Monday, February 15, 2021

VD Weekend Recap

You know you're old when you thought I meant venereal disease weekend recap!  Don't fret, I'm old too.  Then when did it go from VD to STD's and now STI's??  Anyone got a timeline on that?  Things to ponder.

It was a weekend o' love around these parts because honestly, these long pandemic days you need reasons to do ANYTHING different.  Friday the Mr surprised me with flowers.

Now some of you maybe like "really?  Surprised you with them.  It's Valentine's weekend, fool."  Yes.  Surprised.  For all of our marriage, I've always had a "don't you dare pay jacked up prices for something that's going to die."   So if flowers arrive here, I am surprised.  And I didn't even give my usual response which is usually that he didn't have to do that and basically I'm not worth flowers given the price, etc.  How does that ever get me flowers in the future when it's not a holiday if I'm constantly reinforcing I don't need them (even if occasionally I want them.)  So yeah, while that might not sound like much to y'all, it was BIG for me.  

Another big thing for me was I bought this frame online from a retailer I've shopped quite a bit during the early pandemic.  Well, I thought it was a wood frame and upon receiving it, it was this nasty resin.  Okay, I can paint it when the weather warms up.  Then the more I looked at it, the more I was like 'this thing looks warped!'  I started to chalk it up to well, you get what you get when you buy vintage online.  The Mr is like 'uh, that thing is not usable.  Do what you want but I would contact them.'  I went back and forth and then thought 'no, there was no mention of it being warped and that's kind of crappy, I need to see what they suggest as a resolution.'  I emailed them about it and their response was disappointing given how much money I've spent there.  So I hung the frame and took pics from top and side to clearly show their suggestion was not going to work and was quite polite about it.  I didn't want to have to dispute it with my credit card company but I would because this thing stuck out INCHES from the wall in one place.   Glad to say they did the right thing and refunded me without me directly having to ask for it.  I'm glad I didn't roll over on that one for $40.  Someone's making some mental progress.  


Saturday morning, I attempted a copycat version of the Mr's favorite breakfast from Butler's Pantry in Stowe, VT of Biscuits and Sausage Gravy.  

I know it didn't taste the same as theirs but I gave it the ol' college try and I know the tweaks I'll make if I do it in the future.    It's the thought that counts.  LOL

He got us some virtual dance lessons for us to take before our anniversary which is awesome and I can't wait to learn some moves!  We went out to grab some stuff we needed then went on a drive since they claim there's snow coming our way but I won't hold my breath.  It was fun going back to some of our early dating haunts.  When we came home, we watched some old WWF Royal Rumble matches which were my favorite.  We watched a few movies on Amazon Prime before conking out around 1am. 

Then as usual, I started off Sunday with the annual blasting of Outkast while we procrastinated starting the day.  When we finally got up and around, I made a ham and swiss omelet, whole wheat toast and fruit salad.  We watched Sunday Morning like the fogies we are and the Mr finished up the laundry.  We opened cards and lazed around until it was time to workout.  I chose the Burn Fat Faster kettlebell workout because it was short(ish) and I'm a sadist.  That one always seems so benign in the first round, a little harder in the second round and has you begging for mercy by the third round.

Instead of grabbing takeout at some restaurant that was going to jack up prices for the occasion, I had already grabbed some filet's from TJ's on our last run and seasoned them.  I had some leftover shrimp so I made fixin's for a fancy dinner of shrimp cocktail, filet mignon with baked potato and salad and mini dessert of chocolate lava cake from TJ's with a chocolate covered strawberry side.

I must say, better than a restaurant and no Covid to be found.  Double score!

How was your weekend?  

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  1. It was a good weekend. Busy with various appts and house stuff, but not overwhelming. Bitterly cold outside so it's quite the job to get the dogs ready to go outside multiple times a day. Had to clean the driveway a few times and the hubs bought more salt. I had to work so Valentine's Day was low key but still very nice. We ordered from a local bbq place for lunch, which was late enough that it served as our dinner too, so that made it easy for me to get in an extra nap before heading back into work. We exchanged cards and gifts and the hubs gave me a gift from the pooches as well. Not a very restful weekend, but still quite good overall. Hoping that next weekend will truly be warmer like they are predicting because that would make it a good 30-40 degrees warmer than it is now. I'm glad today is President's Day so I don't have to go across the street to get the mail! Brrrrr....

    1. Sounds like a nice weekend even if mixed with some 'have to's.' Are we the only ones who get mail on holidays?

  2. It was an awesome weekend and I thank you so much for making all the wonderful food and making it a great time. I am glad the flowers arrived when they did and we got to enjoy them the whole time too.

  3. It was bitterly cold here so I pretty much stayed in and stayed lazy. They actually called school off due to extreme cold today (first time in 23 years of working there that they've done that) so I ended up getting Presidents' Day off after all. I woke up all ambitious and made granola, a batch of air fryer empanadas, and tomato tortelloni soup. So now I don't have to cook for at least a week, so that's a total win.

    1. Ooh, sounds like you took advantage of your snow/cold day and future you is going to be thanking you for it!

  4. We celebrated V-Day on Thursday since we knew we would be on the road with minor hockey stuff (my partner is one of the coaches of his son's team) all weekend. He made me striploin steaks, mashed potatoes, and asparagus for dinner that evening. He also surprised me with flowers. That doesn't happen often because he doesn't like giving gifts that are already dying, but I love it when it does happen.

    Yesterday was Heritage Day, so a provincial holiday, and we took the day to go snow shoeing in the woods where he grew up and introduce his son to cross country skiing. Our former neighbor gave us a few sets of kids cross country skis that her kids had grown out of. It was a great day for it. Sunny and just above freezing. His son lasted about an hour but I could have kept going. The weather forecast is calling for freezing rain today, so yesterday might have been our only chance this winter to get out and enjoy the snow before it is gone.

    1. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Hopefully you'll get some more snow so you can get in some more ski time!


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