Friday, March 11, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #10

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you had a good week.  This week seemed really long to me for some reason.  Oh, it might be because my nips feel like they were sanded after trying to gently pull off the metal sticker they put right in the middle for my mammogram Tuesday.  I have these medical tape adhesive remover pads that I reaaaally wish I brought with me and you can bet your sweet bippy I'll take them next year.  The good thing about those is not only can you use them for that but if you have a label you need to get off glass that's leftover those get it right off.  So I've probably got a good week of Aquaphor and this tea tree oil ointment to aid healing so workouts aren't so torturous.  

Speaking of workouts, here were ours this week:

Sunday- Strength Cardio Supersets  (OMG this kicked our butts)
Monday-  Turbo Fire 45
Wednesday- Powerstrike
Friday- Likely gonna be a walk with Leslie because I'm toast

Let's walk into...

An hour of strength training per week cuts risk of death by up to 20%  (In case you needed another reason to incorporate strength training)

The 17 Best Resistance Band Exercises and How to Get Started  (We love our resistance bands especially when on vacation.  They are NO joke!)

Stop Venting! It Doesn’t Work  (Interesting take but holding it in doesn't do much good either.  I think a good vent about a singular subject is fine but on stuff that is out of your control for the long the last two years- I totally agree.)

This Easy Trick Will Help Your Foundation Look Seriously Dewy  (Anything to not get the dreaded undereye caked look amplifies the creases.  I don't think you need their specific suggestion, this is mine.)

A Clean and Tidy Home Can Boost Your Mental Health—Here's Where to Start  (I need all the boosting I can get in this department)

15 Must-Know Spring Cleaning Tips From Cleaning Pros  (Tis the season y'all.  If only we had to spring clean once a year to keep it away all year long.  I'd like that plan, please)

How to Make Homemade Granite Countertop Cleaner  (From an actual granite company.  Will give it a try when mine runs out.)

35 Times Total Strangers Made Each Other's Day  (Because we all need some feel good vibes)

No weekend plans that I know of which should be the name of my next album.  They claimed we could have snow, now they don't and it doesn't really matter in the end.  I need to dig into my legs some more because all of this strength training is making a 4 month bad situation worse.  So there are my big plans.

Any big plans for you this weekend?

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  1. I am so sorry you had to go thru all that - but glad you got your annual check because that is important! I am feeling really beat up this morning - also had a hard time getting back to sleep so I know a nap will be required later today but sleeping in tomorrow morning will be more than welcome. Have a great weekend everybody!

  2. We got our errands done by 10:40am this morning so I'm happy about that. Brought a gift to the vet for one of the receptionists, which was fun, and now it's on to the last bit of laundry. I worked hard in the pool yesterday and I can feel it today and have a bit of a waddle going on. lol Other than that, it's working the rest of the weekend (and trying to come up with dinner ideas). It's in the 20s here today with high winds, so it's quite chilly!! Have a super weekend!


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