Friday, February 13, 2015

Thanks and what I'm reading this week

Happy Friday all!

Thanks so much for your great comments on our posts this week.  Bear with us as we take our time to come up with a plan that we think will benefit us going forward.  As soon as we know, you'll know.

Until then, let's get to...

17 Ways To Age-Proof Your Brain  (Exercise that grey matter!)

80-Year-Old Woman Sets A Half Marathon Record  (Get it, girl!)

Cat Mourns His Dog Friend in the Sweetest Way  (Awww, nugget)

10 Google Maps Tricks That Might Surprise You   (I'm definitely using some of these)

Man Misses Whale 2 Feet Away Because He Was Glued to His Phone  (A good reminder to put your damn phone down!  Video starts on landing)

A Global Message From Leading Plus-Size Fitness Experts and Athletes  (Good stuff!)

Nightmare Home Renovation: What HGTV Forgot To Tell You  (I would be so not good in a home reno situation.  They would hate me.  But the workers would love me because I'd feed them.)

What It Really Means To Have A Panic Attack  (Stressed out people, please stop saying you're having a panic attack if you've never actually been through one.  Trust me, you wouldn't throw the term around if you had)

6 Reasons You’re Not Getting a Good Night’s Sleep  (What I wouldn't give for one complete night's sleep without getting up even once to pee!)

You can now choose who will manage your Facebook account after you die  (This is a good idea as long as they don't mess it up with privacy stuff.  I knew a 17 year old who didn't expect to get in a fatal accident and I'm sure she would've wanted her mom to have control over her page)

The History of the Conversation Heart  (Interesting tidbit on this pre-Valentines day!)

Why The FDA Is Warning People About Dark Chocolate  (Those with milk allergies, listen up!)

10 Future Stars Who Appeared on 'The Office'  (Man I miss the early days of The Office.  Pam and Jim in the flirt stage forever!!)

Dog Shows Up at Hospital Where Owner Is Battling Cancer  (OMG, this is so amazing!)

We don't really have any plans for the weekend.  Cleaning maybe?  I know, romantic.

Any plans for the weekend?

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  1. Happy Valentine's weekend everybody! I know cleaning doesn't sound romantic but it's looking like it will be too cold and snowy to want to go out too much so why not get some stuff done around the house and then we can just get cozy.

  2. I actually shouted "YES!" at the article about people not throwing around "panic attack". I have suffered with them for years and they are no joke!

    I think we will be doing a lot of cleaning as well. My mom comes into town next week and I haven't seen her since our wedding in November of 2013! I think we may try to see a movie during the day on Saturday depending on the crowds. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I came home today to a lovely dinner the hubs cooked for me and beautiful flowers, which was quite the surprise. I had been awake since 1:30am and was dragging after an uber-crappy day, and it felt so nice to just take it all in for an evening. I have a meeting tomorrow morning then errands and a hockey game tomorrow night downtown. It's going to be viciously cold (wind chills here 20 - 30 below zero tomorrow night), so I'm thinking Sunday will be indoors doing house chores that I've neglected the past couple of weeks. And I'm scheduling in a couple of long naps to boot! =o)


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