Friday, April 4, 2014

What I'm reading this week- First week of April edition

Happy Happy Friday!

I've got a lotta links today so let's just skip to...

What the Number on the Scale Really Means: A Primer on Weight Fluctuations  (Will try to remember this the next time I want to poop in my hand and throw it at the scale)

Titanic Survivor's Revealing Letter Sparks Interest on Reddit  (VERY cool!)

Wil Wheatons response to a little girl on how to deal with being called a nerd is amazing  (Wil rocks)

Inside a Painted Lady  (For you Full House fans.  I'm not one of them but love painted ladies)

25 Fun Facts About Back to the Future  (For you, Mr.  But the rest of you can read it too.)

10 things your real-estate agent won’t tell you  (Sneaky lil bastards)

Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Frederickson Finally Finds Her Perfect Weight  (She looks really great now.  I knew she'd probably put on 10-20 to get to a healthy weight)

How to Opt Out of Twitter's New Photo Tagging  (I'm down with opting out of it all)

10 Clever DIY Projects to Hide Household Eyesores  (Neat ideas)

How to Fix Shattered Makeup  (Pretty cool little trick)

How We Can Learn from Philip Seymour Hoffman's Last Will  (I know it's a sad subject but don't assume you'll make it to a ripe old age.  This is a good reminder for us too)

Slomo  The one that got away (courtesy of the Mr)

Too much running tied to shorter lifespan  (For my running peeps)

Ed Sheeran Serenades Teenage Fan Battling Cystic Fibrosis Minutes Before Her Death  (Break out the tissues)

How to Protect Your Money When Traveling  (Good tips!)

Olivia Newton-John Slips Into Black Leather Pants 36 Years After 'Grease'  (I LOVE ONJ!)

Does Speeding Really Get You There Any Faster?  (Ahem)

David Letterman to Retire in 2015  (He's about 5-8 years too late in our opinion)

Alzheimer's Is Expensive, Deadly and Growing. So Where's the Research Money?  (For real.)

25 Things You Might Not Know About The Shining  (If you have 35 minutes at some point, watch the Making of The Shining on YouTube by Vivian Kubrick.  It's really cool to see Jack pumping up for "the" scene.)

Get Rid of Excess Clutter by Pretending You're Moving  (Pretty clever idea)

The First Time Capsule Tearjerker of 2014  (Courtesy of the Mr)

Looks like we might be road trippin' tomorrow so I'm excited to get the hell outta town!  Woo hoo!

Any plans for the weekend?

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  1. All of these links look great. Can't wait to dig in! Looking forward to our road trip tomorrow. It marks the first chance we've really had to get out of town this year and it is long overdue.

  2. Bookmarked this for treat incentives after studying today!!!! Thanks!


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