Friday, June 6, 2014

Paint fumes wearing off and what I'm reading this week

I think my VOC paint headache is finally lifting.  It's Friday, right?  I'm not sure what century I'm in anymore.
While I try to straighten all of that out, allow me to share with you

The Ferrari house from 'Ferris Bueller' finally sells, for half the original price  (The Mr and I agree we'd find an old red Ferrari trunk and put it down in the ravine because that's the right thing to do)

Dog reacting to snoring hedgehog video  (Friggin' hilarious)

Drop the Yo-Yo: 10 Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss   (This is literally everything I tell people who ask my advice)

I Can't Believe We Made It   (THIS.  All of it.  Video starts on landing)

A stark, unsentimental look at Detroit's rapid slide  (This is insane.  Even the Rehab Addict couldn't work fast enough to fix this issue)

13 Tush-Toning Moves — No Squats Required   (Because sometimes you want to work on the legs without your knees paying for it the next day)

16 Secrets For Shopping At Target That Will Blow Your Mind  (I'm gonna look at those tags a little closer Sunday!)

Legendary rollercoaster ‘Colossus’ closing in August  (I seriously almost cried.  I've ridden this ride but I really wanted to ride this with the Mr and sing "Dancin' Across the USA."  Solitary tear.)

Melissa McCarthy: I Couldn't Find Anybody to Dress Me for the Oscars  (Wow man, show your shallowness much, designers?)

Rock Hall of Fame: Dave Grohl on Nirvana Honors, Reuniting with Courtney Love: 'It Was Beautiful'  (Dave Grohl is beautiful.  He makes me squishy inside)

6 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bodyweight Workout  (Word)

Listen to a 1993 PC Boot Up  (For the Mr)

9 Famous Movie Locations, Then and Now  (Mr...this app!)

The 19 Worst Children's Book Titles Ever!  (#10 almost made me go along for the journey.  Senor Caca)

Student Documents Reactions to Her Varying Amounts of Makeup  (Interesting experiment)

'Sleepy Hollow's' Nicole Beharie & Tom Mison Exchange Compliments, Talk Season 2  (OMG, September 22nd can't come quick enough.  Missing the dashing Mr. Crane.  Belated congrats to Tom Mison and his lovely new bride!)

Watch This Baby Goat Give It Everything It’s Got  (Oh goodness!  Most adorable 7 seconds next to snoring hedgehog)

For Everyone Whose Sexual Awakening Was Caused By David Bowie In "Labyrinth"  (OMG, I thought it was just me!  The ballroom scene still makes me smile.  I wanted to be her in the big poufy dress dancing with him.  Sigh)

I have determined it is indeed Friday and I'm aware of the correct century now.  Painting the downstairs is done and now I get to try my hand at Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax.  I hear this can be quite interesting.  I'm sure I'll create new curse words.

What's on the agenda for your weekend?

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  1. Some great and fun looking links once again. Glad the painting is done. On to the next project now. It never ends!

    1. Heh heh, so you thought since I woke up thinking "we have extra paint I need to use...on to the kitchen!" Thankfully for you, we have the world's smallest kitchen so only one of us can be in there at a time. I'm an idiot.

  2. OMG I thought I was the only one who crushed that hard on David Bowie after Labrynth came out. I mean, I was seriously OBSESSED with him! That ballroom scene and those tights were just awesome. :-)

    1. See! David Bowie did usher us into womanhood! LOL I watched that every weekend, sometimes a few times a weekend when I was at my Dad's. It was akin to watching soft core with those tights!


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