Friday, June 13, 2014

It's go time and what I'm reading this week

Well today is the last day of having 12 year old laminate and not sure how old carpet.  I really hope I don't regret getting rid of carpet.  I'm a carpet girl!  I'm still considering this one vintage area rug but I need to ask some questions on it first.

But enough of that stuff.  Let's get to...

Watch Weezer's Drummer Catch a Frisbee Mid-Song Without Stopping  (You don't have to be a Weezer fan to appreciate this drummers awesomeness.  I love that this features both the fan video of the incident and then the band's drum cam!)

Spanx: Good For Your Silhouette, Bad For Your Health?  (Video starts on landing)

Man saves squirrel's life by giving it CPR  (Courtesy of the Mr.  Watch the video.  You will possibly explode from the cute by the end)

“Just One More Episode!”: Turns Out Sleep Procrastination is a Real Thing  (Oh man, I relate when we're on a Six Feet Under binge!)

Fresh DIYs That Are Perfect For Your Summer Decorating Pleasure   (Cute ideas!)

Thirsty For Summer? Try This Watermelon Sangria  (Perfect for a summer party!)

The 27 Most Painfully Awkward Band Photos Of All Time  (Thank God I wasn't drinking anything when I saw #12!)

What's Actually in a Slim Jim  (Courtesy of the Mr...snap into it!)

Thought Hawaii Couldn't Get Better? Now You Can Borrow A Shelter Dog In Paradise  (This is the program I was tellin' y'all about last year.  It was by far the best part of our vacation on Kauai)

20 Things Only People With Glasses Will Understand  (Four eyes unite, yo!  I love my glasses and the Mr thinks I look cute in them)

The Drinking Mistake That's Costing You Pounds   (Sometimes I STILL need the reminder)

11 Creative and Thrifty Ideas for Bedside Tables  (These.  All of them)

Bill Murray crashes young couple's engagement shoot in Charleston, S.C.  (This man is getting around.  If you'd like to show up at my place to help us lay flooring this weekend Bill, I'll feed you)

17 Ways To Use Just About Everything In Your Kitchen BETTER  (Pretty cool tricks!)

Decorating 101: How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?  (A lot more than you think.  Time, money and sanity.)

Watch This Dog Have The Time Of Her Life With A Leaf Blower Pointed Right At Her Face    (I imagine this is what a rabid Ewok looks like)

If I Die, Let It Be By Baby Goat Stampede  (I love the stragglers and the wonky ones jumping around.  So cute!  Courtesy of the Mr)

Well you all know what our plans are for the weekend...

What's on tap for YOUR weekend?

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  1. Great links. I will read them and then it is definitely go time. This is it. Don't get scared now!

  2. Have y'all installed new flooring before? I always wondered how easy/difficult that would be. I have very little faith in myself when it comes to projects around the house. Do you read/watch a lot of online tutorials, or is this stuff that you grew up learning?

    Today I bought two front row tickets to a Beach Boys concert and my brothers and I will present them to my parents tomorrow night. My mom is the queen of not showing emotion, so it would be awesome if for once in her life she freaked out. Hopefully this concert will make her feel like she is a 17 year-old again.

    1. Nope. Our friend is in construction and he did 3 last week so we have confidence he can guide us in the right direction and he claimed we could "knock it out in one day." I hope he's right. So I'm hoping between him and the Mr and if I have to be the cutter lady on the saw, I will, we can bust it out.

      I hope your mom loves it and it'd be great for her to freak out for you! ;-) I'm sure she'll be tickled!

  3. Good luck this weekend--I'll be thinking about you!! I was able to leave early today from work so I ran errands that helped to free up my Saturday. Tomorrow I'll be cutting the lawn and doing house stuff. I'm planning a wonderful day trip for one day when I'm on vacation and the hubs is all onboard. A coworker of mine gave me some tips for a town in Wisconsin (guess what's there... The Swiss Colony!!! Yep, I'm a'goin'!) with these darling shops so I'm planning it out for a couple weeks from now. Sunday I'll be doing some shopping for mom's birthday which is next week. Not sure of the plans given her situation but I'm hoping to talk to her this weekend about it. Right now I'm watching the Stanley Cup Finals so the rest of my evening is going to be mellow which is good because I'll be asleep before 9pm.... =o)

    1. Oh I bet you will! LOL

      Swiss Colony! SWOON! I wanna hear all about it! Road trips are awesome! We're planning one in a month to meet some friends and I can't wait. Hope you have a good one!


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