Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Where a normal bloggers April Fools post would go

I know this is where I'm supposed to have some big trickery going on with it being April Fools Day and all but I *hate* this day.  It seems like every blogger likes to jump into that crap, announce fake pregnancies, divorces, pseudo-tragedies all to end the post with a "psych!  April Fools Day!"  (Okay, maybe I would be the only one who would say psych but I'd spell it "sike" like any good 90's teen would.)  So whilst I'm into tomfoolery in general, you shant find April Foolery here.  Anyhoo...

Greetings from Gimpland!

So, you know how you have good intentions of doing your PT over the weekend then you're all "maybe my legs need a break?"  Then Sunday you go and walk 4 1/2 miles in new shoes you're trying to break in and forget to do it again?  Then you think "hmm, I don't remember doing the balance board this week."  That's when you realize you're backsliding.  To cap it off, you do a lower body strength workout and two moves in, your foot shoots a pain so heinous through a spot it's never hurt before that you can't bear weight.  You hobble to the bench and do a quick deep ankle massage to buy yourself some time.  Replace "you" with "me."  That would be what *I* did.  In my defense, I tried to do an ankle massage Sunday night but my cankles were so bloated from the previous day's sodium, it was like trying to massage a tight, Vienna sausage like water balloon ready to burst so I couldn't really do it with any kind of effectiveness.  

*Dunce hat*

So, I hate to bore you with the details but at the end of each post everyday, I'm going to post what physical therapy I did that day because obviously I'm not remembering day to day.  You can just skip over that part if you like, I won't be offended.  

So I was able to finish my workout and get 570 calories burned and then it was dinner time.  Mahi fish taco with arugula and a side of brussels.  

Twas quite yummy!

I was talking to my mom and my aunt last night over chat.  I don't know how people do more than two windows at a time.  I need to be able to focus on my thoughts, not switch gears.  I'm not a multitasker on the social front.  Heck, I forget I have a Twitter!  Oops.

As I type, I'm listening to the Mr walk my mom through setting up her tablet over the phone.  It's comical and he has patience I just don't possess.  She's had it for 2 months but never got around to asking him to help her set it up.  I'd rather he get it done now instead of waiting until Easter.  Any of your computer literate folk have your family save up all of their computer questions for holidays...like the one day you shouldn't have to think about other people's problems ever?  Yeah, that's my family.  They've thankfully reigned it in a bit in the past few years but I could see a repeat coming if he didn't nip that soon.  Hopefully Easter crisis averted.  :-)

I'm flipping through the new Plow and Hearth.  (I haven't a plow or a hearth but still enjoy it's offerings)  I'm looking at these outdoor curtains to replace our faded plastic shade on the nosey neighbors side.  See one time, she came out on the phone and the Mr was outside on our lanai.  We were pretty sure she peeked through the fence whenever she got a chance.  So she's yapping to whatever unfortunate soul was stuck on there with her and she puts her eye right between a crack in the fence and spies the Mr...staring right back at her!  She quickly went about her business and back into the house.  Two days later, the blind went up.  But now that it has about five winters under its belt, it's looking a little worse for wear.  So I'm thinking the curtains could look nice.  This is the first the Mr is hearing about this.  So I'll be interested to see what he thinks.

That's about it for me folks.  Here's the part you'll probably want to skip...

Physical Therapy for Monday
Ankle/fascia massages
Tennis ball to the arches
Balance board

Do you like April Fools Day?  Do you have nosey neighbors?  

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  1. It is a relief not to have any April Fool's jokes this early, trust me. Luckily the co-workers aren't in to it that much so it's not a big annoying day usually.

    So, the outdoor curtains... I did not know there was such a thing but yeah you can go ahead and get them. It is time to replace those blinds. Hard to believe they are that old already.

    1. Yeah, I definitely can't take them early in the morning, if at all. Just seems lame. Glad the co-workers aren't into it.

      I didn't either but I saw those and thought they were cute and might look nice behind the herb containers. :)

  2. I hate hate hate this day. Oh my gosh - so much hate. I don't even want to check my email today (gmail), but I will admit that their pranks are usually pretty well done and at least it won't be a surprise. I just hope my "lil darlin's" at school don't get in on the pranks this year.

    1. Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's not that I can't take a joke it's just that I feel like I waste half my time trying to decipher if what I'm reading is real or not and who has time for that? Here's hoping your kids don't catch on! :)

  3. Today is our 36th Anniversary. This way you could never forget your anniversary, you know how men are always accused of that. Love your Blogs, by the way.

    1. Happy Anniversary!! How much ribbing have you gotten over the years about the date? ;-)

      Thanks so much!

  4. I'm not a fan of April Fool's Day (did you know the Europeans yell "April Fish" on this day? Fun, useless fact for the day). We're kind of lucky because we don't have neighbors on one side or in the back because we live next to a field. The houses are kind of staggered so they don't line up where someone is watching you out their kitchen window. That being said, there's a few neighbors who stare at the goings on by standing behind their curtains in their living rooms.


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