Friday, February 5, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #6

Six weeks into the new year!   Yeah...I got nothing.    Happy Friday to you.  I hope the week hasn't been too stressful and you're ready to slide into the weekend like a pair of satin pajamas with a Barry White album on.  Sorry, I think I'm losin' it a bit.  

Monday was bourbon lime salmon, sweet potato gnocchi and veggies.  (Oh yeah and we're pretty sure Trader Joe's has changed the formula on the gnocchi which now tastes bland.  I'm hoping it was a bad batch but I'm not going to have any reason to go there if they keep this up.)

Workout was a walk around the park in the snow.

Tuesday was turkey taco Tuesday.

Workout was me dancing to Gwen Stefani like I was her backup dancer while the Mr took a rest day.

Hump Day was General Tso's shrimp made with cauli-rice.

Workout was T25 Ript Upper Body Strength.

Thursday was Caulipower Veggie Pizza because I didn't feel like cooking much.

Workout was 3 miles of Walk Away the Pounds that killed us by the end of it.  The Mr was kind enough to massage my legs at it's end so I could walk from the previous night's deadlift soiree.

Let's limp  into:

Here's Why Women Should Pay More Attention to Their Pectoral Muscles  (Mine are being real a-holes the past few months)

Best Nutrients for Eye Health as Ranked by a Functional Eye Doctor  (Good to know to keep your peepers in check!)

How CBD Oil Affects Hormonal Birth Control  (Worth shouting out loud to all on hormonal birth control pills!!  CBD oil competes with some estrogen pills rendering it less effective and increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy!  Do your research before adding to cart.)

Why You Don't Always Need to Forgive  (I know someone out there needs to read this!  I am taken back to when the Mr's sibling betrayed his trust and turned his whole family (except his dad) against me the first years we were dating in a situation they knew nothing about.  It took over 2 decades before my MIL and I were ever square about truths and untruths of all of that.  Pouring all of my hatred into what that did to us for the first 10 years and ruining any chance of acceptance early on only put more stress on me.  *I* was drinking the poison so to speak and expecting THEM to be sick from it!  At some point, I decided the person who betrayed him wasn't worth my time anymore and I evicted them from my mental space.  I never forgave them because they got pleasure from the pain they caused and they never apologized or took responsibility.  Choosing to let it go isn't the same as forgiving and it's not a requirement to be a good person.)

5 Ways to Hack Your Nightmares  (Reading for a friend.  Okay, it's me.  I'm the friend.)

28 Sex Games for Couples Who Want to Spice Things Up  (Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  I had a horrible vision of playing Strip Twister, getting in a weird position, starting to laugh which inevitably means I'll probably fart or cramp violently and end up on the show "Sex Sent Me to the ER.")

17 things you probably didn't know about 'Grease'  (It's the word, it's the word, that you heard.)

Crap, how is it the weekend before Valentine's Day weekend?  I got a Woodstock Illinois puzzle for Christmas of the square featured in Groundhog Day and planned to have it put together by then.  Didn't even remember it until it was too late.  Basically, aren't we living it every day?  Do I need a puzzle and movie to remind me?  What cosmic lesson am I supposed to learn?  Just can't have the same "fun" screwing with mortality as ol' Phil Connors did.  

Remember this time last year when things were still normal?  Ahhh...good times.

Any tomfoolery on tap for you this weekend?

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  1. Counting the weeks really puts things in perspective, especially during this time warp we're in. It really is mindblowing that "normal" was a year ago and soon we get to witness the anniversary of when this all began. Crazy times indeed!

  2. January was balmy compared to this month with highs in the single digits for the next week, and lows around -15. Ack. No major plans other than paying bills, laundry, grocery shopping and working. Mostly just hoping my car will start every day after 12 hours at work in the parking lot with these temps. LOL Have a good and relaxing weekend!


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