Friday, June 20, 2014

Get on that and what I'm reading this week

Man, has it been a long week!  I wish I could say the worst is behind us but I need to get on painting the furniture.  You don't realize how much you use a coffee table until it's not there anymore.  But thankfully the heat has died down a little so I don't have to be in a sweat box while doing it.  It's time to get on that, yo!

But enough of that, let's get to...

Brian Williams Raps Baby Got Back  (Yes, it's as good as it sounds)

7 Tips for Making Your Next Move As Painless As Possible  (For those of you looking to make the jump soon)

Watch Out for These 7 Heart Attack Symptoms  (Good to know)

Bathroom Workbook: 8 Elements of Beachy Style  (Because who doesn't want to keep it mellow in a beachy environment)

Go Grain-Free With a Low-Carb Cauliflower Pizza Crust   (I've always wanted to try this but have been too skeered.  Anyone try this yet?)

From the "Where Are They Now 80's Babies Edition"

Baby Mary From 'Three Men and a Baby' Revisits the 1987 Comedy 

'Baby Boom' Twins Talk Playing Elizabeth, Reuniting With Diane Keaton 

'Raising Arizona' Child Actor on 'Surreal' Film with Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter 

Mindy Kaling: People Call Me 'Ugly and Fat' — as a Compliment  (What the hell is WRONG with people!?!?)

Shadoe Stevens Remembers Casey Kasem: A 'Genuine Man' in a 'Cynical World'  (I had the biggest crush on Shadoe back in the day.  My friend and I stood next to him waiting to cross Rodeo Drive back in 1988 when he was at the height of his hotness.)

Billy Idol to Release First New Album in Nearly a Decade  (SO excited!  The last album of his I got was his Christmas album which is now in regular rotation during the holidays.  It's pretty damn good if you haven't given it a listen!)

Dr. Oz scolded at hearing on weight loss scams  (I'm sorry, I know there are a lot of Oz fans out there but I'm glad this happened, if not to bring awareness to people who blindly follow him without question.  If I bought all of the damn supplements he touts on a daily basis, I'd be broke.  I know people steal his image to sell bogus pills but if he'd stop touting the next "miracle" pill to people desperate to lose weight without doing what really needs to be done, they'd have nothing to latch on to.  *Stepping off soapbox*)

How to Create a Secret Doorway Behind a Bookcase  (I can't WAIT to do this.  We've had this plan for years to hide a hang out room that we don't want certain family members to know we have.  LOL)

Link seen between sitting and certain cancers  (Great...I'm screwed)

4 Things You Don't Know About Makeup with SPF    (Good to know)

25 Very Real Struggles Of Making New Friends As An Adult  (Yep...#4...done it.)

Tap Into Stud Space for More Wall Storage  (I'm SO figuring out a way to do this in the garage!)

‘The Money Pit’ Movie Mansion for Sale  (I need to watch this movie again.  So funny!  It's beautiful inside)

World Cup Fitness by the Numbers  (Even if you're not a soccer fan, it makes you respect the shape even the refs have to be in for a game!)

19-Year-Old's Body Image Essay Touches Collective Nerve  (So heartbreaking but I'm sure more than one of us has had these thoughts in a picture)

"Banned" Grey Poupon Ad  (Video:  I almost pee'd myself laughing)

This weekend, I'm taking a little break from working on the bigger things and hitting up some vintage stores to see what I can find for accessories.  I'm super excited!  Can you tell I've been locked up in the house too long?  The Mr seems to like this "minimalist" thing.  We literally have a couch, love seat, dining table and our TV on a folding table and he spins with glee when he comes home.  Okay maybe not spins but he probably does that when I go to the bathroom or something.  I would like to have our armoires back.

So, what are you guys doing this weekend?

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  1. RE: Cauliflower Crust
    I have not made it but I've made cauliflower "rice". I used the shredding attached on my food processor. Clean your food processor ASAP. Learned that the hard way. I know you're on SP but I'm on MFP and read this blog a bit ago about this lady's experience with the crust:

    Thank you for the moving tips - I'm moving in exactly 2 weeks. EXCITED!

    1. I've heard of the rice too and the Mr will wrinkle his nose because he hates cauliflower. I wonder if I can sneak it by him. :-) I'll go check out that link. Man, I haven't been to SP in a loooong time, I need to just bite the bullet and take down the page. No time for it anymore. :-(

      Congrats on the move! How exciting! May it all go smoothly for you!

  2. I've tried the cauliflower crust a couple times. It's okay, but with all that cheese (even low-fat mozzarella), it's not particularly low caloried. I like a crisp crust, and had a hard time attaining that crispness with this cauliflower crust but it tasted okay. It IS a lot of work, however, and messy with the cauliflower ricing process. Good luck with the rest of the painting. It'll be nice to have it all done, and I'm looking forward to lots of pictures of the finished project.

    1. Yeah, I'm on the fence about whether or not it's worth the effort to throw it together and end up with a sloppy mess. I feel like the painting will never be done. LOL My back is really screwed up today so I'm gonna have to foam roll before I get on painting for today. I'll take lots of pics! :)

  3. We have so much junk anymore that I can totally understand your Mr spinning with glee at your current minimalist situation. I think I would do exactly the same if I could clear my living room (or any room really) to that point.

    I loved the one about putting little storage spaces between the studs, but looking around I'm not sure that I have that much open wall space. Maybe in the basement, though I'm not sure what I'd store down there. The place I really need more storage is in my kitchen and I have no free walls. Maybe I should bite the bullet and move my deep freeze downstairs to free up that wall - but it's an outside wall so I'm not sure a storage space there is realistic either.

    No real plans for the weekend. Hubby's sister wants us to come up but I don't know if we will. If he wants to go we will, but I'm not going to push it. Otherwise hopefully I can get some deep cleaning done and maybe the pool on Sunday.

    1. Yeah but I suspect this is what his house would look like if I never came on the scene. Like "what? All I need is a couch, dining table and a folding table on which to perch my boob tube!"

      I know, that's why we have to think of putting the stud storage in the garage because we have no free walls anywhere else. Plus we have no drywall out there and want to insulate so I figure if we screw it up then it'll be an easy fix. It's all about confidence. HA!

      Enjoy the pool and if you want to come deep clean here when you're done, here's your official invite! ;-)

  4. How did you know I was spinning with glee? You have hidden cameras or something?

    It amazes me that you had any time to find all these links this week. This was a busy week and your readers should know that you care a lot to have found the time to do this in addition to all the other stuff you have going on.

    1. I would watch you through the slats of the stairs. ;-)

      I know. Drying time provided some time to peruse...which is probably why the kitchen looked like an Intervention show waiting to happen. I care a lot.

  5. Your "Great...I'm screwed" remark re: the sitting cancer link was a literal LOL! I was thinking the same like "yeah i'm not gonna click on that. it'll just add to my paranoia! :-)

    1. Yeah. I have tried the whole set the microwave timer so I have to get up or a reminder on my email to get up every hour. *Snooze* I'm just going to have to accept I'm knocking a few years off. LOL

  6. I had an awesome meeting this morning and then mom came over to celebrate her birthday -- and handing in her notice for work! Her last day is the 27th and she is SUPER excited! I'm on vacation this week and I've been smiling since this morning. I have some day trips planned, but I'm also giving myself time to rest and recover from the past couple of months of extremely difficult news/times. I'm totally jazzed about getting up bright and early every morning to get my exercise in first thing so I can start the day off right. Then I can enjoy and afternoon nap here and there. =o)


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