Monday, September 6, 2021

Busy September Weekend Recap

Happy Monday/Labor Day everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend with all of your fabulous plans!  I can honestly say for the first time in what feels like a bazillion years, we did a crap ton of stuff this weekend.  Quite the way to welcome September!

First off was the Mr and I celebrating my birthday and he was antsy for me to open my presents.

I got some DVD's (yes, I still prefer DVD's because I've watched people's music and movies purchased digitally disappear) and some Christmas antiques and reindeer slippers to get ready for the season.  My favorite was Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street.  It was a great BTS look at how they made it and I found myself silently weeping several times OD'ing on nostalgia.  So funny how a few notes or seeing a familiar face can give you the warm fuzzies.  

Thankfully, my Mac Pie from Hawaii arrived without incident, although a day late because I knew they sent it out too late.  Always glad I think ahead and allowed a 2 day cushion before we needed it.  

We also enjoyed a spot on Pequod's pizza from Chicago which is our favorite.  

Most people say "eww, they burnt it!"  Nope.  That is called caramelized cheese.  There is not a whiff of burn to it and the best part of the slice!

The Mr has had these horrible, cheap French cleat shelves in his office for the longest time.

If I thought about it, I would've taken the pic from the side of the shelves where you could see how they tilted forward so everything on the shelf had to be tilted back so it didn't fall.  It'd been like that for about 8 years and finally, I thought he needed to get an upgrade.  He always gravitated toward live edge shelves or tables if we'd see them out in the wild.  They are expensive especially on Etsy and places like that.  I did a search and happened to see that World Market had some in the size of his shelves and showed them to him and he gave them the thumbs up.  I got some brackets from Home Depot that worked but I wouldn't buy them again since I didn't realize they were faux wood and cheaply made.  We just got them hung by the skin of our teeth but they look much better and are straight!

We had some shelves I got last year that I didn't quite trust the stability on anymore so the Mr put in longer screws and it seemed to make it better so I could put my Fall stuff out.

I got the mantel ready for Fall...

it's definitely giving me all the hygge vibes!

FINALLY, after a year, got my gallery wall together behind the dining room table.

I'm sure the Mr is mumbling quite a few new 'pet names' for me under his breath but given we typically share a blood supply with the couch, we're due for some bursts of activity.

We did have to run out to grab something from Walgreens and we saw this monstrosity.

Now I love regular and especially caramel candy corn but WTAF!?

How was your weekend?  Would you try that sh*t show above?

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  1. Happy birthday week!

    I did a gallery wall in our living room last year and agree that is very worthwhile project. It kept me busy for weeks. I started with existing frames and built a collection of bird prints. That lead to touching up paint in the whole house. It passed the winter more quickly.

    This year’s project - cleaning out files.

  2. It was a busy weekend and that was actually a nice change. Though we had some hard work at points we also have great pride in looking at the changes we made since they all came out great in the end. We also got to eat some of our favorite foods from around the country which was a nice touch for your birthday celebration. Glad to have today off and relax a little this morning.

  3. Oh and by the way... No I would NOT try that nasty candy corn. I could almost stomach the turkey flavor, ALMOST... But they really lost me at coffee. Now, they should do the apple pie flavor by itself. I would try that!

  4. Sounds like a fantastic weekend with getting lots of fun projects done! That is excellent. And so glad your food arrived with no problems and you were able to relish it with joy!
    Laid back weekend with usual chores and work, but with the added delight of watching football every night. Great way to start off a new month. Husband is enjoying his day off doing some things around the house and took the dogs for a fun ride to the river and then the car wash while I was at work, so they are tuckered out.

  5. I would try everything but the turkey. Candied poultry just ew. This weekend was a crap show for me. I'm actually almost glad to be going back to work today just for the routine of it all.


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