Monday, April 7, 2014

Visiting the old hood, old school find and stroll in da park

This weekend was busy busy and I like it that way.  We got to road trip and "blow the stink off" as my ex-stepmother used to say.  (That saying always gave me the heebie jeebies)  It was quite a long day in the car but we took a few opportunities to stretch our legs when we weren't eating everything that wasn't nailed down.

*rolling eyes*

In addition to the usual culinary stops, I added a few antique stores to the itinerary.  The Mr found this particularly troubling in the chemistry set we saw...

I wasn't an E.T. fan at all but this old school Halloween costume was in perfect condition.

I couldn't help but remember the condensationy goodness of Halloween night as your breath got trapped in the sharp plastic mask.  You'd take it off and be all sweaty and moist.  The good ol' days.

Then we saw these babies.

Oh yeah!  Every kid of the 70's, 80's and a few of the 90's remember these banned babies.  Responsible people knew how to play them.  You set up the white circle at one side of the yard and chuck your lawn dart in or as close to the circle as you could.  Because it was presumed you knew how to parent or weren't a complete imbecile, you didn't walk around the circle when people were throwing these metal tipped heavy darts toward it.  So the rest of us have to suffer.

I was very proud of the Mr.  He drove only 5 mph over the speed limit the whole time and we were actually able to hit the 38 MPG that we were promised when we bought the car.  I know it's hard for him not to "keep up with the pack" on the road but given how many people were pulled over to and fro, better to have people pass you by.  Or almost kill you by coming into your lane like you're not even there but you know, excuse us for driving.  I had to scoop out my drawers after that one.

Sunday it was a nice day so we decided to head out and have a picnic by the water.  We had a $15 Subway gift card burning a slot in the wallet so we decided to grab some on the way down.  I brought my own jalapeno mustard to add to it.  We both got a turkey breast footlong on honey wheat with spinach and onion.

I'm not big on baked chips but I've gotta say these Baked Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles were pretty darn good!

Then it was time to enjoy a nice 3 1/2 mile stroll around and we weren't the only ones taking in the nice day.

That's about it on our end.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Great weekend! We got a lot in for sure. Thanks for a great road trip and Sunday was awesome too. I did get some sun but it's worth it, though I know I will have to get used to putting the sun screen on again.

    1. Yes we really packed it in! You did get some pink on ya. Time to get the sunscreen on regularly!

  2. My family had jarts! I totally remember playing with them when I was like 5 years old (so 1996 lol)

    This weekend, I went a hike with people from MeetUp and made a friend in my building! I created some pasta concoction to use some of the chickpeas I have. And I made tiramisu & lemon cranberry scones. Gave some of the scones so my new friend in my building and got invited for a bike ride this coming weekend!

    1. See, your parents probably taught you proper jart etiquette and not to go walking in the path of a flying jart or stand by the circle people are aiming at.

      I've looked at MeetUp before and wondered if anyone ever had success with those. I figured in every scenario we'd end up being the old folks that no one wanted to talk to because they'd be full of twenty somethings. LOL

    2. My group was full of 20-somethings but that group was geared toward the "young professionals" of my area. So 21-35-ish. There was one older lady. Maybe early 40s while the rest of us were in our 20s lol.

      There are so many different groups though, I'm sure you'll find one you like!

  3. I loved lawn darts, and I knew not to walk in front of them. Geesh.

    This weekend flew by - Saturday I didn't feel well so I slept on and off most of the day, Sunday I ran around like a crazy person trying to get ready for today. Do I know how to "weekend" or what?

    1. Yeah, I think most people did but you know, the ER stacks up with injuries and everyone else suffers. Do you know on an iron it actually says "do not iron clothes while wearing them?" This means at least 10 idiots out there burned themselves doing that because they didn't have the smarts or weren't taught that's a bad idea. *shaking head*

      I hope you caught up on your sleep...crazy person! You are a weekend animal! :-D

    2. In my classroom I have a poster of weird laws. My favorite is the one declaring it illegal to push a live moose out of an airplane in Alaska. That means that pushing live moose out of airplanes must have been enough of a problem there to merit a law.

  4. I find it interesting that the Halloween costume is "flame retarded" and not flame retardant. LOL

  5. Love reading about your weekend---sounds like fun. Du & I went to the nat'l traveling company's presentation of West Side Story Friday night. I love that musical and the company did an excellent job! Sunday I picked up my gorgeous granddaughter, and we went to the park and enjoyed the great Spring weather. I'm so happy it's finally warming up in Nebraska!

  6. I've been wanting to buy Jarts for so long! We had the real ones when I was a kid and they were the bomb! This weekend was very busy with errands, a great meeting, house cleaning, and a trip with the hubs and dogs to hike in the woods. The dogs were thrilled to be out and about and sniffed to their hearts content. I was pooped by last night and gladly hit the hay. I'm dragging tonight so I'm thinking it'll be an early evening again--these old bones of mine.... =o)


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