Friday, February 6, 2015

ENT day and what I'm reading this week

Well, today is the day.  If some of you read this when you get to work, then I'll probably have a hose in my face right now.  You know, that's not even what I'm nervous about.  I'm more nervous of what he's going to try to put me on.  I really do NOT want to go through these horror story instances where someone has been through 3 rounds of antibiotics that didn't work then multiple sinus surgeries that may or may not work.  I hope I'm wrong and there's some miracle he can perform with no meds/procedures to get me better.  I'm hoping this Oil of Oregano everyone swears by will do something (I'm on day 3), I just don't want scary meds.

I know, I know.  I said I wasn't going to go on the internet.  

I did.

While I'm getting my nasal passages flossed, how about you catch up on...

Best Injury-Preventing Exercises  (Excellent ones in here)

Harold Ramis Auditorium dedicated in Woodstock, IL  (We were in that theater a few weeks ago!)

Stop the flu: Wash your dirty winter gloves  (Did this after Chicago when I realized how many disgusting things I touched over the course of a week)

The Time of Your Life — the Most Famous Dance Movie Locations Unveiled  (You know I just added some locations to future vacation lists)

How Much Should You Exercise to Lose Weight?  (Ugh, if I must)

16 Packing Hacks from Travel Experts  (Good ideas)

To Stay Well In A Room Full Of Sick People  (I could've used this 6 1/2 weeks ago)

We Actually Fear for Your Life: Confessions of Adventure Guides  (Kind of interesting if you're into vacation adventures)

18 Winter Car Hacks That Are Borderline Genius  (Hot water + frozen windshield = oh $&!t!)

10 Sustainable Tips to Keep Weight Off For Good   (Word)

Tonight Show Celebrity Photobomb  (Flippin' hilarious)

A surprising visual of Bradley Cooper’s American Sniper bulk-up plan.  (Proof that every meal doesn't have to be a "bad" one to put on the pounds)

5 No-Cost Home Staging Tips  (Very good tips.  Nothing worse than going to an open house and seeing gross crud or cobwebs in people's homes)

12 Sweet and Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas  (Ahhh, cute ideas!)

19 Frustrating Things Today’s Kids Will Never Experience   (I crossed out frustrating because I consider all of these things "character and patience building exercises" and something today's youth are sorely lacking.  Yep...I just made an old lady statement way too young)

Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with "Saved By The Bell" Cast  (I'm sure you've already seen this but if you haven't...10 kinds of awesome.)

What kind of trouble you guys getting into this weekend?

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  1. I am so glad you are finally going to get a chance to talk to an expert about this. It has definitely bothered you for too long and I want to see you get some answers. Of course I am here for you every step of the way!

  2. I really hope your appointment goes well and you get your sinuses all fixed up. I know you don't like to take meds, but sometimes you got to. If you don't like what this guy has to say or it seems too intrusive you can always go elsewhere for a second opinion. Inconvenient, but you have to be sure.

    This weekend is pretty much all about the boy. Basketball, haircut, work concessions to support his rec league, and then a play date with a friend.

    The car hacks are really great. We don't have truly hard winters here, but the socks on the windshield wipers and the kitty litter in a sock to absorb moisture could definitely be useful.

    The thing about Blockbuster running out of your movie doesn't really hold up, RedBox runs out of copies too so kids today will experience it.

    Mapquest may get you lost sometimes, but so does my phone GPS. Um, no, I don't turn right I see my destination up there on the left. Shut up. Plus there's the advantage that a paper printout doesn't talk to you

    1. Yeah I don't like to but as long as they're not antibiotics, I think I'd be on board right now. Mama is SOOO over this! ;-)

      Aww, sounds like a fun weekend. You're such a good mama, never forget that.

      I had to laugh about the comment about Blockbuster because we ran into that problem during movie bowl with the flick "Before I Got to Sleep." They only had 4 copies and they were out every time we tried to get them until Monday. So for us it still applies but yeah most kids probably don't have to deal with that.

      The GPS is just as inaccurate. When we were in San Fran last year, we were trying to go to Battery Spencer which is close to the side of the bridge and the damn GPS sent us back OVER the bridge instead of having us turn on this little road. Did I mention you have to pay every time you cross the bridge. Thankfully the toll gates were down due to construction and we kept waiting for a bill but didn't get anything. But if we did, we were going to send it to Garmin!

  3. Oh the Saved by the Bell skit was awesome! My gosh did that take me back in time. :-) I had such crushes on Mark and Mario. Thank you for the good feeling time warp! Really gave me a smile today.

    1. Oh my gosh Anele! It actually posted! Yay!

      Did you find the problem?

    2. AHHHH!! So happy to see you got through the post wormhole! I have no idea what happened but so glad to see your post show up! Glad you enjoyed the SBTB skit. They all have aged really well too.

  4. I know I couldn't believe when the comment showed. I rubbed my eyes and went whaaaa?! Oh now that's weird that you didn't fix anything. LOL technology!

    Yes they have aged well. I hope people say the same about me! Lol

  5. I hope your appointment went well!!! It's very disconcerting, I know, but I hope the doc was a good one and gave sound medical advice. I don't have high hopes for the weekend. Too much crap going on, but being somewhat dead inside helps keep emotions on an even keel! LOL! Basically I have a meeting and will be doing laundry and maybe doing the taxes if I'm up to it. I am sleeping with my c-pap again so my snoring has completely stopped, and my throat thanks me for that.

    1. I hope the weekend goes better than you think. I was thinking about doing taxes soon too. Sigh. No fun. Glad to hear the snoring has stopped for you and you're feeling a little better on that front!


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