Monday, February 16, 2015

Thieves, Valentines Day and SNL immersion

Picture it...Sicily, 1922.

Wait, wrong scenario.

Picture it, Friday, chiropractor.  I'm done with my last visit for a month and I go to pay.  She swipes my card, gives the machine a puzzled look and says "I've never seen that before.  Can I swipe it again?"  I was a little nervous because I didn't want to get charged twice so I let her swipe it again and she said "it's asking me to force a sale and I don't feel comfortable doing that."  I had my checkbook on me, thank God, so I paid with a check but there's nothing like that feeling you get when everyone is judging you for being a deadbeat.  We pay off our balance every month so I knew that being declined being my fault wasn't a possibility.  The woman said to call the credit card company when I get home just to see what's up.  So the Mr called.  Come to find out our card number was likely sold and when it came up trying to be used in France, Oklahoma and Missouri in the same 24 hour period, the credit card company flagged it and declined it.  Son of a BITCH!  Only two charges went through and for under $60 total which we'll have to dispute but we're not responsible for.  We had to change our card when the Target breach happened and I wouldn't be surprised if this is related to the Home Depot breach where they sit on peoples card numbers just long enough for them to stop checking their statements regularly and then release the hounds.  So here we are AGAIN having to get a new card.  So irritating.  Check your statements regularly people.

Valentines Day we were basically snowed in and that was fine because we didn't have plans anyway.  I did gift the Mr a spa day.  He looked horrified at first but when I informed him I would be the one administering it, he loosened up.  Mani/pedi and massage.  His shoulder has been hurting him pretty bad lately and to save us in chiropractor bills, I thought I'd give it a go on working it out.  He said it's much better so I'll work it out for him over the next week or two daily if he wants to keep it from kinking back up.

Speaking of kink, anyone see Fifty Shades of Grey?  I haven't read the books and the snippet I did read online I couldn't get past the incredibly bad writing style so it just didn't appeal to me.  I hope that the movie is good for the sake of the people who are seeing it simply based off the enjoyment of the books.  The main characters cast in that movie look like they just hate each other in the press junkets I've had thrust upon me.  Jamie Dornan (whom I loved in Once Upon a Time back in the day) almost seems like he is irritated to be in it from all of the interviews I've seen.  Too bad David Beckham didn't want to transition into acting because I think I'd have camped out to see it then.

Last night we indulged in a night full of Saturday Night Live and their 40th anniversary.


Mr. Robinson's neighborhood ("WHO IS IT??"), Bill Murray as Hercules ("That boulder is too large. I could lift a smaller one"), Billy Crystal as Fernando ("you look mahvelous")   I don't know why I remember a particular sketch with Father Guido Sarducci where he would throw spaghetti on the ceiling to see when it was done and when it fell he'd call for his dog Sport.  I thought that was the most hilarious thing I ever saw as a kid.  Well that and Ed Grimley ("I must say")   I annoyingly imitated the Church Lady, Hans and Franz and Wayne's World throughout high school and the Mr and I bonded over those classic moments during our dating years.  Of course our newer classics like Colonel AngusStefon (my FAVE!), Dick in a Box (a Christmas classic!) and others.  It was a great night long celebration.

What were some of your favorite SNL skits?  If you never watched, what did you do this weekend?

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  1. Weekend Update is my favorite. Not as much now. Tina Fay and Jimmy Fallon cracked me up every time. These days it's still funny, but as much.

  2. I love SNL commercials. I almost forgot how funny Mom Jeans is until they showed it again last night. I was howling as if it was first time I had ever watched it.

    "You're not a woman, you're a mom!"

  3. Loved SNL in my youth (it's earliest years), but as I have aged, it kind of lost its appeal. I watched it for many years and remember literally laughing out loud at the Coneheads. So I watched last night and my favorite parts were the old clips of course.

  4. I have loved SNL for as long as I can remember! When I was younger we would leave whatever we were doing to go somewhere to watch it. Some of my favorites were Roseanne Roseannadanna, Mr. Robinson's Neighbourhood, Coneheads, Samurai, Wayne's World, Church Lady, Weekend Update, Stefon, Dick in a Box...who am I kidding? I've loved it all (or 90% of it, lol) Laughed as much last night as the first time I saw the clips.

    Didn't see Fifty Shades, don't know if I will. I did manage to read the first book, I have this thing about finishing a book no matter how much I dislike it, always hoping it will redeem itself by the final page. Did not happen with Fifty Shades. A horribly written book with a totally unbelievable storyline.

    Valentine's Day was spent cleaning up snow!

  5. I have had fraudulent charges 3 times now. Chase was on it each time and I didn't even have to dispute the charges. In fact, they sent a replacement card the last two times (after target and home depot breaches) that I received a day or two before the fraudulent charges. The last one was scary though. Someone was trying to buy a thousand dollars worth of merch at an ammo place in West Virginia. Chase stopped a Columbine in the making!

  6. Big fan of SNL since I can remember. I am 42 so I grew up with SNL and watched them grow and change. They've had good years and bad years but along the way have had some great talents and I am glad they are still around. I just wanted a little more from last nights bash I guess. Less Kanye! More Eddie Murphy!

  7. I just had something similar happen with my debit card! Someone tried to make a purchase for $1.00 at a Ross store in CA and $7.33 in Iowa at a hotel. I'm in Washington! We actually put the money that is leftover after bills into a different account so there was nothing in the "main" account they tried to use. My bank flagged it too so luckily the charges didn't go through but it still pissed me off! Hope you get it all settled soon.

    I couldn't get past the crappy writing in the first chapter either. But when Charlie Hunnam was going to be the lead in 50 Shades before he backed out I momentarily considered going to see it lol

    I didn't watch the SNL special because I was watching a special episode of the Bachelor!!! Glad you guys enjoyed it :)

  8. Oh I'm sorry to hear you are being forced to deal with the slimy underbelly of the world. We have had that happen twice now. Bank took care of it quickly both times but it still is very unsettling.

    I am opposed to 50 Shades. And I am not a prude. I am opposed to bad writing being given this much fan fare. There are a lot of good books out there that deserve the accolades this filth is getting. It seems to me our society has gotten to where unless the entertainment has major shock value it is not given a second look. Makes me sad. There are not a lot of movies I will give my hard earn money to go see anymore and my Mr. and I really loved our movie nights. We tend to do movie nights at home now and enjoy some of the good old movies where there were good storylines and acting. Not all this shock value nonsense. Damn I sound old. lol

    I didn't watch the SNL special. We got rid of our satellite (we were tired of paying for hundreds of channels of nothing good to watch) and without a dvr now I sometimes forget to catch things live. I loved watching SNL back in the 70s and 80s when I was growing up. Loved Wayne's World (party time...excellent!) and we still quote the movie around here all the time. I know we are total dorks lol. I remember as a teen being so excited when a favorite band was going to be on. Loved the skit where Chris Farley, Adam Sandler and David Spade are dressed as girls in a mall eating french fries (lay off me I'm starving! ) lol. I always love when Justin Timberlake is on. He is so funny. Lots of good memories of SNL. :)


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