Monday, February 1, 2021

Womp Womp Weekend Recap

Oh hey, Monday!  You rolled around too quick again.  I suggest not making that a habit.  It was not the best weekend we've ever had.  

Friday night, we finally broke down and went to Trader Joe's.  It was more crowded in there than the parking lot let on and it takes everything in me not to drop kick their employees who sit there yammering and popping a squat in the middle of the aisles as we're all trying to maneuver around them.  A store we once loved going to is now a nightmare and that was even pre-pandemic.  I am looking forward to trying the guava passion fruit yogurt they got in.  If that's any good, we may have to run back over and stock up but for now, so glad to be done with that place for another 4 weeks at least.

I had some nightmares for two nights in a row that did not leave me in a great mental state come Saturday morning.  The inflammation in my body from adding in strength and adding an extra lap made for no weight loss on my end (but the Mr rocked a three lb loss!  Woot!)  So that didn't help things.  I was not in a talking mood so there was a lot of silence since I also wasn't interested in watching yet another crappy show I didn't care about or stare at a screen all day.  Pandemic boredom was at it's pinnacle that day.  The Mr suggested a decor shop I like that has a pup there that we can cuddle on.  We were in there longer than I wanted to be because people started coming in and the owner likes to chat.  I picked up a little souvenir from Stowe since they spent their honeymoon at Trapp Lodge and didn't want to wing it at her and be run off by a chatty Cathy.  It was nice having the pup give us kisses as we checked out.  I got a vintage piano reel, two candles and a small broom.  Once I get them up and styled, I'll take pics.  Later on we had a good talk but I felt bad I ruined his whole day after a long week.  

That night it began snowing but I wasn't getting too excited because I saw by morning it was going to be raining so it's not like we could actually enjoy it.   I woke up Sunday and looked outside and it wasn't snowing but I saw the rain was coming soon.  The Mr and I got suited up and I didn't think it was deep enough for a base for actual snow shoeing but he got out our snow sneakers from L.L. Bean and we went to the park.  

It was that icy rain that gets wetter by the lap but we were able to enjoy some of the scenery before Mother Nature took it.

I woke up with a headache and he woke up with a twisted back but we both know you don't pass up snow in these parts.  With each lap, it got more slick and the snow was heavier.  If we would've thought to bring poles we could've gotten a good upper body workout.  We got in the car and grunted and groaned like people twice our age.  When we got home, it was straight to the basement to roll and dig out the things that ailed us.  It didn't work completely for the Mr, as he had to take some ibuprofen and luckily we still had some of the good stuff from Canada before the great shutdown of 2020.  He was out like a light not too long after and we got sucked into some Flea Market Flips before having grilled cheese and soup for dinner.

Now here we are....February 1st.  😮

Did you have a groovy weekend?

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  1. Sunday more than made up for Saturday even with some back pain. I am glad we got out for our walk in the snow. It was nice to mostly have the place to ourselves too so the rain we did have kept people away but it wasn't so bad that it bothered me at all.

  2. You want snow? Come to Woodstock, we got about 8 inches. My little came over and we failed again making cake pops. I just suck at them. Did some consolidating/decluttering in the basement. Have a great week!

  3. Odd weekend for me but not bad. Dealt with snow/plow issues. Got my vaccine. Went to work and met with a new employee. I just got home from work now and ended up face-planting on my sidewalk where there was a sheet of ice under a thin layer of snow. The shovel went flying, I went straight down on my front so my hands, wrist, and knees slammed into the concrete while my face bounced off the hard ice that was piled with the snow. My glasses were so askew I knew I looked much like Ralphie from The Christmas Story. LOL Nothing is broken or cut, but I'm going to be mighty sore in a couple of hours. A brilliant way to start the new month. Ha!

  4. We had a weekend? I'm on a 4 day week and work one Friday a month. So Friday was a work day cutting my weekend by 1/3 off the bat. Saturday I had an 8 hour online class for relicensure credit. So there goes the second 1/3. Leaving only Sunday for chores and relaxation.


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