Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Up my nose with a rubbah hose

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Well I bit the bullet yesterday and made an appointment with an ENT for Friday morning.  I asked people on Facebook what to expect of a nasal endoscopy since I'm pretty sure that's what'll be done and the verdict was "weird but not painful."


I'm cool with the top one but if I see the bottom one, I'm getting up and leaving...for real, yo.

All I know is I want whatever this is...gone.  6 weeks is way too long and my smell and taste that were at 80% last Thursday have decreased by half so I'm going backwards again.  (Unless it's that whole you get worse for the 50th time before you get better crap)  The only good thing yesterday is that my sinus pressure/pain was almost zero so there's that.

We got in an early workout for once.  We did Walk Away the Pounds and were done by 5pm.  BOOM!  Dinner was BBQ mahi burger, potato wedges and the last of peas and carrots in two wimpy freezer bags.  (Not enough for a full serving on their own but together a full serving of veggies.)

On the way home, the Mr stopped by the video store and picked up Before I Go To Sleep (affiliate link)  with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth.  That was the movie we wanted from the beginning but it was out all weekend with a low supply.  Holy crap.  Rent it.  It was a great thriller and excellent twist with a satisfying ending.

I must give props to Sleepy Hollow for a great episode last night.  Even if you don't watch the show, you should totally watch it.  It was by far the best episode of the season!

Ever had a nasal endoscopy?  Verdict?

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  1. I'm glad you made that appointment. It is a shame you have to wait 'til Friday but it's that time of year for sure. I do hope you get the flexible tool above because that other thing looks like something from Total Recall. Just hang in there!

    1. Yeah I was hoping for sooner. Got on a cancellation list but not holding my breath. I will flat out faint if they bring out the rigid one. They would need to put me out.

  2. Never had one. You'll have to give your review of the experience. I haven't watched SH yet, but it's on my DVR so I can when I have time.

    1. Oh you can bet I'll be reviewing that experience! LOL

      I think you'll love the episode. Felt very much like the first season.

  3. That's funny, I just had a nasal endoscopy last month. I was having issues with acid reflux and my ENT wanted to take a closer look. The nurse spayed this numbing spray into my nose and throat, but then the doctor took so long to get into the exam room that it had already worn off. I told him this as he was jamming the scope into my nose and he told me that I would be fine and he was skilled enough that it wouldn't hurt (he wasn't, the arrogant dummy.)

    At any rate, when done properly and performed with the numbing spray (and a good doctor), it won't be bad. And it is a very quick test - he was in and out in less than one minute.

    1. No doctor is violating my nose/throat without proper numbing. I'll bite him. LOL Thankfully it's at 8:45am so hopefully he won't have many reasons to be lollygagging. I have a light gag reflex (I literally almost barfed this morning brushing my tongue. Dork) so numbing is crucial for me.

      I hope your reflux is better! I've had several people with reflux swear by papaya enzyme pills. Don't know if you've heard of them or given them a try already.


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