Friday, February 26, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #9

Happy last Friday of February, y'all!  I hope you've had a good week!  I don't know about you but we're ready for the weekend.  I've been working on a project for our 25th anniversary and damn, when you've got 25 years of stuff to go through, it is quite the undertaking!  The Mr has been in class all week and I know he's glad to be done with that.

Here's some of our eats for the week.

Monday it was Brussels Sprout Flatbread.

Workout was 10 Rounds Upper Body Strength.

Tuesday was Coconut Shrimp with spinach and carrot polenta.

Workout was a 2 lapper around the hood in the ice that somehow got us the same steps as a 3 lapper.

Wednesday was turkey tacos with garlic green beans.

Workout was a 2 1/2 miler at the park in the rain.

Thursday was Beyond Burger and potato wedges because I wasn't in the mood to go deep.

Workout was 10 Rounds Lower Body hell fest that will no doubt cripple me today so a lighter WATP will be on tap tonight.

Let's limp on into...

You're Not Imagining It: The Pandemic Is Making Your Hair Fall Out  (See Mr, this is why you're cleaning the drain more.  LOL)

This Vascular Biologist Wants You To Address Blood Vessel Health ASAP (These are great things to know.  The Mr and I are genetically a vascular mess.)

15 Interesting Physical Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra  (Oh how fun...despite buying like 6 different bras this past year, I still have most of these signs.)

Ever Feel Secondhand Embarrassment For Someone? There's A Word For That  (OMG, I can't watch internet videos of people falling or people laughing at someone else's expense.  I soo have Fremdsch√§men)

Brain Activity of Bodily Symptoms in Anxiety Disorders  (I can tell you deep, controlled breathing techniques can do wonders as well as a doctor that isn't a total asshat.)

How A Mindfulness Technique Could Help Restore Your Sex Drive  (This is a must for people with issues from childhood ranging from religious shame to families that didn't express affection or those with body image issues.)

I think it's supposed to be warmer but rain all weekend.  I'm fine with that.  Sunshine makes you feel like you should be out there and then once you're out and in the traffic to go nowhere, you regret going out.  Maybe it's time for an 80's movie marathon or something.

Oh, if you didn't have time to answer hump day survey's consider playing along.  The answers are interesting and they're here to stay for at least a few months.

Anything going on for y'all this weekend?

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  1. Wow, 9 weeks in already. Crazy how fast this year is burning through. No weekend plans I can think of but I am sure we will get into some shenanigans one way or another.

  2. Our taxes are done and on their way to the feds so I can file all that way now. I take one of the dogs to the vet later this morning for his annual exam. I can't go in with him but the tech who's worked there forever said she'll give him lots of attention. Then I need to go by their 50lb bag of dog food from the local feed store. Laundry, and all the typical house stuff will be the main excitment, along with my second vaccine dose. And working all weekend so sleep will be at a minimum. Sleep has been TERRIBLE for me for two weeks, so I don't expect it to change this week. Am looking forward to some warmer weather though. It's nice to not have my heart thumping looking at the weather forecast for a chance. And the dogs are thrilled to only have to wear booties in the mornings now. LOL
    Have a fantastic weekend!


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