Monday, February 22, 2021

They Did...Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you found something fun to do.

Friday, one of my besties FINALLY got married.  She's the one who had to postpone her wedding twice.  One due to the death of her mom and grandpa (basically father) and then her wedding in Hawaii due to the crap fest.  We got to video chat a few hours before which was nice but of course, not the same.  There's that lag where you feel like they're not really hearing you and you're both just trying to catch up.  Same reason I hate cell phones.  We've been friends since 7th grade and I never fathomed not being able to not be there to see her get married.  I've been trying not to think about it because I just break down.  But her brother and his wife and daughter drove down to be there with them.  They've locked down tight the whole pandemic so they're safe and it's been a year since they have been together.  I know the important thing is she is married to the man she loves but my heart breaks for all of the dreams she had to give up for her wedding day to finally be a Mrs.  Those are things you think about when you're a little girl and it took her a few frogs to find her prince and she deserved the day she wanted.  I hate that about a week or two before that she said "I just want to be DONE thinking about a damn wedding!"  That's not how it should be.  They even drove to the site on the beach to get married and they were like yeah, there's too much wind and rain so we can't do it here.

SERIOUSLY!?  Like you couldn't have called it a few hours before so they could get something up at the condo they were staying at??  Just such a clusterf**k of events to get to their happily ever after but I'm glad they can just focus on being husband and wife now.  

We did manage to get out for a drive.  The places we drove by brought back some crappy wedding memories of our own having to do with my dad's power trip over the planning process from a state away.  The Mr said no one gets out of their wedding without stories to tell either about the day or the planning leading up to it.  It's true.  You never realize how embedded those are until something triggers them and you think about the crap you had to put up with when you're trying to plan the happiest day of your life.  I totally get now why people elope.  Though the Mr and I almost did!  We went to Vegas with my family in 1994 about 4 months after we got engaged.  We said we could get married at the Excalibur in the chapel.  The Mr was a no go but he at least pretended to consider it.  We still would've had our wedding two years later but would've had a big reveal for the reception.  That would've been pretty epic.  😂  But ultimately, I'm glad we had the wedding we did even with all of the crap that came with it from family, friends, old friends, neighbors and everyone else who wanted to make it about them and not us.

The rest of the weekend was just chilling out and grocery pick ups/deliveries here and there.  Nothing major to report and hope to keep it that way.

How was your weekend?

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  1. So glad they were finally able to pull off a wedding. Noone should have to go through what they did to get to that point but hopefully the experience of all of it made them grow as a couple.

  2. Mediocre weekend. Not nearly as warm as was predicted and we had a storm last night but it appears the deep freeze is at least over now for the season -- we hope. Did the typical stuff with errands and chores. Got a lovely surprise from the tax info I sent over on Thursday -- tax guy finished them last night! So that's all signed and behind us now and that's a great feeling. Hoping to get better sleep because I got virtually none last week nor over the weekend.


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