Friday, September 10, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #37

Well hello there Friday!  I see we meet again after the longest week ever of course, since last weekend was a three day weekend.  I have been looking up a lot of Fall recipes this week because I'm just ready, regardless of the weather.  Speaking of eats... 

Monday was our version of a cookout with Beyond Burger and potato wedges.

Workout was a walk earlier in the day and caulking the bathtub.

Tuesday was a Teriyaki Turkey Bowl.

Workout was The Prep Total Body Push/Pull.

Hump day was mahi fish tacos and Brussels.

Workout was P90x Sweat B.

Thursday was Chicken Farrow Bake.  Comfort food season is here!

Workout was a walk around cemetery in pleasant weather.

Now let's get to...

The Best Cholesterol-Lowering Foods  (Most of these are delish!  You can keep your eggplant though.  Bleck)

Tips & Tricks For Sitting Less During The Day To Protect Your Mental Health  (No one needs dead butt syndrome.  (Yes, it's a real thing!))

How to Calm an Anxious Mind with Only One Word (I've actually been doing this for a week and it works about 75% of the time which is quite a step up for me!  Definitely worth a try!)

10 obscure but brilliant hair metal albums  (Hee hee, I knew Pretty Boy Floyd was going to make the cut.  I was lucky enough to meet and hang out with all of them back in 1990.  (For anyone wondering "hang out" is not code for bumping uglies.)  Vinnie, the blondie in the band, was my favorite (and the drummer) and he called me a few weeks later and we chatted for a bit.  I did an interview with him once for an old, defunct site.  He was so delightfully weird but sweet.  Sadly, another one gone way too soon as he passed in 2010 at 46.  I was totally heartbroken but so thankful for our pics, emails and memories of his kindness.)

Roomba Mapping Out House Encounters A Very Lazy Obstacle  (OMG, this is hilarious!  Does anyone have one of those?)

Not sure if we're doing anything this weekend or not so we'll see.  Maybe finally clear off the kitchen table?  The possibilities are endless.

You getting into any tomfoolery this weekend?

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  1. Happy Friday! Heading to the Cubbies game today then out for a belated birthday dinner tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

  2. Looking forward to just being done with work after a long week and enjoying the weekend. Have a great weekend everyone!

  3. I'll definitely be checking out all the songs in the hair metal article. I love my hair bands. This weekend I'll be trying to recover from last weekend and take my house back from the tornado that seems to have whipped through every room. Plus grading and the town's annual festival is tomorrow. I could skip it, but kiddo likes the parade so I supposed we'll go.

  4. So... we DO own those types of phones! We didn't sign up through Samsung, but we have their phones and the hubs in particular has his on the Drive thingy they reference and in the Cloud. So thank you for this article, as we'll both need to do something about that.
    Weekend is attempting to avoid anything with two eyes that does not have either floppy ears, wagging tongue, or happy tails. Will it work? No, because I have to work, but I'll attempt it all the same. I haven't looked at the weather all week and was a little dumbstruck to see that we're going back into the 90s. so I'm hoping to get a walk in around 930am tomorrow with the pooches while it's still relatively cool out (old girl can't fend off heat as easily at her age the vet said) at the park where they can do plenty of sniffing. Other than that, it's laundry and watching football, and then work.
    Have a super duper weekend!


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