Monday, March 28, 2022

Still Reeling Weekend Recap

It was a real crapper of a weekend after finding out Foo Fighters/NHC drummer/singer Taylor Hawkins died at 50.  


My friend messaged me Friday night after he found out and while the news was shocking, I guess I wasn't overly surprised.  I never pictured him being an old man.  There was always just something about him that made me wonder if this could happen and hoping to God I was wrong.  Obviously we're in the early stages of information but every news outlet shows strong evidence of drug involvement and the last report being his heart was double the size of an average man's heart which can happen with prolonged substance abuse without the person even knowing it.  He was reported to have chest pains before emergency services were called.  My heart breaks for his family both personal and musical.  I think Dave Grohl has to be feeling the pressure of the world on his back waiting to hear what he has to say.  So many people made early comparison's of him losing Kurt Cobain to Taylor.  While the loss of Kurt was great for the music world and obviously Dave as his bandmate, he knew Kurt for four-ish years...he's known Taylor for twenty-five.  The losses I'm sure are very different for him and for different reasons from both time and circumstance perspectives.   I can't imagine what he is going through right now as the worldwide Foo family await his words; knowing that somehow a planet of people hope for comfort from Dave when there is no comfort for him having just lost his best friend.  I spent much of the weekend scouring the web for any updates as many other Foo fans did, still in disbelief.  I pray for his family, friends and fans who are all affected.  You don't have to have met someone to be profoundly affected by their death.

It was a decent weekend here.  The temps have not been cooperating so we're nowhere where we were hoping to be with the garage but the Mr has been compounding and sanding his arms off.  We can't paint until the temps come up a bit so sometime later in the week or else it'll just be a gloppy mess.  Small progress is better than none.  

We were finally able to renew our passports online.  It's not like we're planning on going out of the country but we do like to go on jaunts to Niagara on the Lake and kinda need a passport for that.  Because you're not allowed to smile in your photo, I look like a cross between being irritated, gave up on life and that fart might've been something more.  It's a great impression to give our friends up north.

We watched Windfall on Netflix Saturday night and it was decent.  Certainly not a feel good movie but it was nice to have a distraction.  Sunday morning the Mr woke up with a migraine; no doubt from all of the overhead sanding.  Luckily I had some lemon blueberry pancakes frozen and between that, eggs and a banana (and of course Excedrin) he was able to kick it to the curb.  We enjoyed a few spits of flurries.  Well, enjoy to gasp at there being flakes then blink twice and they were gone.  Sigh.  

Before we knew it, it was time to get in a workout (of course just as I'd FINALLY gotten a little relief from rolling bunged up muscles in my feet on the lacrosse ball) and that was curtains on our weekend.


How was your weekend?

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  1. It is still hard to take about Taylor and especially how his kids must be feeling now.

    I am glad we got the passport photos done and got everything turned in for that. It was one more thing we could check off the old to do list if nothing else. Hopefully if weather permits we can check off the major garage wall painting too!

  2. Friday we had rain, hail, wind, and snow all in a span of about 10 minutes. It was crazy. It was bitterly cold the rest of the weekend so no outdoor activities in the yard or at the park. We had swimming on Saturday morning, then it was the usual -- lots of laundry, grocery shopping, doing battle with Chewy about our dog's script, and then working the rest of the weekend. It seemed to go by really, really fast. Hard to believe it's the last week of March already!


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