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Monday, April 28, 2014

Bird - One...Statues - Zero

I'm feeling sweary so if that puts a twist in the undies, maybe tune in tomorrow or something.  You've been warned.  ;-)

This weekend was not stellar.  It was like one friggin' slide on the taint of life.  I will spare you the visual I made in Photoshop because I don't want weirdos finding this blog.  So we'll put it in the nicer terms of some days you're the bird and some days you're the statue.

Saturday in particular...we were the statues.

We knew we needed our GPS Sunday and Saturday, it decided to take a big fat poop to internal error land.  Files intact but no way to retrieve them.  We have been financially bent over for the past month from our crappy insurance company and extra money to replace a shitty 2 1/2 year old GPS was not on the agenda.  The search to find one was bad enough but it was just like everything we went through to finally wade through the dregs and douches of society that all seemed to be out en force left me a hissing, bitching, tense mess.  The Mr was a close second.  We had plans to a degree and it all got shot to Hell.  Then it was moving the files over, updating a whole new list, etc so it took him a good part of the night.  An occasion is coming up where he'll need a dress outfit and we realized he didn't have one so it was out at 9pm to two different stores to get everything we needed for him.  We both suffer from the same problem one size needed for the top half and another size needed for the gut.  So of course you have to go bigger on button up so you don't sit down and send a button hurtling through someone across the room.  Can you imagine being in prison?

"Hey man, what are you in for?"
"I killed a man with a button.  Step back, Jack."

When I woke up Sunday, there was an email from the place we got the clothes from with a reminder coupon  for 20% off.  It said no price adjustments so it was like damn man, are we going to have to go back, return everything and re-buy it all just to get the money back?  The Mr went back by himself, gave that "I'm just a dumb man" smile saying he forgot to use the coupon and thankfully, she bought it.  We made our rounds to graves to visit family, saw a few open houses, did a 3 mile walk and then came home to what we'd been putting off all day because Sunday looked like the only decent weather day this week for us.  We may have eaten a sinful chocolate mousse pastry from a local patisserie.  We went back and forth on it and whether or not we should have it but in the end, we both looked at each other and said screw it because we were in this amazing place and were out having this adventure and it's like sometimes you just have to say "I will never get this moment back again and if this indulgence was part of it, then so be it."  We still did our workout, it wasn't so insanely over the top that it's all ruined.  From time to time you have to say life is too short.  I had 6 relatives that I visited on the wrong side of the ground so I enjoyed each bite for them.

Sue me.

This week will be spent trying to get my water intake back to where it should be, get some crap done around the house, hoping no more bills come, no more of life's surprises drop out of the sky and just trying to get my attitude re-adjusted because right now I'm just irritated and pre-premenstrual which equals bitch week.

Now that I've spread my was your weekend?

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  1. Yep... Saturday was a statue day. No doubt! I suppose the only silver lining with that whole GPS thing is that it didn't die on us in the middle of a road trip or something. It may be worth mentioning to a lot of people who might be wondering, we don't use smartphones so we don't have a backup GPS on our phones and, while we still know how to use a map, let's face it, it's just so much better with GPS. I did have a great day with you yesterday though. Our walk was awesome!

    1. Friday was a 6 am start to head up to "the big city" so little guy could see his asthma specialist. We got to spend Friday evening with my folks, and then Saturday morning was another 6 am start to make it back in time for his soccer game. Then the rest of the weekend was pretty boring. Too windy to be outside on Saturday and too rainy/cold to be outside yesterday.

    2. Mr- When it's 10am and you're already saying you want to go to bed and just start over again, it's not going to be pretty. Sigh. Not the best day. No electronic leashes (cell phones) for us!

      A.L.- Hope all is well with the little guy and hopefully you'll have some decent weather your way soon!

  2. I spent the only sunny day this weekend, raking up my lawn and cleaning up dog shit. Huzzah.

    Nice work on getting the discount. I totally would have done that as well. ;)

    1. Well, at least you won't be tip toeing around the lawn! :-) You can roll in the grass turd free!

      Girl, ain't NO WAY I'm letting big business keep $12 of our money! I shudder to think how many people do though.

  3. Yard work, yard work errands, and more yard work. I could barely move when I woke up this morning. And the rain brought another discovery of previous homeowners inability to do basic maintenance: a hole in the roof wide enough for critters to get in and nest. Hubby said he found more clogged downspouts and suspects water backing up over the years caused the roof to rot away in that corner.

    On the plus side, I'm getting to the planting stage, which is more rewarding that the bed-building stage. And hubby cleared out a bunch of brush in the back so things are starting to look presentable. Neighbors on both sides complimented our work and that felt good.

    I hope you guys got your turd-quotient out of the way for the spring and your weekend jaunts get a bit smoother.

    1. Oh man! I hope it's something you'll be able to patch and move on from without much expense. Hurray for planting stage! I'm hoping the turd quotient has been met as well! :-)

  4. I'm sorry you had an uber crapola weekend. =o( Hopefully that was the worst of it and things will simmer down and next weekend will be irritant free. My weekend was actually good and I haven't been able to say that in a while. I had a conference on Saturday morning that was fantastic, then came home and did the first lawn cutting of the year, which just about broke my back (probably because my stomach hangs halfway down my thighs!). Good thing the grass is done because it rained yesterday and is due to rain every day for the rest of the week. This'll be that time of year where you have to cut it twice a week to keep up with it. Good for my calorie burn though. Then we went to LongHorn for dinner with a gift card we had and that was very good. Sunday was a quick trip to buy groceries and I puttered around the house. Didn't get as much cleaning done as I wanted, but the laundry and dishes got done, so that's an accomplishment! 8=o)

    1. It'd better be! LOL I'm glad you had a good one though, you were batting a thousand thee for a while. Yeah cutting the lawn is a good calorie burn for sure! That's so funny, Saturday we went to Longhorn too with a gift card my mom gave us for Easter instead of candy this year. (Finally!) :-)


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