Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bag and weight lifted

Yesterday was quite the day for our nerves.'s the parents went away on a week's vacation and...oh wait, wrong situation.  (Kudos for those who will now have Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff stuck in their heads the rest of the day)

When we originally pulled the Bagster out to the curb, we were going to leave it out overnight since they give you a three day window for pick up.  Yeah.  Not the most convenient but after we drug the damn thing out there, the Mr starts saying how he hopes people didn't see it and use it as an opportunity to dump their own crap in there overnight.  As I chewed on this new piece of the puzzle, I thought of a few jerks in the neighborhood who would have no problem doing that and stick an old couch or something in there.  We decided we were just going to have to drag it in and out every night.  When we pulled it back into the garage, I seriously pulled not just my back but my whole right side.  It was not pretty.  We called the company to see when we could expect pick up and they said they didn't have a day but it wouldn't be Monday so we didn't have to drag it out again.  She said they would know by 6am if we were on the roster for the day so we could call then but they could also show up at 6am so if they show up and it's not out there, they can charge you $50.  Later in the day Monday, I got an email from them that they would be picking up on Tuesday.  Monday night we went to a double feature and didn't get home until 2:15am.  We got up at 5:50am and I grabbed this rolling planter stand and we wedged it under the bag and used our forearm forklift straps around their straps to yank the bag out and it made it sooo much easier.

After we bought the bag and the appointment was made, I read a few horror stories of people who had less than stellar experiences like their bags weren't picked up or were rejected for whatever reason.  Of course I whipped myself into a frenzy, we both kind of did and were glad we were home so that we could make sure it all went off without a hitch.  As if the anxiousness of them arriving wasn't enough, we had another project going on...

That's our door covered up for the siding to be painted.  One of the things that the hauling company said it needed was adequate space so we had to make sure the painters were nowhere near us so we didn't get charged and our bag rejected.  We just wanted it gone as soon as possible.  Thankfully at 11:00am, we heard it pull up and we gleefully opened the garage door to this sight...

We were total nerds and watched the process.  This long arm comes out from behind the truck cab with two hooks to loop around the dumpster straps.

The driver manipulates it over via remote control and then loops the straps to get ready for the ride.

Up, up and away!

Then it goes into the truck with the other loads.  He must've had a hell of a morning because the whole thing was almost full and he had to move it to the right in a hole to make it fit.  That's no small truck!

I cannot begin to tell you the relief we felt when that thing was in the air and we knew there were no issues.  I knew the likelihood of anything going wrong with our particular load was low but still.  You get that bit of a pit in your stomach until it's all taken care of!

I wish I could say we're done but we're nowhere near done.  I have two armoires, a coffee table and a dining room table to stain and paint.  I just finally have the space in the garage to do it.  I still have to sweep it out and such but it feels like a weight lifted off of our shoulders.  (Up to 3300 lb weight to be exact)

Have you ever had multiple projects land on the same day?  

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  1. Goodbye old flooring material! So glad to see you go. You don't even know! That did work out really well. I do wish it was just a little more affordable or I'd probably use it every time we do anything like this. The guy was really friendly too so that's good. While there are some negative reviews on Amazon it could be that some of those people were trying to put some crazy stuff in their bagsters or maybe didn't provide enough clearance, who knows. All I know is it was such a welcome sight to see that bag full of junk up in the air and then driving away in the back of that truck!

    1. Yeah, the price is a little on the ridiculous side. I feel like $100 total including the price of the bag would be fair. I know a few of the negative reviews had clearance issues but the others said they followed directions and there was no good reason for rejection which is what made me nervous. I'm just glad our experience was good and I have never felt such relief in a long time!

  2. I'm so glad everything went without a hitch. We haven't done much renovation lately, but when we first moved in we did quite a bit and hired some of the bigger jobs out. That was a real pain since it all happened withing weeks of moving in.

    1. I know that had to be a pain at the time but I imagine I'd rather knock it all out up front than to get settled then do another project. It would probably save my sanity to do it like you guys did in one shot.

  3. Fresh Prince? I flashed all the way back to Tom Cruise and Risky Business.


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