Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Hump Day Poll: Trends

(I agree sir...your facial hair makes me want to scream as well.  Source)

What trend are you glad died and what trend would you like to come back?

Both of mine involve hair.

I am SO glad the metrosexual lumberjack/1880's snake oil salesman trend is gone.  Where dudes were all like "wouldn't handlebar mustaches be cool?"  No.  No they wouldn't.  

At. All.

Now, the one that you guys are going to be like "no, no it wouldn't" is 80's hair.  I was a master at Aqua Net and loved having so much poof.  If people can have friggin' violet or unicorn colored hair without people batting an eye, I should be able to get my closer to God hair with zero people being able to have an out loud opinion about it.

What trend are you glad died and what trend would you like to come back?

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  1. I am also glad to see the 1880's beard and mustache trend fade away. There was always an underlying superiority vibe that came with that too. Won't miss it! Aside from that, I am not sure I know of enough trends to have many issues with things. I suppose I am tired of the trend of everyone being in a cold civil war over politics but it will take a miracle to change that one anytime soon.

  2. I too loved 80s big hair. My hair does not do big, it's just to thin and fine - but I loved the look on other people and wouldn't mind seeing it comeback.

    I'm not a fan of facial hair on men. Period. So a comeback of clean shaven faces would be appreciated, but I don't see it happening.

    One look that bugs me is the longer than capri pants but not really long enough pant worn with booties and leaving skin between pants and boots. I know it's they style, I see it everywhere, but I just don't really understand. Either wear capris and sandals/tennis shoes or pants that are long enough for you with boots. lol. My inner grumpy old man is showing.

  3. Glad to see acid washed jeans go away. Would like to see bootcut come back as I find them more flattering on me and I have several pair.

  4. I am not a fan of skinny jeans -- on anyone. I don't care the body shape, they just aren't flattering. And I can't stand low-rise jeans where the pockets are halfway down the legs and even if you don't a muffin top, you do now! Bad look all around.


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