Friday, March 18, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #11

It's Friday...woot wooooooooooooooooooot!  It's an extra good one here as the Mr is done with his colonoscopy and got the all clear.  No polyps but some pockets of diverticulosis.  I'm a little irritated they didn't bring me back before the doctor explained this to a groggy Mr because I had questions and frankly, they look pretty scary to me on his pics.  They're just like "eat more fiber."  I guarantee because he's heavy, they took one look and assumed he eats crap and no fruits and veggies of which he eats 6 days a week.  (I was told the same thing after mine for internal roids...well, guess what, my fiber is well within and usually above recommended limits.)  

My grandma had diverticulitis and was hospitalized when I was a tween and it was very scary so I would've liked to have had a chance to speak with the doctor instead of the nurse saying "it's no biggie and just eat more fiber."  (If you click the link above, you'll see there's really no link between increasing fiber and making the condition better but he could still stand some fiber boosting on lower fiber days anyway.)  

Boy, nothing cements you more firmly into the second act of your life than colonoscopies and fiber supplements, eh?

Anyhoo, let's bulk up on...

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Garlic  (Love garlic and need to get some more.)

Can't Do Child's Pose? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You  (Great alternatives to do until you can finally get there.)

8 Health Benefits of Epsom Salt (Helps with so much more than sore muscles!  If you can't get to a bath right away or are traveling, this epsom salt gel always works for us until we can soak.)

Before Commenting on Someone's Appearance, Watch This Therapist's "5-Second-Rule"  (Everyone needs to watch this video because it doesn't just apply to weight.  Also...if that woman touched me in that way, I cannot describe the hell fire that would be unleashed on her in 1.75 seconds!)

At What Age Should You Start Using Retinol? Several Dermatologists Weigh In  (Anyone use this regularly?  I use a plant based version but don't know if the point is to see no further deterioration on your face or improvement.)

How to Make a Braided Doormat (I'd love to have the patience to make one.  I'll probably just buy one though.  It reminds me of the place we went to in Mystic CT but I'm too cheap to pay their prices.)

If You Love ASMR You Might Be More Sensitive  (No doubt but only certain types.  Whispering will send chills straight down my spine into my lower back but that tapping crap sends me over the edge in the opposite direction.)

We actually have plans this weekend!  As I mentioned, we'll be heading out to the Mr's old stomping grounds so he can get some of his favorite treats as a reward for being awake for his butt scope.  I'm glad I was out for mine because afterward he was able to describe the whole thing  (I just hope the rain they're forecasting lightens up a bit or it's going to be a miserable day for travel.)

He did thank me for taking detailed notes of my experience so that we could use them to make him more comfortable.  (He said the diaper rash cream was a lifesaver and a post procedure rip blew out the walls when activating his air release valve!)  If I had to add anything to my instructions from his experience- if you have already started your prep, don't play 'fart or consequences' will lose.  (Hence, adult diaper)


Any plans for the weekend?

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  1. So glad to put that behind me (lol). It occurred to me that this is another rite of passage of sorts - not one I was looking forward to but one that was necessary, and I am glad it is all done. Everyone have a great weekend! I sure plan to!

  2. My weekend will be the usual: grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and working. Rain/snow is expected today so it'll be dreary outside with lots of muddy paws to clean. LOL I hope the weather holds out for you guys and you have a great time on your trip!!!

  3. Fart or consequences lmfao!
    Last weekend of drywall repair in the basement. Have a great trip and weekend


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