Monday, June 2, 2014

Junkin', personal thunder and awaiting headaches of remodels future

I want to sleep.

Like for a long time.

(In case a deity is listening, I don't mean the long sleep, I mean a 12 hour nap in which I wake refreshed.)

It was a weekend of garage sales and antique stores to replenish a dwindling inventory at my shop.  I found a few things and I had to laugh when I saw these...

When we come back from vacation we always see some kind of reminder of our trip no matter where we went.  That malted milk tin people of Instagram may remember from our trip to Napa and well, the book title speaks for itself.  It'll happen again when we decide on our next getaway.  Every single time.

Whilst in our last antique store, the Mr and I had split off after petting Stinker the cat and the Mr was trying not to swell up and break out in hives.  (He's allergic)  I was close to the door and ready to explore a corner currently occupied by a couple with their infant child (this store is not stroller friendly) and the guy's friend.  Suddenly, there was a thunderous fart.  I'm talking the kind of fart that makes you check your pants out of sheer safety.  I stood there for a second thinking "did I really just hear that?  That dude didn't really just cut the cheese THAT LOUD in public.  He's my age and is not old enough to have earned the right to do that in public."  (That age, by the way, is about 70 in my book)  No one was saying anything, acknowledging it and I thought "maybe there's an ancient whoopee cushion over there and that's what it was."  Then I heard the dad say "really?"  The woman walked away and the guy said "it just slipped out."  Um no.  This was not an SBD or crop dusting gone wrong, this was the kind that you intentionally let out in the privacy of a bathroom.  I looked over at the Mr, who refused to initially acknowledge it for fear he would be labeled "the one that dealt it" and when we made eye contact, I shook my head.  When he came over, the stench had apparently become unbearable and the dad finally got his infant child out of the noxious cloud and it became too much for even the perp to stand and they quickly moved out of the area.  Yeah...I'll just assume there was nothing of interest over there and I told the Mr it was time to leave before my hair fell out.  I hope he does his own laundry.

In between antiquing, we passed by an open house at a loft and had to take a peek.  Needless to say my eyes haven't been able to focus since looking at the bathroom.

Our couch and loveseat should be getting made here soon which means we have VERY limited time to do a lot of stuff.  Like you know, replacing the floors at some point in the near future.

We're 99% sure the label on the sample we got was mislabeled because what it says is not even a color they offer at the manufacturer.  So begins the awaiting headache.  I don't even want to think about it.  I've got $200 in paint and supplies pointing and laughing at me in the corner.

*Pulls covers over head*

At least dinner made us feel better.

Chicken enchiladas and fruit salad.  The Mr was quite complimentary which I appreciate given how much I did not feel like cooking at that point in time.

My aunt is coming over to pick something up after work and when she leaves, I think we'll begin the wiping down of the walls and baseboards and then start taping off the crown molding.  I MUST remind myself to take before pics.  I'm soooo bad about that.

How was your weekend?

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  1. It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend and it certainly had its moments. Still can't believe that guy farted like that. Not even an "excuse me" involved either. I guess as much as I hate painting, I am at the point where I want it done and am ready to get started so we are that much closer to being done :-)

    I know in the end it will all be worth it though!

    1. It was quite the weekend and I am sooooo tired this moring. The hamster wheel in my mind would not quiet for some time and the wee hour thunderstorms didn't help. Yeah, I can't believe that guy did that either. You know the difference between a slip and one that you thought you could get away with that went horribly awry. It was the latter.

      I want it done too and given we need to do this on as little money as possible, that means DIY. Yay?

  2. You should have shamed the farter. Something nice and passive aggressive like coughing loudly when you smelled his odor or remarking in a really loud whisper, "DAMN, something STINKS!" Or make a joke about some of the antiques going sour!

    That man was an idiot, too. He had a child with him, he could have just blamed the kid!

    My weekend was boring but that's what I wanted so I'm happy.

    1. I wanted desperately to shame the farter. I was in such disbelief of the sheer volume of it, I had to decipher whether or not it was real. I was 2 seconds from looking at them and say "really? We're going to pretend that didn't just happen?" "You might want to find a bathroom, it was more than audible" or something along those lines. I just wanted to bolt out of there because I didn't want to get entangled in the stench and I could feel the air changing.

  3. Great weekend! We went cabin camping in the mountains. Everybody else fished and I watched. Rained off and on most of the first day, but was beautiful the rest of the time.

    1. So glad you got to enjoy your weekend! Sometimes rain can be really nice and relaxing as well. I'm relaxed by what I'm listening to now but irritated the weatherman didn't tell us about the torrential cell that was to move in overnight and totally SOAK our cushions. Grrr!

  4. The hubs worked 20 hours of overtime so I spent the weekend with the dogs. I ran a bunch of errands, took them for a long drive in the country then to Walgreens so they could each get a biscuit through the pharmacy drive through. I cleaned the heck out the bedroom and worked on more bins in the spare room so I could add to the donation pile. Saturday was a great day; Sunday not so much. Oh yeah, I also bought veggies for the garden. Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, a 4th of July plant that will bloom in ...der, I won't have to wait until September to get my 'maters, and cucumber, green pepper, jalapeno, and cilantro plants. Monday came way too quick!

    1. Wow girl, you are on fire! If you are in the mood to do more household stuff, we have rooms that need painted! HA! Your garden is going to be awesome!


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