We got a letter from her saying we were just jealous because her dog was alive and ours was dead.  Yeah.  So I decided to start this 16 year relationship out by sending her a box with treats, a doggie puzzle and a soft toy so we couldn't hear it.  That way she couldn't say we were jealous dead dog having a-holes that had it in for them ahead of time.  Saturday we received this:

So clean slate?  Hopefully this dog will be much less 'vocal' as the previous one and we can all just have zero issues even if we're all just kind of putting out a shady olive branch to each other right now.  We'll see how long that lasts.  (I'm not trying to be pessimistic but we don't trust this woman as far as we can throw her after witnessing 26 years of supreme bitchery on some stuff.  We're open to a clean slate but we're going in with our eyes wide open where she's concerned.)  We had some of it while renting Scream and we'll unfortunately have to pitch the rest of it because it's not good enough to be worth the calories.  Garrett has definitely spoiled us on popcorn.  Damn my Chicago friends!  LOL  But we still appreciate the gesture.  (Oh and neither of us were impressed with Scream and we're super fans of the original but who knows, you might like it.)

That ended the weekend for us before going to bed to crash from our 2 hour workout.

How was your weekend?  Anything fun, productive or otherwise?

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  1. I remember that whole scenario well and it was a necessary part of my development into an adult for sure. I didn't even realize it was the first Friday of lent this past Friday but I inadvertently had tuna fish for lunch and vegan meatballs for dinner - vegan meatballs were either not an option back in the day or would have just been plain nasty back then, who knows.

  2. We've had the craziest weather weekend. It was 40s on Friday, 60s on Saturday with thunderstorms and winds hitting an all-time record of 81 mph, 40s Sunday, and right now we are in the middle of 2-4 inches of snow coming down. Shorts and tennis shoes, or parkas and boots? Sheesh! Took the dogs for their swim class after my meeting on Saturday, then it was just work the rest of the weekend and a few errands.


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