Monday, September 13, 2021

Funk, Schoolhouse Rock and Shaving Like a Yeti Weekend Recap

Originally I titled this Having to Shave Because of My Balls Weekend Recap and then I thought of the types of weirdos I would attract and decided against it.

Happy Monday the 13th everyone!  Why is there such an association of dread putting Friday and 13 together but not any other day of the week?  Actually, I just looked it up and if you want to know the supposed origin, you can go here for your factoid of the day.

I was hoping the mid-upper 70's we experienced last week would stick around but here we are back at 90.  (Finger gesture)  It was a low key weekend.  Didn't go anywhere or do anything.  I picked up little things here and there but nothing that made any noticeable difference.  We both have reached a mental crack with the world in general and crushing frustration in having a dream and not being able to act on it for various reasons.  You throw all of the crap given the date over the weekend and me REALLY wanting to say some stuff statistic wise that would piss people off and we ended up having to watch a few cartoons before bed Saturday night just to get out of a bad headspace.  

Did you know that Jack Sheldon, the dude who sang "Just a Bill" and others for Schoolhouse Rock was a bitchin' jazz artist??  I listened to some of his stuff on Prime music and it was really good.  Give it a listen if you're so inclined.

I did manage to wash up our living room blankets in this detergent that makes everything smell heavenly despite it being overwhelmingly strong in the bottle.  I learned the hard way that my knit Christmas blanket does not care for my wool balls (that's what she said) bouncing off of it in the dryer so I had to spend a few hours shaving it down.  The balls are fine for everything else so I don't know why that particular blanket was being a butthead but it was.  Now it's all folded up and on the blanket ladder waiting to be cozied when the temps drop at night.  We watched Police Academy 1 and 2 while I was doing that so it wasn't so bad.

Sunday I jarred myself awake just in time for the Amazon Fresh delivery and Aldi pickup.  We had another long, world problem solving talk before getting to our kettlebell workout that completely kicked our butts.  We both had to take showers and by the time we got back downstairs, it was 1:15pm and it was time to make what was supposed to be brunch but ended up being late lunch since we didn't eat until almost an hour later for some reason.  

I wish I could say I felt more awake after that but I was plagued with tiredness all day long that I couldn't really snap out of.  I wish I could say we got some kind of push to do big things after that but we didn't.  Definitely feeling a funk but just have to keep pushing forward or it has the possibility to swallow us whole.  

Before we knew it, it was time for dinner.

Veggie taco salad is nice and filling and got that big azz cauliflower head out of the fridge.

Oh yeah, I started my Christmas shopping so there's that. 🎅

What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. Time to knock da funk out this week. Have a great week everybody!

  2. Went out of town for some shenanigans for a few hours Friday, got a little housework done (but very little), and read a whole lot of hours away.

  3. Weekend screamed by because of work and a lot of mental stressors, so all I managed to do was laundry and grocery shopping and watched a little football. It went by in a blur.


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